REVIEW: Saucony Freedom – An elite midsole in a everyday running shoe!

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An elite midsole in an everyday running shoe sounds pretty cool, and that is exactly what saucony have tried to design with the saucony freedom. 4. freedom 4 has been designed with the exact same midsole as sarcany’s top models in dolphin speed and endorphin. Pro two shoe, which i unfortunately haven’t tried out but which are flying off the shelves in our web shop, apparently because of their incredible midsole, and now you can find the same midsole in saucony freedom, 4, pretty unique, because freedom isn’t a razor but an everyday running. Shoe which is designed to handle different workouts in short freedom 4, is a lighter and lower stack height alternative to the trainers in the saucony ride collection and the max comfortable soccer triumph.

It is a super minimalistic running shoe both in terms of design and colors, but it provides an amazing touch with the surface thanks to the four millimeter drop, and this is where the combination with the new elite midsole makes the shoe shine. The new foam, the power run, pb, creates an ultra light and incredibly responsive midsole, which have provided the foundation for a number of fast runs, even without the plate here in the midsole, which you may find in speed and pro. At the same time, the midsole is also soft, but not squishy. Soft after several runs, i would describe the runs as being energetic and propulsive, but also stable and firmer. I don’t think the midsole is as lively or uncontrollable as the midsole in new balance.

Fuel cell tc or nike’s zoom x foam in the overfly, and this is a good thing because it is an everyday running shoe which is designed to be used by many people for a variety of runs. I tested it on all types of runs and i found it comfortable enough for the distance runs, but also efficient enough for the pacey workouts. However, i did have a small issue with the shoe i land on my midfoot and forefoot, and i missed a bit more comfort. That means more foam at the front of the shoe. Unfortunately, i suffered from sore foot pads during and after my runs, and with this in mind, i would say that this shoe is more obvious choice for people landing on the heel, which, on the other side, also provides an a sensational running experience.

The name freedom isn’t entirely quintal. I had a great sensation of freedom in this shoe. Perhaps it is not as flexible as i thought it would be, but it wraps itself comfortably around your foot and i would describe the soft upper as being medium thick in total. I really think the freedom 4 has a lot of positive qualities. A soft and propulsive midsole stably wrapped into a free upper which delivers on most of your weekly runs.

Freedom. 4 was somewhat challenged by the fact that i already had several running shoes for all types of runs. But if you are looking for a really good all-round running shoe either as your first choice or as an alternative to your high mileage training shoe the saucony freedom. 4 would be a really good

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