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These are an unfair improvement over normal running shoes, [ Music ]. Inside of these boxes. I have the two shoes that are the greatest innovation in nike running that they’ve ever done. Have you heard about the two hour marathon, because nike was able to have one of their runners train work on research and development on these shoes for years and years and then run and actually break the two hour marathon, which a lot of people didn’t think was Humanly possible, this is the shoe that they first tried to break the two-hour marathon in and they missed it by like a minute or two it was so dang close. This is the vapor fly and, what’s cool is that when lincoln designed his own shoe three years ago, they actually let us see these in the top secret r d lab, and they told us that inside of here is a carbon fiber plate, which makes it really Hard to actually bend because there’s a carbon fiber plate which should help you get propelled on every step and go a little faster kind of like a spring.


It got really controversial because a lot of the nike runners were going to be using these in the olympics. That didn’t happen because of corona and the other runners that weren’t using these shoes were a little upset about it, saying that this gave them an unfair advantage. In the end, they ruled that as long as these are sold to the general public – and it’s not some prototype version, then runners can use those shoes inside of the olympics, so it’s sold to the public. I was able to get some well after they failed breaking it with this. They made the alpha fly, and this is the one that broke it, and you can see a little bit of a difference in the back.

It still has this funky little aerodynamic, pointy thing that looks like it should have like a knife on it. That’S gon na stab somebody but um on the front. You can see an air zoom pocket on here. These are so tight like i can barely move them. We’Re going to explore the inside of this shoe and see what the deal is like: what does the carbon fiber plate look like?


Is there anything else inside of this shoe? That makes it amazing, and then the thing that i want to know is how well would this work on an average runner like a regular everyday person that you see jogging on the street? Not somebody that’s entering the boston marathon and finishing in the top ten. In order to do a real world test of this shoe, we need a runner, so i got my uh cameraman here today. It’S not really my cameraman.

We got zach from jerryrig everything. If you haven’t noticed this guy has some muscles and as part of that, how often do you run, i try to run every day a little bit um a long time ago, like six or seven years ago. I ran a couple marathons, but i am not in marathon shape right now, but i am a runner kind of two weeks ago. Zach ran what was it three miles exactly three miles in 24 minutes and 24 seconds? How does that compare to your usual time?


That was like me pushing myself to the limit in regular shoes. Adidas boost to these guys, these guys the ultra boost the ultra boost, and so now, if i run the same route in these shoes, pushing myself the same way if i run faster, that means these shoes would give me the advantage right. I feel like it’s a fair test. It’S in the morning, it’s early, it’s when he ran he’s going to run the same route that he ran last time, i’m going to be there at the beginning and at the end, how do you track your runs? Just on my phone, just the app you just carry a phone in your pocket.

Well, i carry my hand because the just like this, you just hold that the whole time the whole time he just holds his phone [ Music ]. You already looked faster just by putting that on. You look faster on that one foot, the aerodynamics [ Music ]. They feel incredibly bouncy like it’s hard to describe like i’m actually bouncier than a bouncy ball, like you’re walking on bouncy balls. Even more than that.


You know those giant exercise balls like the bounciness of those is now on my my legs want to go like this. I don’t know this is going to be a weird test. You look so fast. Those shorts couldn’t have been any more perfect. So basically, the guy broke the two hour marathon.

You want to break the 24 minute three mile three mile. Is that what you’re? What is that? What you’re thinking like 25 seconds left, or something like that yep? That would be that’s my goal, we’ll see what happens!

Um last time i did push myself pretty hard, though so we’ll, let’s see, what’s song choice today, um there’s a maybe we shouldn’t talk about music, [, Music ], you ready, i’m ready when you are meet you back at the finish line. All i have to do is drive my car right. Hopefully i’ll see you in less than 24 minutes. Okay jump for cars, see buddy. Oh, he already looks like he’s bouncing.

Well, i’m excited to get zach’s thoughts, whether he breaks it or not. Um he’ll have some good insights. Let’S go track, zach down and then see him at the finish line: [ Music ], because there’s a carbon fiber plate which should help you get propelled on every step and go a little faster kind of like a spring [ Music. ] [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ] zach, is on the home stretch. Right now i am at mile three.

I see him at the top of this hill. He’S just got to come down the hill and come finish so i’m excited to see the numbers. I didn’t track it on my phone he’s, pushing it pretty good for a big man, 205 pounds and this guy’s got a lot of muscle. Let’S see how tired he is, we might need to give him a break to chill for a second here. He comes.

Is that three miles finish check that you broke your new record seven minute, four, second mile, that’s insane! That’S like take my record of 24 minutes right yeah and slash three minutes off what that’s crazy. I did it instead of 24 24. I did it in 21. 19.

Dude, that’s a lot of time, yeah, that’s insane and you feel like a lot of it, has to do with the shoes or you’re just pushing it. Now, oh 100. The shoes like before we started making this video my inch spiel at the end, was gon na. Be like it doesn’t matter what equipment you have you can just run in whatever and still be great, but these are. These are an unfair improvement over normal running shoes.

You said earlier, it felt like you were on bouncy. Oh, you catch your breath for a second dude, i’m good. Now, i’d go for another three i felt like i wasn’t using as much effort as before, and you know i weigh a lot and so my right knee usually hurts while i’m running, but this time around. Nothing like there’s so much cushion in these shoes and like it’s crazy, but one negative thing since i weigh a lot. I go through shoes fast, and the soles of these shoes are not like rubber they’re, like foam, there’s quite a bit of wear right there, like already look at the front right there, it’s already losing some of its tread just from a three-mile run.

