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Just when you thought this streak was over, thanks to you guys and thursday, we’re slink one more in on Thursday’s brand new and very first sneaker before the end of the series. So the last episode was supposed to be the very last episode of this serial but then really over a week ago thursday liberated their brand new sneakers and their very first sneakers ever. And all the comment divisions, my DM’s, emails, everything has just been non-stop asking me to do these shoes. So I refer them an email and a dm and never heard back. So in the Goral video I told you guys if you really want to see these on the canal before the end of the streak smacked them up and make them know that you want to see their brand-new sneaker on my direct, and apparently you blew up their DM’s, their emails, their comment sections, because two days ago they communicated me an email like “Hey, we investigated all the comments and all the DM’s and we like what you do.

Let’s get this video done.” And simply to articulate this video in perspective the majority of members of my patronized videos take two or three weeks of back and forth, talking about details, negotiating rates, routing contracts and concoctions back and forth, but with Thursday, they literally emailed me Thursday night, today’s Friday, we talked all day friday about this video. I’m recording it today, friday night, tomorrow I’m expend the whole day editing because my writer, Tyler, has corona virus, and then the video is coming out Sunday.

So Thursday really went over and above to get this video done. So huge thanks to them and thanks to you guys for blowing up their- all their comment sections and DM’s and stuff, because this video certainly wouldn’t be possible without you guys doing that.

And it’s really cool to have you guys behind me believing in what I do and these companies like Thursday who believe in their produces and believe in what i do enough to literally really have their stuff torn apart on youtube. So now that you know kind of how this video all came about, let’s go over the information on these shoes.

So the symbol is obviously Thursday, the wording is the premium low-pitched top. The emblazon I get is the Cacao. They also have four other colors.

They have a white. They have like a Horween Essex, and then a couple other ones that are pretty cool. They retail for for only $ 129 which is crazy. And they’re made in Mexico. So certainly this video is sponsored by Thursday and because their entire business model is centered around realise things as fair priced as possible, they don’t really do rebates and they don’t even really sponsor videos like this.

So I wasn’t able to get a deduction for you guys. But if you intend to these boots or these shoes and you want to get a pair be sure to click on the link in the specific characteristics and check them out, and also check out their boots. The boots are various kinds of what made this brand who they are and it’s also a great way to say thank you to them. So now let’s go over some of the information we can gather from these shoes before we chipped them in half starting with the leather.

So this skin is some of my favorite leather in the world.

It’s tanned by horween skin firm in chicago Illinois. It’s a edition of their chrome exceed skin, which is some of my favorite reek skin as well, but instead of tanning and finishing the leather in a traditional behavior where you get the smooth grain pattern on top, they reverse it and do all the finishing on the fuzzy side. So that’s kind of where you get this matte unique texture to the leather, because the actual finished side or the particle area that most people finish is on the inside and usually you see this in boots because it’s a little more wear resistant. But for like this type- this particular shoe it merely various kinds of makes it a unique rocky look.

This isn’t the only company who abuses horween’s skin but it’s- i think it might be the only one that I know of that’s using a finished chassis chrome excel in a sneaker, which is really unique.

And if you couldn’t tell from the name the chrome excel is a chrome tanned leather. And one thing that really interested me when I firstly got these shoes is that the tongue is just one solid section of skin. So typically we participate a couple layers in the tongue and it’s padded but this is just one thick slab of skin. So I settled my little caliper on it. It comes in at 2.

5 millimeters. So most of the other white sneakers we’ve seen, the thickness of skin they use is like 1.2 to 1.5 millimeters at its thickest, but this shoe is made from this leather that’s almost twice as dense. And I adore that and “i m loving” that the tongue isn’t padded and this is- this color is the only one that doesn’t have a padded tongue.

All the residual have a padded tongue. Now if we look at the rowing leather.

So another thing that’s kind of unique about the shoe is it’s only got a stringing mostly where your ankle thumps. The rest of the shoe isn’t lined and that’s because it’s such a thick leather it doesn’t really need the rowing. But the liner leather is a vegetable brown sheepskin.

Next, let’s look at the insert. So the place has the same vegetable brown sheepskin on top and it’s an EVA foam and it’s a jolly dense foam actually.

It’s removable. So if you’d like a thicker one or thinner one or no insole at all, you can always replace it. And one other thing that I thought was really cool is that these chaps use skin cords, and clearly you can swap them out if it’s not your thing, but that’s just another thing that kind of reminds me of how boots are built.

And it’s kind of equivalence for the course for Thursday because they’re a boot company. And then if we seem under the insole we can see that it’s a vegetable sunburn leather insole or lasting council which is really surprising for this price, because the only other skin insole that we’ve seen was in the Goral’s and they were like $ 300 I envision? $350. So for $129 I was really surprised to see that when I took the slip out. And then finally to the sole.

