EXTREME Sneaker Room Makeover With Sneaker Throne Display Cases

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What’S up with you guys how you doing how you been if, you did not know by now. My name is dj and this is the dna show. Now, if you haven’t already make sure, you hit that subscribe button, don’t forget to hit the bell notification for every time i upload new video and make sure you hit that like button because, that helps the algorithm. Oh so much as you guys know, i love organizing my sneaker collection and, leaving it on display, but i’m tired of showing you guys, my stuff. I want to create a sneaker room for somebody else, so i got in touch with sneaker throne and they sent me over some cases we’re on our way to my boy, tone’s house right now, and i’m going to deck his room out come on okay.


So if you guys didn’t know by now, this is my boy tone – and you already know what it is i’m tired of messing with my shoe collection, so we’re going – to do something with his. I need to see your collection first, so i know what i’m working with my, like my heat yeah i got to see all of it. So this is what i got right here. I got these nike zooms. Oh okay, okay, okay, let me check out our room upstairs all right.

Let’S go come on hi welcome, man welcome here this is what i’m working with right now. So i just got okay lined up here, so we got james from back in the day i got stuff from prayer like your cakes over here too yeah i’ll show. You some of my yeah show me: let me see a couple of things real, quick, i’m working with my favorite we got so many memories: memories with these i think every grand high school, yes person shout out boot, it’s actually size. 13. Uh-Oh these bad boys are you coming here to buy something these these what got me really collecting yeah you always got these in there.

That was like eighth grade year eighth grade years. I think this was my first shoe obviously. I sold them and had to get them back yeah, but i mean these. These were definitely got me in the collecting yeah. I’M excited to opening up these boxes and see what we got to work with uh where’s the room at that we’re going to be redoing i need to see that uh former air bnb room so let’s go.


Let’S go check it out. Real quick show y’all what. We got here enough room to wiggle with oh yeah for sure it’s somewhere, where you guys got it on a good day, usually there’s laundry on the bed. But today you guys, you know a little but yeah you got some space. I don’t know i can get rid of this right.

You can get rid of every everything whatever i want to do. You can keep whatever you can get rid of whatever okay, so we got some stuff in here that i would like to keep and there’s, definitely some stuff that needs to go so keep the ps 5 okay. So i’m gonna help i’m gonna have you help me clear it out and then after we clear it out, you can’t see the room until it’s over okay that’s. That’S the deal! Okay, all right: okay, okay that’s, a little stuff!

Let’S get the camera set, up let’s get the tripod set up for the time. Lapse and then we’re gonna be ready to go so uh yeah okay. So we got the room cleared out. You ready bro, you nervous what how you feeling a little nervous. I don’t know what you’re about to do to it all right.

We got the room cleared out and now it is time for me to work my magic. Let me see, what i can do with what i have so i’m gonna need you to leave and don’t ever come back until i tell you to come back, okay, okay, all right! All right go get! So all my homes at no tone they all know that he’s a huge raiders fan. He even has the raiders logo tatted on his arm, but he doesn’t have these shoes.

I got him a pair of raiders bow nose, trainers. These things are super exclusive. It’S got the raiders logo on the back these. Things are 3 m, they shine in the light. I don’t know if you can see it oh, you can kind of see it right there, but i know.

This shoe right here is going to make him so happy. As you can see, he has the flags right there which i’m going to be putting up, but he has no clue that i’m gonna be putting these in his collection for him and the best part about it. Is they’Re in his size. So definitely stick around to the end to see his reaction about this one. Okay, so we have the sneaker thrown cases in place this is where i think i want to put them right.

Now i might readjust them in a little bit, i’m not sure yet and again shout out to sneaker throne for making. All of this happen, don’t forget to use the discount code. Dna show and that’ll get you an additional 10 off of your order. I’Ll make sure i have the link for you, guys down below in the description or pinned in the comment section. Now let’S get these shoes out of this closet, get the m organized in the containers, get everything situated and see what it’s looking like.

So it looks like. We got some good options and i definitely see some stuff in my side i know i’m supposed to be making over his room, but i might have to give him offer on a couple of shoes. Let’ S crack a couple boxes open and see what they got inside cdp: 15 space jam. 11 concord 11 s box signed by tinker cool great threes, carmine sixes oh hold up, i’m gonna have to buy these back from him oh, see that’s the problem, i’m always trying to go shopping. I forgot we’re just helping him out we’re helping him out.

So let’s finish it up. Let’S finish i can’t look at no more shoes i might put in an offer. Tone is like the craziest kobe fan ever, so for him to have the shoe i know he’s happy to have these. We got top up these in the case down below for sure. Okay, so we got the tv up and now we need to get, the ps 5 hooked up and everything like that organize.

The shoes do a little bit of stuff but. As you can see, all the other walls are pretty bare. I still got ta, hang some more stuff up. So let’s get the other stuff hangup and i’ll make the main home the main hub, the last priority and get that done at the end. Tom played football at sac state.

