Can Water Moccasins Bite Underwater

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Can Water Moccasins Bite Underwater. Most snakes, including sea snakes, swim while entirely underwater. Snakes can open their mouths and bite if provoked underwater.

What Does a Water Moccasin Snake Look Like? |
What Does a Water Moccasin Snake Look Like? | (Johnny Wallace)

A few years ago, I was asked to comment on a proposed snake exhibit in a local nature-themed education center. We ran into them pretty much every time we went swimming in the summer. Most snakes you encounter in the water are harmless, though.

These snakes are known for standing their ground when threatened, but they will only bite if provoked.

I am (girls, watch out a guy is fixing to tell the truth) VERY SCARED, no, more like petrified of snakes so this is a question I researched and I found out that water moccasins and cotton mouths CAN bite underwater.

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Water moccasins

Can Snakes Bite Underwater? — Snakes for Pets

Rattlesnakes always rattle before they strike—not always! The snake that seems to come up most commonly for biting whilst in the water is the cottonmouth, which is a dangerously venomous snake, they do not live in the water but do. We get asked the question, if snakes will bite you underwater, very frequently.

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