Solidarisch durch die Krise – für faire Arbeit und Lohn (Teil 2/2) – 28.04.2021 – 71. Plenarsitzung

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For the parliamentary group DIE LINKE Abg Wissler reported to speak. May I help you. Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, Just before May 1st, we’re talking about fair work today. That is good because the millions of employees in this country are the ones who get through their day to daytime run excludes civilization and the economy running care for the people who produce industrial goods who work in the service sector and in public administration. The pandemic crisis is exacerbating social discords. We live in a class culture. This is particularly evident in the Corona crisis, because the virus It alters everyone, but it does not affect everyone. Equally, The crisis hits the low-pitched income and perilous workers particularly hard Mini jobbers contract workers and prepared expression employees, Be the first to lose their jobs, and those working in the low-pitched wage sector simply cannot live on short time. Work advantages Harmonizing to a study by the union affiliated WSI more than every second party has one monthly net income of less than 2 000 in the pandemic, 25 of monthly income lost, In fact, every tenth person lost more than 50 of their monthly income. So we determine Fixed term contracts, mini jobs and Low wages are once again proving to be a poverty trap. During the Corona crisis, The poverty rate in Hesse is 16 also due to the rampant Low wage sector and the inaction of the state government. One in five works in Hessen now works for low-toned compensations. That means that numerous need a second job or have to increase to make ends meet somehow That is completely unacceptable. In a rich country like Hesse Applause DIE LINKE and a few SPD. Last-place time there is indeed large-hearted words of thanks to the so announced method relevant, including numerous women who run the accumulation with their work in crisis, Keeping things disappearing: retail proletarians, public workers, Transport corporations, transmission works, hospitals in outpatient care and in daycare hubs, which do not realize Their job easy Can relocate to the home office and thus manufacture you special are exposed to a high risk of infection, But nothing followed. The applause and the heated texts. A salesperson cannot settle her tariff with warm messages. A hairdresser receives, from the clapping, often simply 1. 600, at normal times, deserved full time good-for-nothing From a thank you here and there comes a cleaner to a public one School or hospital. Didn’t get any better through the month. That signifies reinforcing nursing staff and taking them earnestly would have to mean finally to improve the working conditions, to provide relief to ensure that there are minimum staffing standards. And finally, there are decent compensations, Applause DIE LINKE and a few SPD Retail laborers would benefit from a higher minimum wage. It doesn t help you that it s had already started required again the scope of Sunday work must be expanded because that builds working conditions. Even worse. Applause DIE LINKE and a few SPD Systemically important parties would be helped if they weren’t afraid of poverty in old age would have to have, and the pension only from 67 would be abolished because they intends retirement pensions chipped. That is a pension trimmed for the people who are not up to ins old age. Can care for and lift other people who are not at night and switching manipulate that does not have shelves well into old age? Be able to do physical work on the construction site? They all retire because they are no longer physically able to do so, but with high-pitched dismiss Often you cannot induce private funds. That is why we need a minimum pension that is enough to live on. We need to raise the level of pensions and combating poverty in old age. Applause DIE, LINKE, unrest Have a lot of self exerted beings in the culture sector or in further discipline. Corona aid has still not been reached. A developing number of parties are afraid of losing their jobs or have already lost him Just a moment. Please There’s a lot of unrest. Mrs Wissler has the floor. I ask you to have those discussions outside because it dominates quite a noise level. Thank you. Very much I notice unrest in the FDP parliamentary group, Laughter and calls of Free Democrat That’s a good thing. If I were to induce discussions in the FDP parliamentary group for unanimous devotion, then I would fret. Laughter and applause DIE LINKE, a few CDU and SPD. Let us think of the job slashes and the closings of many of them, Industrial companies or let’s. Think of the employees at Frankfurt Airport e g at Lufthansa, which was saved with tariff billions without profession guarantees being requested or with the grind manage services at WISAG, where there have just been mass layoffs. Many young people are also among the losers in this crisis. Young people are particularly often fobbed off with secured period contracts and often is removed from one prepared expression to the next. For times, That often no longer laboured in the crisis. Numerous trainees are not taken on. There are corporations that are