Yeah these shoes aren’t gonna last very long. I love them, though great shoes. Okay, again, i don’t think i’ve said this yet, but this is not a sponsored video. I spent like 300 on these shoes. You know zack he’s going to be completely honest with his opinion.

If he would have done worse or they would have hurt him, he would have said it. So we didn’t just shave 24 seconds off of his time. We shaved minutes off of just a three minute mile, just a three mile run and he shaved minutes off of his time. The shoes definitely are working. Thank you, zach for helping us with this part of the video.

Let’S get these back to our studio, cut them in half, see what’s inside of them and uh, let lincoln guess what the results are. I’M curious to see if you can even get close to guessing how much faster zac run zack run. Zach ran i’m smart. We are back at the studio with mr nike himself, lincoln marcum. Look at that nike shirt.

A lot of people have asked. Did we purposefully block out the nike logo? No, i mean for youtube videos, there’s another nike swoosh right below it. This is the way it’s changed right, so these are the shoes, lincoln has seen them a little bit, um like very bright, and they look kind of beat up. Zach has tested these and they’re very light.

These are the lightest shoes that i’ve ever held leslie. Do you know the results of zack’s run? I don’t okay come here, you do it. I’M wearing matching green zach ran three miles as hard as he could in 24 minutes. Two weeks later we gave him these shoes.

He ran three miles same route, yes and um. How fast do you think he ran it in the issue? 21 minutes exactly 21 minutes. Was it really yeah? Oh my gosh!

Well, it’s like 21, something it’s like 20 years, but it’s still what he had to approach you you didn’t tell me honestly. I just did my math going. Okay, that’s eight miles a minute. Zach has to be faster than that in general, exactly no. That was his fast time.

No, no! I feel like you’re faster than that nope. The shoes are a minute faster. No, i think that zach had the potential to run faster too try it again. I think you can do better.

Oh 100, the shoes that was like me pushing myself to the limit zach and i were really impressed with the shoe and that it could improve his time by a minute that yeah for an average runner. That’S impressive: leslie is not impressed with the shoe and she says that needs to step it up. Zach has more physical capabilities. You got to step it up, zach you’re, faster than that we got to follow the data. The data doesn’t lie.

Look at these shoes. Try squeezing them it’s hard, it’s hard! That’S what helps propel you like, isn’t that crazy, [ Applause ] barely bend them in half, where you take most shoes and yeah the toe bends easily, where with this one, if you can get an extra inch or two inches on every single stride, without any additional Physical body effort well yeah you’re, going to arrive at your destination faster. It’S just simple, math right right destination, yes, math and see through too so that’s true got it got it. Yes, when you have a running shoe, you want it to be incredibly light.

Well, the top portion is a place of a shoe where people add a lot of weight, a lot of fabric and cloth that doesn’t need to be there. This is so light, there’s nothing to it, except for the back, where it has a little cushion right there for your foot so that it doesn’t get as you get blisters and stuff right there. I think this might be the carbon fiber plate right there that we’re looking at has the two air zoom pockets that are on it. You can poke it. Should we poke it and see if it makes it nice, do you think it’ll pop?

I think so here we go. Yeah made a little hissing noise. Now, let’s see how it looks. Oh wow. They got to make that super strong, though, because if that pops like during your race, so here’s the inside of your zoom pocket, it basically looks like whoa.

It’S really a tennis ball yeah or like a minky blanket if you’ve ever felt one of those it’s incredibly soft yeah. I was thinking that maybe it had some sort of springing effect and there’s got to be some science behind this, but really it’s just some weird fabric. That’S in there my knife was a lot sharper before i started this project today, [ Music ]. It’S like i’m filleting a fish right now: hey, there’s the foam yeah and then this says nike fly plate yeah, it’s basically the same material. Just oh wow!

Look at that. Well, you can break the carbon fiber plate with your bare hands muscles. Okay, do you think that it was because part of this was off? I think it’s because of my muscles. That is odd, that it just fell off.

Oh i’m, so strong! Look at that look at that shoe wow that is so interesting. Carbon fiber. It’S very big! It’S very, very wide right here where you land and then it does get thinner on the back, which makes sense.

Well, maybe it doesn’t make sense. I don’t know. I’M no engineer, but it’s like a spring. It really is like a spring that when you step this is this is making you just fly an extra inch or two. I am a believer in the nike alpha fly shoe there’s also the vapor fly that we gave to zach those who have similar technology they’re, also speed improvement, shoes, so um good job, nike, he’s getting at the running game and kicking some butt and it’s cool.

Let me know what you guys think: would you buy these shoes for a race? Is it worth it for a weekend warrior runner, and do you think i can break this with all the foam on it? No, oh, it sounded like it wanted to right. Wow muscles whoa yeah wow, okay. Well, you can you can break it that one broke easily too wow 75, but don’t bend your shoe.

Don’T bet yourself. There’S got to be a weight limit like if you weigh like 300 pounds, you’re gon na run a marathon on this thing. It’S just going to snap in the middle. Just like that. I mean whose foot does this, though, when you’re running?

Yes? Maybe this is how my foot looks when i run, maybe not, maybe not it’s like birthdays. Maybe we shouldn’t talk about music taylor, swift, taylor, swift, um. What’S that song, she always sings. If i was the man that might be the man, does she even sing that one yeah she sings a song about man?

Just techno beats from germany yeah, i’m a head, germany and yeah, i’m driving the car that i sold my tesla to him, for i missed that model x and i’m just waiting for tesla to come out with the new battery pack. So i can get a new car, a new tesla with more range. Didn’t i give you that shirt yeah like how many years ago, like a few years ago, i just thought it was funny because you hated dongles mr dongleown over here, who buys 175 oranges yeah and eats 27 of them. Yeah

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