Velasca Men’s Dress Shoe Review: Garzòn Monkstrap, Ost Loafer, & Cavadent Oxford

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Alright, so next up is Velasca, I accept. Are they actually a Genuine Italian firebrand R Yeah P? Are they German, more R? Yes, they are They’Re, an Italian firebrand, I recollect, founded in Milan, Okay, but then the shoes are made in like centre Italy, I think town of Marquette, It’s like a town that makes a lot of shoes and so most of the Italian-made shoes. We recollected now, probably all come from the same town: it’s just how they, how they toil right.

Oftentimes, you have that accumulation of silk manufacture in Como wool fabric industry in Biella. It’S only really funny how there’s a strong concentration where 150 households all choose to do. The same thing: P, So what was interesting about contacting them is that they terminated up routing us multiple pairs. In my bag, I got two moderately different vogues. This one here is a black single monk, strap shoe on the box that I was given.

They called the model, the Verduratt, but I believe it’s marketed under a different figure on their website. Now. I believe it becomes under the name: Garzon R, Alright, P, So whatever the dispute is, that’s this model, it’s the pitch-black single monk and another one. This is called the OST and it is, as “youre seeing”, a brown loafer form, R. Okay, it looks very soft.

There P Very soft, yes I’ll, get into that in a moment: R. The sit Cavadent first impression out of a container. It felt like pretty nice shoe for under$ 200 um, yeah leather seems neat and soft. I consider Italians are really good at having like softer shoes like the British shoes are, in general, all a little stiffer right. Italians are just softer P Right Yeah, my first impressions for each of these, the single monk.

I thought it was a nice sort of minimise, dependable shoe , not more showy. This is actually the first monk belt shoe in my accumulation. Black is definitely more a republican shade. You know it’s a very kind of conservative section as well so venturing into that macrocosm of friar belts, but taking a very small gradation with a republican wording. R Got it What various kinds of surprised me was that their styling was more English or conservative, The last-place ones weren’t as kind of refined.

They were almost a little kind of boxy and clunky in the toe awfully round extremely traditional, P, Yeah R. I was surprised by that, because, normally, when you think of Italian they’re, a little more fashion-forward and those previous “re not” all like that P right R Now with their suede. What I really like is they cleared it waterproof, so suede can be hard to clean and then sometimes you have to spray stuff on, but it wears off. Here I think they leant it in the tan process and on their website they’re. Very like detailed.

They say it’s a calf suede and they explain that you can have different ways to make a suede. You can time turn it inside out or you can kind of sand it. They didn’t actually share which version it is for this one which kind of surprised me, but I can say it’s very soft. It’S raincoat threw it under the sink, and it merely rind right off. P, I haven’t tried any waterproofing evaluations with this one, but it was probably out of all the shoes we were sent, the one that I was.

I had the most sort of strange reaction to right out of the box because, as you are referred to earlier, it’s very soft – It’s got a very kind of resilient building, there’s no reinforcement to the heel now, which I frankly was not acquainted to. Ultimately, there appear to me like this is really more of a it’s almost like a slipper with a hard sole So in terms of fit for each of these, I thought out of the two of them the single monk fit better. It was not a excellent fit. There was some, I wouldn’t run so far as to say pinching, but there was some tightness in a few provinces. Around the shoe That may time be that my hoof are not truly accustomed to wearing monk straps, so I might have to play with using the little sizing buckle here.

If I it is necessary time to figure out what the ideal fit is R, I mean they likewise have slightly different. Last so that can be the difference very right P With these slouches, it may have something to do with the fact that the the heel here is so resilient, but out of all the simulates we tried, the issue is the loosest out of the knot. For me, R, What size did you have P For both of these? I had a 41 and a half European sizing. So it’s interesting that these fit me better Again.

You know that’s because they’re a higher style, so this includes more of your hoof. But with these, as I say, the issue is surely the loosest out of any mannequin “weve tried”. I might virtually want to size down to a 41, or maybe even a 40 and a half that’s how loose they only. My ends approximately sounds right out of these. If I try to walk in them, R, So what width did you have in this Carroso P?

In those I had a 41, So maybe sizing down to a 41 in these as well would be beneficial. I visualize again, I exactly followed the instructions or the sizing guide on their website to determine what I needed, but you know when you’re new to a firebrand, it’s probably going to be at least for your first pair, a little bit of trial and error. If you’re not sure exactly how the last is going to correspond to your hoof R And that’s how I think we can help you understanding, what’s the right length for you, based on other shoes, you’ve already had in the past, The shoes are comfortable because the upper Is awfully soft: the soles need a little bit of break-in, but good-for-nothing major, really. It’S still overall, a comfortable shoe Just like, I said it’s too roomy, which is fine for solace, but it’s just gon na furrow, more P, Right.Yeah.

I would definitely echo those sensibilities. The single friar sole will need some break in, but i didn’t, even you are familiar with, flexing as much as i could, while stepping didn’t see a lot of creasing in the leather that may increase a little bit as the sole disruptions in. But who knows, I reviewed good. First impressions there and again with these they’re, certainly pleasant enough but they’re. Just so big on you, R, Just too big sizing thing: I planned overall, you know we have a leather heel right must be established, there’s not too much like line dressing or item work.

I think like that the Meermin had more in that regard to offer, but this is also with under$ 200 shoe. So, overall, I think it’s a good value shoe. Alright yeah I convey Loake is more English than Italian. I’D say Scarosso is the softest and then maybe, though, is because the soles a little stiffer and then maybe Ace Marks the other Italian, maybe even a little stiffer overall they’re, all relatively soft compared to English shoes, but I would grade them like that. Yeah size, 44.

I’D give it a 4 out of 5 because it’s 195, you know it’s a particularly traditional wording. You can wear them a lot. All of their shoes are like that. They’Re evergreen shoes. So when you’re starting out and you don’t want to spend much money and you crave a conservative vogue, I think they’re good If you want a little more Italian styling, maybe that the Scarosso is better P yeah, I would say the same In my subject, I granted these single monks here a 3 and a half just for some of those fit concerns certainly more than anything yeah.

If I were to dial that fit in more, these would probably go up to a four, maybe even higher and these slouches. Now again, I was just so taken by how resilient this end was yeah and the fact that fit was so lacking. I was downed as low as a three out of five with these could perhaps vanish lower, but then again, if they fit better, could maybe disappear higher extremely. So I settled on a three ultimately R, I should have probably just move them back and got a different sizing. P Probably.

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