so bold that they use the pandemic. As an excuse for Layoffs or take advantage of job chips, though they have come through the crisis very well so far, One speciman of this is Telekom. The handling has now announced that there will be massive apprenticeships and dual teach castes To trim university residences, despite a turnover increase of 25 in the last year and despite 5 7 billion in adjusted surpluses. Females and gentlemen, our solidarity goes to ver di and the employees who are currently mobilizing against these Telekom. Plans. Applause DIE LINKE In contemplate of the effect of the the Corona crisis for municipality, middles, gastronomy, the cultural sphere and social universities in member countries of structural change in industry. It is high time we talked about an emergency program of the country for solidarity and good work. Don’t precisely talk in a crisis, but get such a program off the floor. The first thing we need is a social and ecological one, Vergabe und Tariftreuegesetz, which deserves this list. We need a national minimum wage of 13 as a lower limit. We don’t need the law we currently have because it’s a toothless monster. You have the opportunity to use your influence to enforce good working conditions in Hessen. Do that at long last. Ladies and gentlemen, Applause DIE LINKE. We have to address the shortage of staff in infirmaries, daycare hubs in the social establishments, in the public health service or crusade on the building gardens. We need more tasks to cope with the traumatic working conditions to improve in these areas. We need a training and recruitment offensive in “the two countries “. We need more public service staff because we need a crisis proof. Social infrastructure. The crisis, in particular, established where the problems lie. Girl and gentlemen, the work in the hold and health professions, education and social work must be upgraded. That is why we also need more social workers and Social employees to strengthen educational equity and inclusion. We need more jobs in daycare, centers and class as well. In the further education institutions, All of these would be important building blocks for an effective program for good Work and the social infrastructure. Not exclusively would the employees benefit from this, but all people in this country Applause DIE LINKE. Of trend, the following principle must apply: equal pay for work of equal value. Maids still make less than mortals. The gender pay gap must finally be eliminated. Applause DIE LINKE. We need a future investment platform for an atmosphere, neutral economy. Consistent climate protection can create well paid and future proof jobs create, especially in industry, especially when we talk about the restructuring of the automotive industry. You must not leave the employees out in the downpour Minister, as the territory government has done at Conti and in many other cases where we would have liked the territory government to be Placed on the side of government employees in harmony. Applause DIE LINKE. One could do that with a state owned transformation fund promote the socio ecological restructuring of industry in Hessen After bitter know-hows. It must be clear: no public money without position guarantees, Experience with Lufthansa and the auto manufacture has shown State support can only be given with racket guarantees. Applause DIE LINKE. Lady and gentlemen, I was at a ver di rally this week at the Frankfurt letter center There. The workers demonstrated for the abolition, the unreasonable time limits At Deutsche Post in particular, there are an above average count Fixed term employees. I really want to point out that the covenant is still there impounds a 20 percentage stake in Deutsche Post. Fixed term contracts imply a life of uncertainty. They symbolize problems with the conclusion of rental agreements and loan agreements. They fade the fighting strength of the unions, because the fight for union rights are much more difficult for chose period workers because they often do not dare to stand up for their own rights to strike and often they drag themselves to work sick, The Part Time and Fixed Term Employment Act has been in force since 2000. The coalition agreement of the grand coalition stipulates that that it should be changed That hasn’t happened. Yet Here we need political push with it. The spurious time limit will be abolished and chain contracts will be eliminated. For a good work, living and a plannable private being Applause DIE LINKE. Likewise, the Hartz laws, and extremely Hartz IV, have set in motion a slip in incomes. Germany now has a huge low wage sector. We want to protect works from income dropping and in manipulate poverty. To do this, we have to abolish the Hartz IV regulations and settle the job market. Secure and permanent employment relationships need to be restored become regular At the moment they are rather the exception. We need a new ordinary employment relationship with higher wages through the strengthening of collective agreements. We need more staff instead of constant stress. We need secure employment contracts instead of tied term contracts, and we need working hours that suit being. That would also promote the harmony of occupation and family. Mrs Wissler, you