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Shoes Of The Fisherman Election Scene. He is brought to Rome by Father David Telemond, a troubled young priest who befriends him. The film, turned five years later, is very faithful to the book.

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The CastTHE SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN, screenplay by John Patrick and James Kennaway, based on the novel by Morris L. It is the story of a Pope, how he was chosen, and what he faced in trying to keep the Catholic Church relevant in the postwar, communist influenced Cold War era. Great scene from a great movie.

Once at the Vatican, he is immediately given an audience with the Pope, who elevates him to Cardinal Priest.

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Morris West said: Structurally speaking I've always thought The Shoes of the Fisherman was one of my weaker books. Quinn's dignified performance holds "The Shoes of the Fisherman" together, aided by Leo McKern and Vittorio De Sica as a pair of Cardinals seated high in the Church hierarchy. The ending of the film was changed from the book.

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