Croc Classic Clog Comfortable Slip On Casual Water Shoes

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Croc Classic Clog Comfortable Slip On Casual Water ShoesOriginal. Comfortable. Versatile. The iconic clog that started a comfort revolution around the world! The irreverent, go-to comfort shoe that you’re sure to fall deeper in love with day after day. Crocs Classic Clogs feature lightweight Iconic Crocs Comfort , a color for every personality, and offer an ongoing invitation to be comfortable in your own shoes.

Croc Classic Clog Comfortable Slip On Casual Water ShoesHow Crocs Changed My Life

I will admit, I once was a hater. I lived a hateful negative life where I truly despised this footwear. But recently I’ve made many drastic life changes and these shoes have helped me see the light. They have helped me to see the beauty of the world and give me the confidence to face whatever obstacles life may throw my way. I can now walk outside with confidence. These shoes, these marvelous shoes, help me to live my life to the fullest not only in style but with such comfort no amount of words can begin to describe. I will now continue to live my life with an open mind to such fashion statements. No more will I live with my head hung low, but now I wear my crocs with pride. Sports mode empowers me while relaxed mode truly is the epitome of serenity. Crocs have also been the glue that has bonded me and one my best friends. Crocs truly change your life and bring people together. I will forever be indebted to this spectacular shoe.

Croc Classic Clog Comfortable Slip On Casual Water Shoes

Call me a Croc Enthusiast!!

I LOVE THESE THINGS!! They’re stylish and functional. These shoes are the future. It is not hard to pull them off with any outfit. Wear them to school, wear them to run errands, wear them to church! I sure do! Nothing can compare to these wonderful shoes.These shoes really show individuality. With a variety of colors and endless shoe charms, you can express who you are in a unique and fashionable way. Be a trend setter with Crocs, the shoes that should have never gone out of style!

Croc Classic Clog Comfortable Slip On Casual Water Shoes

Freesail vs Classic

I own 2 pair of Crocs women’s Freesail and figured I’d try a pair of the classics. The Freesail are much trimmer & narrower in width than the women’s Classics. I love both. The Classics are quite a bit boxier and wider in width than the Freesail and the Classics seem to have a bit more cushioning on the bottom. Both work well for my problem feet which are usually sporting the Alegria brand shoes/sandals for work. However, on weekends and downtime, I prefer Crocs. I have hammer toes and deteriorating foot joints and have lost most of natural cushioning on the bottom of my feet making it feel like I’m walking on marbles. I typically wear a women’s 8/12 or a European size 39. In Crocs, I always go a size 9 for the length. I love both the Freesail and Classics and would urge anyone with “touchy feet” to give these a try.

Croc Classic Clog Comfortable Slip On Casual Water Shoes

Cutest Comfy Ugly Shoe You Can Buy

I bought this classic fit (wide) shoe in size 6 men to get a size 8 women’s. It fits perfectly. Most comfortable shoe or clog ever. They are also ugly but they are so ugly that they are cute. To be clear, I bought these to wear with fluffy socks so I have the room I need (my feet are not wide) when wearing the fluffy socks. The strap can be in the back or in the front. I like having it across my heel when wearing socks. Feet don’t sweat thanks to all of the vents. You can also put cute little Jibbitz on them that people will notice and take their attention away from the ugly shoes. You can wear these things all day, 10-12 hours and your feet and legs will hold out. I got the original classic style because so many people online complained about the soles coming apart on the newer style. So buyer beware, if you try them you will love them.

Croc Classic Clog Comfortable Slip On Casual Water Shoes

Comfortable and convenient!

Crocs are a wardrobe STAPLE. Let me explain myself: as a college student and athlete, I need a pair of shoes that I can wear EVERYWHERE. These are perfect for walking around the dorm, showering, walking to class, walking on docks during crew practice, and just being casual. They keep your feet surprisingly warm and are easy to wash off if they get dirty. They are also INDESTRUCTIBLE in the sense that you can do almost anything to them and they will not lose their shape. I would definitely recommend crocs to everyone, from the stay at home moms/dads that need “slip-on” shoes for a quick trip to the grocery store, to the student athlete rowers that want a shoe they can easily rinse a little mud off. (PLUS crocs has colors for EVERY personality)!

Croc Classic Clog Comfortable Slip On Casual Water Shoes

Perfect for Disney!

Love these crocs!! Family planned a vacation to Disney and we heard that to avoid blisters we should purchase a pair of crocs. Needless to say, they saved our vacation. I wore nothing but the cros while we were there. I didn’t want to take the chance of getting blisters walking 25,000 steps a day for 10 days. They are quick and easy to dry after getting wet, can be worn with or without short socks, are very comfortable to walk in, cushioned and arch support. Toe width has enough room for comfortable spread with no rubbing on sides or top of toes. I wouldn’t recommend any other shoe for Disney or for sore tired feet. Just love them!


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