have to come to the end. We should abbreviate working hours and provide speaking times Merriment. I will conclude, Madam President, Especially in times of digitization and the delimitation of work, we have to protect hires from overwork and its psychological causes. That is why we are also concerned with a fairer distribution of undertaking On May 1st. There will be actions of the German Federation of Trade Uniting in numerous metropolis. It is high time the employees put pressure on even in a crisis and stand up for their rights In this gumption out on May 1st and bring out the beautiful living Applause DIE. Linke. Thank you very much, Ms Abg Wissler. I would like to ask again for discussions to be held outside. I judge the background interference is annoying for the speakers. Next, the Abg Dr Naas, the word. Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, Dear Colleagues, In solidarity through the crisis for fair work and fair incomes, this is the heading of your work. I wasn’t sure this is right if it was a wish list, a May Day, creed or a political will A wish list to the federal government which it has not yet implemented itself, although it is in their competence, A tenet that one can of course, always clear 19 items would that be something new Or colleague, Decker’s political. Will We extremely have read that you have this wonderful state. Parliament want to leave in the next few months. I deep regret that because we may not always agree, but we, I conceive, appreciate each other and too like to discuss things with each other Applause Free Democrat All the very best if it was the last large-hearted discussion, But I hope that the issue of labor market policy Will too be in will be called again in the Hessian state parliament in the next 3 month. Dear colleagues, the first sentence of the application speaks: The corona crisis represents national societies, our working world and our economy is facing a tough test. Certainly, it is Until then we can sign the application, But from then on we can no longer sign it because you apparently live in a completely different world. You want to expand the welfare government in this crisis. Tell us At the moment. We want to expand the freedom of entrepreneurs, because we believe that the economy is well through this crisis. It has come to the fact that it has actually coped with this crisis even better than the commonwealth, and that we, after the crisis from the economy, can expect more than from the district. That is why we actually want to reduce bureaucracy instead of building it up. Applause Free Democrats, Janine Wissler, DIE LINKE. Actually It’s difficult. Sometimes when you’re in the opposition Colleague Wissler, you know that That is why I have to speak of actually here. I would also wish it different, Mrs Wissler. That raises us to the second point, namely at the other, connecting assistances, that the SPD is calling for here. First, you ask yourself: What are the actual bridging expedites? After all, it says here further bridging facilitates, I don’t know any connecting aid from Hessen. I know a relatively crappy emergency aid that Hessen has increased. I am familiar with scholarship programs and I am familiar with micro loans that come at. Some item can be altered. Colleague. Kinkel said that We are the only ones in the Hessian state parliament to have a drawing for represented a corona expedite rule. We are the only group that did that. The question that has remained unanswered to this day is why you refused. We would have liked the government to have a special responsibility here is also stands by it and offer compensation because he has close the stores, but likewise the companies That has not happened to this day. Applause Free Democrats, The peer Kinkel, has already said that she believes in terms of the lost Corona generation. We are of one mind. Indeed, there is much to be done. A heap has already happened. There We have to stay sung. Training is something with a view to future occupation very important. That is why I believe that we are drawing together at this stage. Of course, this also applies to the SPD parliamentary group. Then we come to the non objective time limits. Do you severely believe that this corona crisis is the right time to to complicate the non objective time limits Acclamation, Janine Wissler DIE LINKE, I would say we need the time limits, instead lengthen it from two to three years. You have to think twice about what happened. Certain parties have become unemployed. Artist including , now have to work. They have to look for other professions. The question arises: Do they want to return? Maybe they demand an opportunity now temporarily in another Finding a responsibility instead of standing on the street Shouts of SPD and DIE LINKE. Therefore, one should not shorten the time limit but lengthen it. I don’t even know what to complain about Applause from Free Democrat. Christiane B hm DIE LINKE At Aldi at the cash register. Well colleague, Decker you want to set up an investment fund and drive digitization forward, but don’t tell us how should actually work. These are unadulterated requests. There are no reasons It won.’t be concrete: to that extent it is also a credo. How high-pitched should the fund