Scott Speed Carbon RC – Shoe Review

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This is the scott speed, carbine rc road runningand racing shoe scott first used carbon fiberin, a running shoe back in 2007 and for many yearsbefore that with their cycling equipment, so theyhave a trusted track record. With the materialthe speed, carbon rc emerged after 10 years, ofrunning shoe r d with a unique carbon plate, toprovide unrivaled energy turn, which enables youto go faster. Furthermore, the material responds tothe force applied and stiffens as you push hardercombining the carbon plate with a brand new rockermeans. Every element of the speed carbon rc hasbeen, designed to maintain good posture, a quickercadence and keep you going longer and fasterthe kinetic light form. Midsole is incredibly lightwith more rebound than before, and the shoe comesin at around 240 grams in a men’s uk, 8.


thesefeel. Incredibly lightweight for the barely thereupper and the heel and tongue design fit the footand ankle nicely. The cushioning feels a littlesofter in the speed carbon rc, so the shoe feelsgood running at slower pace before you reallypush yourself. This is surprisingly important. Assome out and out racing shoes would not be idealto warm up into your faster sessions.


The speedcarbon rc feels great at any pace, but don’t forgetthis is a fast and effective race, deer or pbsmashing road shoe. If you’re watching on youtubedon’t forget to like share and subscribe thanks somuch for watching you take care and see you soon. You


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