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How about friends, how are we In this video? I am going to make the comparison that you have asked me so much during these days. I’M going to compare the ADIDAS ADIOS PRO 2, with the NIKE VAPORFLY NEXT % 2, Possibly the best flying shoes on the market Inside video
Well, here you have them The best flyers on the market, Two pieces of jewelry In this video I’m going to go into comparing the sensations and four specifications above Before starting the video. I recommend that you go to my previous videos, where I talk about each of them separately.

In those videos, you could see that they are both competition shoes flying with a neutral tread and for fast rhythms, Designed for marathon distance.

On the subject of putting a template on them, the ADIOS PRO 2 was impossible and the VAPORFLY NEXT %. I was able to locate it, which is true that the foot was going with a lot of pressure. There is little space

With which I do not recommend using templates, I will start by talking about the price
220 euros the ADIOS PRO 2 from ADIDAS 250 euros for the VAPORFLY NEXT % 2 from NIKE. They take 30 euros of difference. So in terms of value for money, I would prefer the ADIOS PRO 2 before.

As a curiosity, the ADIDAS ADIOS PRO 2 has 10 mm of DROP. The NIKE VAPORFLY NEXT % 2, is 8mm.
A difference of 2 mm in terms of drop, but that is not relevant either In terms of weight. 237 g for the ADIOS PRO 2 213 g for the VAPORFLY NEXT % 2. In this case, the VAPORFLY NEXT % 2 wins in lightness Regarding the sole (, the grip ) in the ADIDAS ADIOS PRO 2.

We have continental rubber on the tip and the rest is a sandpaper-like material with a very small hole that gives it a lot of grip.

As for the NIKE VAPORFLY, NEXT % 2, we have rubber all over the front.
More rubber than the ADIDAS ADIOS PRO so I’d say the NIKE VAPORFLY, NEXT % 2 has more grip. It is true that visually they are very different soles Here you can see the energy rods in view Here, you see a very differentiated rubber part and the heel part does not come at all, But it is true that running with them. I notice that the VAPORFLY NEXT % 2 has more grip.

We continue on the MID-SOLE In the ADIOS PRO 2 by ADIDAS. We have a midsole composed of LIGHSTRIKE PRO, which is a soft and very reactive material with a lot of response, And we also have the famous carbon rods, ( Energy Rods, ) and a carbon reinforcement in the heel. As for the NIKE VAPORFLY, NEXT % 2, we have two pieces of ZOOMX, another soft and very reactive material, with a lot of response and a sandwich-shaped carbon plate between the two pieces of ZOOMX

They are two very equal, midsoles and very different. At the same time,
Since this one has LIGHTSTRIKE PRO this ZOOMX, which are reactive, soft pleasant materials .

, But it is true that the ADIOS PRO 2 feels much harder than the VAPORFLY NEXT % 2. So here they come a little the tastes of each runner,
The characteristics of each athlete – This is a traditional, tougher flying shoe, And this is a softer shoe very nice …
So I would not say that there is one shoe better than another.

As for the midsole, I would say that there is a tie. As for the UPPER in the ADIOS PRO 2 from ADIDAS, we find the CELLERMESH 2.0 technology. It is like a very transparent, very breathable, material, more like paper.
On the other hand, in the VAPORFLY NEXT % 2, we find the ENGINEERED MESH technology, which is more woven roll.

They are two very different technologies.

Fabric more paper, roll …,
With which both are very breathable, both very pleasant but very different, I would give another draw here.

I give it a draw because they are both super comfortable. You tie them both once and you are ready to run And both have also improved a lot to their first version.
And now we are going to give the final verdict, which shoe is better. I tell you that it depends. This shoe is a shoe more similar to a traditional flying shoe.

This shoe is very different. The sensations are totally different, As I have told you before. This shoe is much tougher than this one.
So this already depends on the characteristics of each athlete or what each athlete looks for in a competition flying shoe.

I think that, due to the fact of being harder in shorter distances of 5-10 km, I would opt for the ADIOS PRO 2 from ADIDAS.

On the other hand, for half marathon and marathon, I might go for the NIKE VAPORFLY NEXT % 2, But I already tell you that you choose the one you choose. They are two shoes.
That is why I tell you that it is very difficult to choose one. There will be athletes who, like more a traditional harder shoe and will opt for the ADIDAS ADIOS PRO 2 And others who, on the other hand, like a softer, more pleasant touch, ..

Will opt more for a VAPORFLY NEXT % 2, But I already tell you that both teams will be fine And as for improving the brand with the two shoes, you will make a similar record. And now you will tell me, but Carlos get wet, Choose one.

It’S that it’s super complicated, really They are two slippers. It is true that the NIKE VAPORFLY NEXT % 2 – has surprised me for the better. Both are two super comfortable shoes, but if I had to say one difference between the two, it is that when you get on these shoes, it gives you the impression that you are getting on a racing car

That you’re getting on some rockets
Which does not happen with this one?

That is the difference between the two shoes. This is a more normal shoe more of a traditional flying shoe, And this shoe is a bit more special With which it is that it goes a lot to the characteristics of each athlete and the tastes of each athlete.

I sincerely would like to try these shoes in a marathon. If I had to run a marathon, I think I would run it with these, but for 5-10 km in popular races. Maybe I opted more for these.

If I had to do series on the track, maybe I opted more for these

These are softer on the track. I wouldn’t like them so much. ..
As you can see, it’s a bit of the context, So there is not one better than another, but a better situation than another to wear one or another shoe.

As you can see in the video it was a technical draw. This has won in price. This has won in grip in comfort. A draw in performance draw .

they are two shoes really In the end you buy. What you buy will be a great purchase. So my final verdict is a technical draw.

Those of you who have known me for a long time have known that I have a certain predilection for the ADIDAS brand, but in this case, if I had to opt for one, I would go for the VAPORFLY NEXT % 2 more Tie. But if I had to choose one – maybe I would choose this one, So you can see that it has surprised me for the better, Especially because it gave me the feeling of being on something special In two racing cars.

Just for that, okay In terms of performance, I really liked both, but this one I felt something different.

Before ending the video tell you that, if you need these or other footwear, you can find them in the online store TOP4RUNNING.ES. If you use my RED discount coupon, you will have an additional 5 % discount
I also want to ask you that if you liked the video leave a good LIKE and that you subscribe to my channel to be up to date with the new videos that I upload Come on guys. I hope I have solved all your doubts and not have generated new ones, Which is possibly what I have done And that you have enjoyed, as I did during this video.

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