be? Then you want to conduct an industrial talk. We would like to know what this signifies Is that a chocolate defendant Should the Prime Minister invite? Should the Minister of Economic Affairs invite? What do you intend by that? Then we come to your favorite topic. There are also a few slow moving pieces, That is the Hessian minimum wage of 13 and, of course, the general minimum wage of 12. We actually ogled once partly because we looked a bit up, Have cooked a farewell addres, which was your first pronunciation That was in 2012. You were already fighting for the minimum wage By the channel back, then you fought for 8 50, But colleague Decker. You are from reality and has been overtaken by collective bargaining. Now you have to fight for just 13 Applause Free Democrat, Dear collaborators, everything is included in the application and all questions are answered. Gender equality Part time work. Europe based on solidarity. It’s all covered It.’s 19 degrees a slightly peculiar list Applause, Free Democrat. We would suggest something completely different. We believe that we are now strengthening the social market economy must the market economy that raises beings drive, Applause from Free Democrats and CDU. We want to rescind the soli, we want the middle class belly abolish. We want to push back the cold progression, and maybe we want to get rid of the aviation imposition. That is also a location cause, so Frankfurt and the largest Job in Hessen will be promoted. Once again, We want to lower the real estate transpose tariff, at least for the first owned Acclamation. Janine Wissler DIE LINKE, because it is important to acquire property. Ms Wissler, It’s not about tenants. It’s about dimension, Applause, Free Democrat. What else do we want? I have already mentioned the non objective time limit. Then we still have investments in infrastructure. This is an important point. I think we are of one mind, But that also includes cutting bureaucracy. At the same time, You recently represented a public procurement law that is an absolute monster of bureaucracy. New rackets are being created, homes and departments are being scoured When it comes to building bureaucracy. Mrs Barth is run up to top form. We wanted to streamline it Applause, Free Democrat, and we look forward to the discussion with the coalition because we had always the to be expected that the CDU demands that very. After all, it stands the middle class at the moment. To make it simply, I believe we end up getting more into parties have to invest, but also have to trust parties more, that we have to trust the economy more and that, in the end it will be about. Cut red tape is about digitization and new investments, but not about the age-old camels that you have suggested now. Many Thanks Applause, Free Democrat. Thank you very much. Mr Abg Naas, Minister Klose now has the floor for the mood authority. Dear President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Indeed, this pandemic crisis of the century is one which has an impact on all areas of life and with it, of course, also in the world of work In the world of work. The pandemic is currently increasing the burden in the professional groups, whose members have already been under precarious states had to work In these areas. The judgment of collective labour agreements, too often disabled or subverted A glass ceiling thwarts gender equality at work. We have come across these challenges and many others in this debate previously spoken quite extensively. We as the Hessian state government, have these challenges recognized and played on at an early stage. For example, we don’t leave young people alone in their search for training. Instead, we are working with the OLoV strategy specifically to ensure that young people get an apprenticeship position at regional fellowships faster. We in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration threw our special focus on promoting the disadvantaged. There are essentially three measures used to achieve this. The first step is the Skills and Employment young people. With this programme, we support disadvantaged young person, Transition from academy to work and enable them to catch up a secondary school leaving certificate. Secondly, With the training grant, we stipulate companies with one additional incentive to work with young people to an increased extent, are dependent on support to conclude training contracts and extend them to completion. Third, In order to cushion the social consequences of the pandemic, we providing funds the special store, the protective shield for teach seekers. It has already been mentioned With this protective umbrella. We are currently promoting projects for young people. Those due to the convulsions on the training market caused by the crisis so far could not be provided with an apprenticeship statu. In addition to this support, when entering professional life, from my point of view, the strengthening of collective bargaining coverage is the deciding means to ensure good working conditions for employees. That is why the commonwealth government foundations collective bargaining through those legal instruments. The statement of general cogency of Hessian collective agreements and likewise the regulations of