What’s inside Nike Joyride Shoes?

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These are 180 dollar shoes. This is no longer sponsored. We have these formidable brand new Nike joy controversies. These are the latest innovation in the race to create the most comfortable running, shoe or just treading shoe you’ve seen adidas boost that came out. I don’t know maybe like five six years ago, and we did the easies.


They are crazy, comfy, we’ve acquired so many duets and we’ve also tried. The Nike epic greeting. Is that what they’re called the epic yakety-yak shoes and those ones are pretty good too they’re? Pretty soft, but presumably these are 35 % softer or cushier 35 %, then yeah 35 % a whole Kevin Durant softer than the epic greeting. Oh my I get it.

It made me a hour: yeah, that’s! Okay! Sometimes, there’s been choosing the past that have come out that we’re like you know what, if we don’t slash them open because, what’s really inside it, is it really that interesting, self-lacing shoes how’s? It feel those are pretty cool Easy’s. Let’S look at the inside of these guys.


Those are pretty cool. Is there a fairly high-end? These ones are 100 % shoes that we should be cutting open, because apparently there are thousands of little dippin specks like rubbery bouncy missiles inside of the sole of these shoes. All the direction up here, there’s a bunch of missiles inside of that it looks really cool. I enjoy the orange on the bottom and this little part right here and just like when you’re walking around “youre seeing” the little dots inside which is so cool.

So what did “theyre saying”? It’S cool and “youre wearing” these to school. Did anybody notice that there yeah a lot of beings notice and they’re like what are those shoes? I’Ve never seen them before. Those are really cool like like feel about they’re cool.


Okay. We got both of these duos about a month ago. These ones we haven’t messed with, but Lincoln has been wearing these ones. Yeah. You recognize the difference.

Yeah, let’s see, do you understand the difference in that one month of wearing them and they’re pretty dirty? They look pretty messed up when I first set them on it’s kind of funny. Cuz you’d feel the chunks inside of it, but it’s really comfortable. Like one of my favorite shoes, that’s kind of what I felt like it feels a little strange because it really is containers and you’re walking on them and they move almost every time that you walk and now is probably my concern like this. You kind of think of it as, like I don’t know a beanbag if you sit on it the same place over and over again, it’s just gon na have that little spot right there and thanks for coming, says if that doesn’t happen.

So, regardless, fairly talking about these, I want to cut these things open, see how many overpowers are in these. I thought maybe we chipped open, one shoe, we positioned them inside of this and we literally like one by one count and see how many dots are what if I was like a thousand, do we have to count there’s more than a thousand. I speculation every single one, one by one. All of these, all of them in one shoe there are so many is that there’s no way[ Music ], all right, Nike joyrides! We are going to cut you open.

These are 180 dollars shoes and these ones have never been worn. They are nice on that side, but some things have to happen for science, [, Music, ], whoa they’re like bouncy missiles. Oh my gosh , good-for-nothing everywhere. Okay, we got ta count them all. They actually did placed like little squishy dolls into little tiny cases and threw them down in now: you’re , not styrofoam, but they’re various kinds of like styrofoam.

It’S just like a squishy toy like you can you can compress it all the way and then it pops right back up squish it squish it doesn’t. It feel like a squishy plaything. Oh, like a stress, projectile, she’s, an expert when it comes to squishy. So that’s that’s better! The stress pellet!

There’S so many in this and on the bottom. You can see now that it’s out it’s just like soft, but it’s hard to come that open because you can see the little pillar system it’s connected quite tightly. Let’S chipped that a little bit more yeah, the little pillars are made out of foam, too yeah, that’s starting to wonder if they’re, just like be they’re, time they like the same material so balls, which is the same material as this green part right here. That’S genuinely inventive to make this is a material genuinely soft, but then too establish the rest of the shoe out of that same fabric. Look at that!

There’S the inside of information systems. Okay, we’re getting closer yeah, I’m not a good surgeon, but we’re getting closer. Ah, there we go so that’s that top role. You can see the oh, the midriff pocket. Okay, there’s one!

We got to separate these um. Give me another piece Lincoln. It looks like there are four pockets inside of this of the pellets one of the very far toe part one in like what do you call that part of your foot? I don’t know, and then there’s one right here. That’S in like the mid section of your foot and then one on the heel, so four segments upturn thunder spurt and they’re protrude with these stress pellets after hundreds of miles of people operating how do they not be converted into like a bean purse and get way out Of shape and let does stuck in one statu or does spray feign these things – I don’t know, I’m sure, Nike tested it, but there’s a lot of potential tests.

You could do with this four different pockets. We are going to get these inhibitors. Nothing else on the table and no other beadings guys whoa, there’s so many more than there there’s dance of your paw, there’s so many[ Music ]. You have to tell every one of these nobody’s ever accounted these before on YouTube. When you cut up the last one acquire it is, there’s one that really pastor that I discovered it got it we’ve saved it.

Okay, the last one, the heel which we’ve already seen, “ve got a lot”[ Music] still some in the bottom, there’s like still some right in the bottom. So this is what it looks like when it’s all chip open, there’s the different sections, one two, three, the third one is big. It’S all underneath this really squishy range and then the fourth division, it’s actually the most difficult of all of them. That goes all the way down to the bottom. This is the nike Joyride, quite pleasant shoes, pretty unique opinion, and I really like that, how many bullets are inside of here.

No, we are gon na count them. I originated government decisions. I am going to count every single one of these and I’m gon na count it on a long video. So you can see exactly how many there are no cheating they’re taking them out. It’S gon na be exactly how many are in here, but I crave you guys to guess how many do you think there’s going to be and then after four periods, whoever gets it right or gets it closest to the actual number.

We will contact you and send you a brand new pair of these. You merely get one guess. If I gape – and you explained like five or six different times or even two times you dishcloth time certified, you get one chance, employed it on there , no editing. How countless do you think is in here, you understood like complain with it. Get remote.

Yes, the video! No , no , no! No! You can’t sway them. You can’t sway them.

They just need to decide based off of this okay say it and we’ll bleep it out and I’ll positioned it in the next video[ Music, ]. Okay, there’s our speculates thank you for having watching. If you want to get some sorrows, that’s it [, Music, ],

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