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Wearing shoes like this is comfortable or not. Well, let’s discuss one by one. The Luxembourg Sneaker by Louis Vuitton is amused by a cave in the size of six, which equates to a size of 40 in length 25 cm. The shoe has a Louis Vuitton monogram in brown. These shoes presented with different Lace, Extra lace in black and brown on the shoes. The problem is that it is broken white with a 3D monogram symbol on the back and on the neck of the shoe. There is black leather On the back is Louis Vuitton.


Paris writing in gold. This part of the neck has a thicker shape, like a cushion so that it makes it comfortable on our eyes. The interior is black, so you don’t need to worry if it will get dirty later. The shoelaces are unique, patterned with stripes of light brown and dark brown In line with the color of His shoes. The bottom of the Diamond patterned shoe, is sometimes a shape like this.


That is a bit difficult to clean, while the insole of the shoe previously had Louis Vuitton writing, but it has faded due to use the size is thick.


Very soft, when you use it for the fist time, The first time it was used, it was comfortable and really nice, but after 3-4 hours of walking, the little part of the road was a bit sore. Even though you have used the appropriate number and the thumb on the front still has space, but the advantages of these shoes are suitable for tops with any clothes. Next now to the next shoe, I bought the Men’s Ace Embroidered sneaker by Gucci in the size. Five and a half – It is indeed smaller than the usual size of the fruit, because it was already last stocked at that time.


5 inches long and fortunately, still comfortable to wear these shoes are white and what makes it special is the king snake patch on the outside of the typical shoe from the jar. The bottom of the shoe is hard and to be honest, because it’s white, it’s a bit difficult to clean, but with the contrast of leather detail on the back with Gucci writing this shoe is so cool on all sides. The texture and pattern are like scales, but very cool and very cool. When you hit the lights, The laces are white and the interior is also white insoo.


The inside is almost as thick as the Louis Vuitton insole, with at the base of one. There is the Gucci Pattern, Because almost everything is white. We have to use it very carefully. It’S a shame that the back is already slightly smudged with the red color of the leather contrast. Even though the shoes are worn all day, they are still comfortable.


The left and right of the shoe, even though it is at the size of five and a half, it still feels right and doesn’t hurt For my boss. I prefer less flashy colors as a combination. According to my analysis, the Gucci Sneakers have a different shape on the bottom, sole, which is wider on the fingers, while the height of Louis Vuitton is slimmer, it seems that it makes my little toe a little sore when I use it for a long time Now. This is the time I have been waiting, for which one will I choose Louis Vuitton or Gucci Sneaker. In my opinion, deciding which brand is better to wear is difficult because, to be honest, it depends on the same your personality.


How do you want your style and where do you want to go and how long will you go if you want it outstanding and you or you or contrast and want it to be nice to wear for a long time, can choose Gucci Sneakers, because this is Really the center of attention

Besides, it is comfortable to wear, even though it is worn all day, But if you guys want something You can choose Louis Vuitton Sneaker with rich earth tone, because it’s really cool. I wear long pants and shorts too, although if you use this, it can’t be too long either. Now, that’s the review from me. Thank you for watching until the last. Hopefully, the information I give is useful, don’t forget to like and also subscribe, see you in the next shoe review.


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