the Hessian public procurement and collective bargaining law. I am perfectly there different belief than peer. Wissler strengthen the collective bargaining coverage in Hesse. We have had an independent one in our country for many years Tariff loyalty, advisory board set up in my department. I demand everyone who has been involved in this for many years express our thanks for this cooperation. Applause, CDU and B NDNIS 90 DIE GR, NEN acclamation, Janine Wissler DIE LINKE. In addition, we have been working on closing the existing wage gaps for years to downsize with the means available to us at the position level. We specifically support women in the labor market and we want to eliminate the existing wage gaps. An important instrument for this is the Hessian wage atlas With it. We originate opennes about the spend differences between the sexes, and that is one of the deciding preconditions to overcome these differences. In this framework, I want an area of the world of work address, in which women in particular realize decisive contributions. These are the activities on or close to beings. The pandemic has been contributing us to the great importance of these professings for 15 months, peculiarly before your eyes, because it is still these activities who are not as socially recognized as they deserve. This is also expressed in wages and working conditions, Whether it is a career in education or a racket in hold or in Budget. There is still appreciable need for action, especially on the side of the social partners. In this situation, I specifically regret that it has not yet been a declaration of general legality of a upkeep. Collective agreement has come. Nevertheless, there are individual bright recognizes In the field of early childhood education and upbringing. Since 2009, the agreement of the collective labour agreements partners – an increase in wages, at least 33 – can be achieved Regardless of the corona pandemic. It is facing the demanding and Socially substantial daycare activity plainly to be welcomed if the collective labour agreements spouses shape further progress now. That is something that strengthens the attractiveness of this occupational subject. Since we know about its importance, we have the territory program in Hesse. Specialist offensive for professors was propelled With the help of this program. Prospective educators receive Appropriate remuneration from the start that allows them to also pay for your own livelihood in qualify This school year. There are 8 655 educators in educate. Never before have so many parties in Hessen become educators and train to be an educator. Applause, CDU and B NDNIS 90 DIE GR NEN. This shows that we are on the right track with our measurement and with the We also support the image campaign started last year. The acquisition of educational consultants for child and youth welfare continue to be unmistakable. Eventually, I likewise want to talk about the interaction between talk about the pandemic and the boost digitization in working life. Very different. New forms of work are currently being used and have been developed In addition to the advantages of portable working and home office, so the more flexible organization of working hours and the reduction of CO2 radiations by less traffic. It is now clear that, with that too, mental and psychosocial loadings extend hand in hand. We cannot yet fully assess its scope, But it is our job to ensure that critical, mental and Physical stress, as well as undue working hours in the home office, can be avoided. That is why we will continue to engage in dialogue with the social partners and the Exchanging company actors about good layout options. Applause, CDU and B NDNIS 90 DIE GR NEN. We know that the corona pandemic is diverse, numerous and far reaching Effects on our coexistence, but also on our fiscal and has working life. It is about us beings and economy in our To support the country in the best possible way and to hold our society together. We do this with a wide range of measures and initiatives of which I could only address a part now, But it is also important that this establishes us impulses for the time set after Corona, because the crisis has clearly shown us where we need to move forward And that is alongside tackling the climate crisis, obviously digitization. It is special to us that we leave no one behind as far as is possible important concern. We will continue to work intensively on this Applause. Cdu and B NDNIS 90 DIE GR, NEN, Dear colleague Decker I don’t want to leave the desk, even if you are fortunate enough to work with us for a while, as a peer, be preserved without saying Ulrike, Alex SPD, He’s still alive. Fortunately, and hopefully for a long time to come, Ms Alex It is just as important to me for the always open and fair cooperation in. Thank you very much for the twelve years in which I have been a member of the state parliament. We were sometimes astonishingly often, but by no means always of a same opinion. Exactly as you fought for fair work today, you could ever disagree moderately with you a real sportsman. We will miss you. Good luck for Applause, CDU B, NDNIS 90 DIE GR, NEN and SPD. Thank you, Minister of State Klose, That has the Abg Decker touched himself once again, talk about this and is now entering the second round. Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, If I have come up again now, there are two reasons On the one mitt, because I am of course, for the more or less professionally regarded Would like to say goodbye. I would like to thank everyone who has recognized my work and the cooperation It’s good for you. I admit it. One is of the view that gratefully Applause, CDU B, NDNIS 90 DIE GR, NEN, SPD, AfD and Free Democrats, But Frank Lortz has already said. I’ll. Be now a little longer, I will seem further and come to a few statements on my behalf to one or the other previous speaker to Mr Naas with great pleasure. I can announce it Ms B chle Scholz. You said you came to the conclusion that we, the social democratic radical, accept the mood authority would have done everything right and that we have confirmed that with the lotion. Then, logically, in reverse conclusion, I can state that the The state government likewise agrees with all of our 19 tops and involves We come back to that. You can be very sure of that. There are in fact a few worthwhile qualities of contention That s. In a nutshell, But in all seriousness, you said that you hadn’t met that is something that concrete word. I envision when you read that we are asking for a minimum wage of 12 or that we are demand that the non objective time limit must be pushed back further, then you realize that these are very specific individual times. Mrs B chle Scholz. You said the time limit without any objective were really have nothing to do with Corona. Yes, it did. I had it in the debate in my discussion to ours, Application apologized, because the employers’associations recently tried to to use the corona crisis to implement these regulations. That already exist to soften again. That is why it belongs in such an application when it comes to fairness at work, particularly in the Corona crisis, Applause from the SPD and Dr Matthias B ger Free Democrat To colleague Richter in a nutshell. You said degrees 14 to 19. You probably wanted a few more others would impinge too much on workers’rights. No, the other way around. You strengthen workers ,’ liberties. The question is whether you require it that way or whether you don’t want it. That action, This can be dealt with in the matter. We always think it’s the better way to go, Strengthen laborers ,’ liberties Colleague Naas. It is a particular pleasure for me. You have spoken about the will the credo and have expressed hope if I may translate it that way that we, maybe in terms of labor market policy until June 30 th, but appreciate again at the lectern, Dr Stefan Naas. We can do it. Yes, we can do it. It’s in your hand. Maybe you need to speak to the President sometime. Maybe there is such a thing as a kind of honorary motion to pass a parliament members. I am ever ready to cross the sword with you Shouting, Dr Stefan Naas Free Democrats. Dr Naas, one very brief note on the matter. You repeated me correctly from 2012 8 50 minimum wages. I said at the time, if you still remember it after more or less so almost the whole house was against it. Do you know the old Danone advertisement? Sooner or last-minute we will get you And we got you. We have the legal minimum wage. We are now over 10 and we are well on the best way to 12. Mr Naas, at the spot, everything was done right. Applause SPD. I simply want to represent two points. You asked why you are doing this now about time limits without any objective reason do in the crisis. You have to read the employment. We said that these are the standards that will remain in the tenor, even after the crisis. It has to be the standard for work and employment In this respect. It is too about what will happen after the crisis. With foresight. One comment on the transformation job. You said it was so vague That is not at all vague. We have submitted a specific budget proposal for this. Of track, it was rejected, Tobias Eckert SPD Exactly, and we call on the country to do something because of the covenant has set up such a store. Then we said The country, especially as an automotive spot, has to do that too. That has been formulated very specifically: Applause, Tobias Eckert and Stephan Gr, ger SPD, Dr Naas, on the award and collective bargaining law. No, we see it differently. We are very grateful to our peer, Elke Barth, for doing this has represented so firmly Shouting, Dr Stefan Naas Free Democrats Colleague, you have what you said with the union coordinated and nothing else. We stick with our point of view Finally to colleague Kinkel and a bonus for harbours From my colleague, Dr Sommer, just heard that ver di have found that 40 is still not paid out and at the UKGM they are distributed like this, that everyone went 35. Thank you very much Applause SPD. Thank you very much, Mr Abg Decker. I have no further requests to speak at this part. Then we transpose the present application from colleague, Decker and others to the Social and Integration Policy Committee for further advice And the urgent action for a resolution by the CDU and B NDNIS 90 DIE GR NEN also to the social and integration policy committee. Then we make love like that . .

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