So you know we gotta make sure we hang this up on the wall. So i like to see. I hate the raiders but it’s, not for me, so we got all these shoe boxes over here and we’re going to use these as an aesthetic to the room. So i’m going to put them all right here in the corner and kind of build out the little area right there to kind of be an aesthetic and kind of cover up this corner over here. So we got the kobe pictures hung up on the wall up here right above the tv we got everything hung up, that’s framed.

You got the jordan one up. Here i was gonna put something right here, but then i was like the door is gonna open, there’s gonna be stuff right here, so it’s kind of pointless top up, something here yeah. If he wants to fill this wall out go ahead, let him do what to do, but for me i feel, like that’s a solid spot for right now, so now we got ta complete this and we’re almost done so. We got everything together and i am feeling solid about the room. One thing that, i definitely love about sneaker thrown is.

You can change the color of the lights on, the background different stuff. Like that have different patterns and colors. You know we got to go with the dna, show purple in the background for right now, but i’m loving the room, i’m happy about it. Let me know what you guys think down below in the comment section, but at the end of the day we got to see what tone thinks let’s go ahead and bring him in. How are you feeling uh at the beginning, i was a little nervous but knowing you.

I think it’s gonna be all right yeah. I think. Okay, all right, let’s go ahead who, you do the honor how to what’s the cost go ahead, this power? We can kick it the spot. Where we belong.

Damn okay, okay these look familiar yeah, then they turn on too. Okay, that power to them you can switch colors and everything like that hold on well you know we got to go with the dna purple on them. You know what i’m saying you got ta make the channel shout out. The dna show wait. Are you even subscribed to the dna?

Show? I’M subscribed okay all right. I had to make sure. Oh, that’s true, one of the og subscribers to the channel i remember that back in the day hold on. Let me take a look okay.

Go ahead. Take your tour! Okay! I, like what you, did there mama mentality, okay, r, p co hold on yes, yes, okay, raider nation. This reminds me of the old days back in the day.

I feel like this was nostalgic by having this right here. Yes, they had, to have the stack in here. You know it’s like who had the most boxes back for real okay hold uhey, okay, okay mike hold on. Let them save my michey. I didn’t do that.

I didn’t that. I didn’t do that: okay, Okay, i, like it um hold up let me. Let’S show us a little bit of the collection now now we need a collection tour right. It’S a collection, video, okay, since it’s all out there well, you guys, i mean one of my favorite is going to be the 13, so, as you guys can see it’s probably something.

I almost put that in the case, but i was like we’re gonna put that at the top over here because. I feel like i know. That’S your favorite [ __ ], one of your favorites, that’s cool yep um uh, my 20 yeah. I, like those back to back my rising suns alpha, show like those had to put the kobe’s. In the case, okay, i had to put the kobe’s in the case.

Okay hold on okay, shout out grant, high school grand high school special okay i know these grant high school representatives yes boo. Okay, one of your first shoes, like you were saying yeah, got a little bit of jazz concord. If you ain’t. You know the video yeah yeah yeah you gotta check it out less chwab helmet i like what you. Did there got ta clean, got it looking clean yeah ps 5 this i like just the whole like but bro how it looks.

You literally have like everything i s perfect, but you’re literally missing one shoe that’s crazy. Oh, so i need one more [, __ ]. I got a shoe for you. Okay, this okay, he is the biggest raiders fan i know, the bow! No, the shoe is in his size and there’s.

Nobody in this world that hat that should have this shoe. Besides, him you got to pull out the other one because it’s got the raiders logo on that one too. Okay, yeah all 3 m on the upper, oh good, looking great in your size. Did you just do that to me if the room? Wasn’t enough, he comes over here and blesses me with it so he’s got to go.

They got ta, go right, i’m gonna just go ahead and put these like right. Here i appreciate your brother just clean, yes, yes, this is clean. The rain hey shout out to sneaker throne for making this happen man add a lot of just beautiful. Look to the room man. That’S i appreciate it.

Thank you and if you guys haven’t already like i said before: use the discount code dna show and that’ll get you an additional 10 off of your order. I have the link for you down below in the description also pinned in the comment section. Do you got any final words before we go? Hey mad love i, appreciate it and make sure y’all subscribe, and like and all the time yeah all right. Y’All my name is dj, i’m signing out i got to go, i’m going you got ta, say peace, you got ta, say: peace, peace, yo!

If you enjoyed this video and you want to make extra money or grow your shoe collection, i want to give you a free video with my three tips: that were, the most powerful that will help you grow your sneaker collection and make an additional one thousand to ten thousand dollars a month. All you need to do to get this free, video is click on the first link in the description or. The comment: that’s pinned in the comment section that’ll. Take you to a page where you can enter your email address and i’ll make sure that. I send you a video right away and if you enjoyed this video again don’t forget to like comment, share and subscribe, my name is dj, i’m signing out i got.

I’M gone peace. You

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