So this is a dual concentration rubber sole.

So it’s 30% recycled rubber and 70 percent natural rubber. And what’s interesting is it’s dual concentration in the way that the side wall is a softer rubber, and then on the bottom it’s a harder rubber. So “youve had” the softer rubber on the side to give it a little more flexibility, a little more durable after it’s creased and bent over and over and over. And then a harder rubber on the bottom so that it’s a lot more wear resistant and it previous a little bit longer.

So that’s kind of the general information that we can glean and figure out before cutting it in half. So now it leads us to cut them in half. Okay i got cut up. Let’s see what’s inside. So this is a astonishingly simple construction.

So let’s immediately go through strata. There’s only like three or four of them, but starting from the bottom working our style up we got the rubber outsole and we got a thin layer of like one to two millimeter EVA foam for the midsole. And that mostly is just a layer to help absorb any sweat or any sweat and computed a layer of squeak armour between the skin insole and the outsole. Then we go to the leather insole.

So it’s a vegetable tan skin insole, and if we take a measurement of it, it’s just under two millimeters.

And then moving up to the upper leather , now that we’ve got it cut in half we can take measurements and see that it really is that 2.5 millimeter thick-witted chrome outdo skin all the way through the shoe. This leather is literally twice as dense as any other shoes that we’ve seen. It’s a great deal closer and even thicker than some of the boot that we’ve we’ve slouse apart. And then to the counter.

We’ve got kind of a unique counter.

I’ve never seen this type of bar before but in the information that Thursday sent me they said it’s a hot triggered bar that’s made to mold to the shape of your heel within the first one to three times you wear the shoes. It’s really thin. It’s really flexible and when you accidentally tread on your shoe or you bend this over and over it’s not going to break. So if you guys get these shoes i’m really interested to see what you think of this bar because i’ve never seen this counter substance before.

And then for the construction, it’s built in a really similar direction where the upper is attracted and tucked underneath of the insole and glued to the insole and the outsole and then we got the side wall stitching on the side.

It’s really similar to the common projects, really streamlined. You know, the common projects has a tightened cardboard blanket, the shank the heel is previous with some claws, and then other than that, they’re really similar. Oh and then the margom outsole is a little bit deeper in the heel and this Thursday is a little bit more shallow.

So you’re not going to get quite as much squish out of the Thursdays as you will in the margom but the overall thickness of the sole where it matters is about the same.

So you might be kind of wondering “why are these $ 130 and all the rest of the shoes we’ve remembered are 200 and up, and these are made out of a fee american tanned leather? ” I foresee part of the reason is these are made in Mexico. It’s cheaper to stimulate things in Mexico. It’s not as cheap as China but it’s still cheaper than having it made in the U.S.

It is a more simple design. It doesn’t have quite as many seams it is therefore might not take quite as long to to make.

It might not be as expensive to compile. The length of the company of Thursday makes a big difference extremely because these people previously have established relationships with horween, with their makes, so it’s a lot easier to come in with a designing and plug it into their existing system and pump out a sneaker at a more cheap premium. And then these guys’ overall business pose is a direct to purchaser business prototype where they don’t really sell to storages that sell them to you.

They sell them straight to you guys. So it allows them to keep the prices as cheap because they can. And as for negatives or things that could be improved on these shoes, I fantasize the shoe could benefit maybe from an extra layer in the end, various kinds of like the common projects have with the compressed cardboard, contribute to reducing any high spots caused by the cells in the end. I really like the blake hem building, kind of like what the hell is ascertained with the Goral’s, because that makes them so much easier to resole and makes it possible to resell them. And the thing is, if you did those two things, I would cause the cost of these shoes, and part of the the really great thing about these shoes is they’re $129.

That’s a fraction of the cost of the common projects, and half the cost of most of the other shoes we’ve torn apart. So I think if you’re impeding it in this price point this shoe does it about as good as you can, and I’m seriously blown away that this shoe is only $ 129. You know? It’s a Horween leather, a leather insole, a patronage dual density rubber outsole. I’m completely blown away by the shoe.

These chaps truly killed it. So that pretty much wrappings it up. Um let me know what you guys thoughts. Did I miss anything in now? If you’ve got a pair of these already let me know what your experiences are with them.

If you’re buying a pair let me know which ones you get, and don’t forget to check them out in the link in the specific characteristics. And immense thanks to you guys for making this video possible, by blowing up all of Thursday’s social media and email and everything. And thanks Thursday for literally making this video happen on a Thursday night and affixing it on a Sunday morning. Um, it’s pretty cool this ended up happening. So thanks for everything you guys do.

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