Vans Kyle Walker Pro Skate Shoes Wear Test Review

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What’S up, this is Beau Cummings, with Tactic Boardshop We’re here on a three day mission going down the Oregon coast skating, the new Kyle Walkers by Vans. This is the first day skating them so first impressions when I put them on they’re, pretty comfortable out of the box. We skated probably 20 minutes after getting them on. Boardfeel is good. I mean, of course, they’re a little stiffer because they’re a little bulkier shoe Kind of made for a little more impact.

This shoe has the Waffle Cup, so it’s a hybrid vulc and cupsole shoe. So it gives you a little more impact protection with the Cupsole, but still good board feel like a vulc. I didn’t really notice them lacking on a board, feel I like shoes with a little more impact, so it protects my heel. I had to run out of a few back side, ollies and my feet feel fine, didn’t bruise my heel or anything like that. What’S up everybody, this is Jesse with Tactics Right now.


We’Re at Port Orford Just had like a six seven hour session on the day and first impressions were good Skates. A lot like a Gilbert Crockett, a little bulky for my taste.


I usually skate a little slimmer shoe, maybe like a Slip-On or like an Authentic Pro or something First spot. We skated. I tried to kickflip something and took a while to kind of get the board feel that you want, but I feel like that’s kind of how it goes with a brand new pair of shoes.After the first day, first impressions were good, we’ll see how they feel over the next few days of skatin’ We’re here in Bend on day. Three of the trip We’ve been reviewing, the Kyle Walker by Vans.


Yesterday we skated at Cave Junction, Gold Hill and then Klamath Falls. We’Ve put in some serious hours, skating, We’ve probably done like three hours at each park and then all the driving Today was kind of chill. We got to come here to Jonah’s private backyard.


Bowl get a rip, The shoe has been super comfy. It’S definitely been breaking in a lot better like day. Two is, of course better than the first day. Not much wear I mean it has the DuraCap underneath. So, even if you wear through the suede, it’s gon na last even longer Favorite thing about the shoe after skating it for three days, I would say that it’s really comfortable A lot of times after skating, a new shoe I’ll have blisters on my heels or toes Or whatever My feet feel really good, I think it’s due to the fact that it’s just a really supportive shoe.


It’S got the UltraCush insole. My heels feel great


The sole has held up really good. It feels the same as day, one as day. Three We’ve skated, probably 20 plus hours. The traction is good and doesn’t really show any wear.


This shoe is really good for keeping your feet safe. So I would recommend this for anybody who wants a lot of support for your foot. It doesn’t sacrifice much board feel but, just like I said it’s a little more thick than what I’m used to for my preference, but flip tricks feel great after skating them for a couple days. First day was a little sticky, but that’s kind of just how it goes with new shoes. Probably my favorite thing about the shoe is just how quick you could take it out the box and start skating and be comfortable wearing it.


It’S nice not to have to walk around for a day or two trying to break in a shoe where you can just put it on and start skating, And we’re done we’re sore. We’Re beat Can’t feel my legs.


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