Adidas Puig Skate Shoes Wear Test Review

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What’S up guys, this is Tim with Tactics Boardshop and I’m here to review the Adidas Puig. This shoe has got a cupsole construction and in the toe box we have the AdiTuff underneath the suede. So when you bust, through that you’ve still got another layer of rubber And inside the shoe we have the AdiPrene insole

So when I first put on the shoe, it felt pretty true to size, I’ve got an extra wide foot, so it did feel a little snug on the sides, but it only took about two to three sessions to stretch it out and break in the shoe. It was a bit stiff at first, but after it was broken in it actually got super flexible. The shoe is pretty thin overall, even for a cupsole. This AdiPrene insole is super thin and it doesn’t really do much as far as impact goes And there’s no real extra padding in the heel or anywhere it’s just like a pretty basic cupsole shoe.

So I’d recommend this shoe for more tech skaters. If you’re gon na jump down stuff, then I’d recommend putting an aftermarket insole in there’cause. It doesn’t really have much impact support. I really like the shape of the toebox. It kind of reminds me of the Tyshawn shoe.

It’S just slightly different, but the flick is really good.

I’Ve been skating, this shoe for a little over a month. It’S been kind of rainy and my ankle was buggin’ me for a little while, but I have been skating these shoes quite a bit in that time frame And it is holding up super good There’s. Barely any wear on the suede and this rubber on the outsole is holding up really well The stitching right here where the suede meets the canvas patch has blown, but it’s still held together.

I think the AdiTuff holds it together And the stitches that hold the lace panel is torn a little bit, but it’s still firmly on there.

It’S not flapping up or anything. One of the sickest things about this shoe is this internal lace system. So you never break your laces. The one lace I did break was this one up here where the eyelet actually is
But I broke that just recently, so it lasted pretty much a whole month of skating, But I don’t necessarily like the laces that come with the shoe They’re kind of this rigid round. Shoelace that doesn’t tie very well, and so your shoes come untied all the time and it’s pretty annoying.

This tall heelcup on the side makes it pretty easy to just slip on the shoe’cause. I never undo my shoes when I take them off. I always just slip them on and off, and this thing keeps it nice and snug on your heel. The tongue does not have any elastic bands, but it stays where it is. It doesn’t really flop around.

So this is the wear after a month and I’m gon na keep skating them until they’re, totally trashed and then I’ll give you some more feedback when they’re done I’m back with the final update.

This is the shoe after two and a half months of skating and I’m actually astonished with how well it’s been holding up. I’Ve been doing quite a bit of skating and a lot of filming lately and anyone who’s done. Follow filming with skating knows how rough it is on the bottom of your shoes. This sole has definitely taken a toll from doing that.

It’S gotten pretty thin on the bottom right in the toe area.

And the text is pretty much gone on this little squiggly part here. The treads are still pretty deep back in the middle of the shoe and on the heel. It’S really slick here at Washington Jefferson park. So, every time I went to push I would slide a little bit. I don’t have all that much traction, but on the board I still have plenty of traction and it’s not really affecting me On the upper here.

I finally broke a hole through the suede

I intentionally didn’t ShoeGoo anything just to see how long it would take to actually break a hole through it, and it’s just barely got to my sock, but I could easily patch that up and continue skating the shoe

This seam right here right where the suede meets the canvas, is still holding strong. There is a little hole in the canvas, but there’s some material under there. So I’m not to my sock at all And the lace panel is pretty frayed, but I never really got to my laces and didn’t make the shoe loose at all. I did put some super glue on this top lace where the eyelet is’cause I didn’t – want to just break it over and over again.

I did wear through the outsole right up here and it’s getting to the suede, but it really hasn’t worn through the suede.

It’S kind of amazing how much it’s held up.

It is a little thin and a little baggy, but it hasn’t made the shoe loose, So this shoe still has plenty of life in it. If I had put a little bit of ShoeGoo on this or done some sort of preventative measures to stop the hole, I probably could have gotten this shoe to last three months: easy Thanks again for watching this was the Puig shoe from Adidas.

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