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So we have concluded my watch collect, my collection of outerwear and today let’s see my shoe collecting. MY SHOE COLLECTION Actually, I should say that technically, this is not only my shoe collecting, because I’m too going to include boots. Many of you have asked to see this. I have numerous pairs of shoes, one of the advantages of He Spoke Style is that sometimes they refer me things, and that’s one for this very reason that my shoe collection is very high. Although I also buy a lot of my own shoes.


So I’m going to divide this video into categories, which I will index below in the specific characteristics, so you are eligible to prance if you want. The seek will be Oxford/ Tournament, Monk Straps, loafers, boots and finally sneakers.

Mints of shoes to go through, so let’s climb right in. The shoe I’ll start with is this one here. It’s from Cole Haan, it’s a black Oxford toe.

I have had these for a long time, probably about 15 or 20 times at the moment. They are undoubtedly terribly formal because they are black. I wear them principally with dark grey-haired or navy blue clothings The well classic Allen Edmonds yarns in walnut. You will see a lot of Allen Edmonds in my collecting. It has a toe cap, many beautiful broguing.

These were the first Allen Edmonds duets that I went. It was about seven years ago. They are terribly versatile. You can wear them with a clothing. Due to the color, they also run huge with jeans.


I have a narrow-minded foot and I like that Allen Edmonds, offers a variety of extents. This is Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue’s Oxford Toe. I imagine the hue is mahogany. Another certainly classic shoe, it has a bit of broaching, It establishes it a nice mode, it forms it a little less elegant. Another truly versatile shoe that I wear quite a bit.

Next we have Allen Edmonds McAllister, I have them in chocolate emblazon, which I no longer think is available, and also in black. It’s a wingtip Oxford, a lot of beautiful brouging.

Again, I use the chocolate pair quite often. These are the shoes that I like the most with a mode fur and heaves, unlike a clothing. Although, with the claim fabric, I think it would work with a clothing too.

Another classic, which is very versatile. Last duo of Allen Edmonds, in this category, I predict. These are announced Broadstreet.

They no longer do. It has a wing tip.

I haven’t applied them in a long time. I got them very early, when I started with He Spoke Style, I abused them in a couple of different announces, you can see on the website. My style has evolved over the years, and this is not really the type of shoe that fits my type of look from day to day.

But I keep them close induce you never know when I might Finding myself at a 1920 s or 1930 s themed occurrence. A duet of real workhorse shoes for me These are from Tod’s.

They are in a gloom chocolate-brown suede, toe detonator. These, as “youre seeing”, wear out a lot. It is a type of casual footwear that is really easy to design they gape astounding with jeans. And too very nice with a shell and gasps inspect. The following are one of the prettiest.

These are from Enzo Bonafe, they are derbies. Beautiful leather, rubber sole. I bought these when I was in Oslo, Norway, in a store called Skomaker Dagestad, delight correct my norwegian. They told me to visit this storage, And they were having a big sale when I was there and these were actually 50% off.

I have never dres such an expensive duo of shoes, And I can tell you that you can really feel the difference in a better quality of a shoe, at this degree. It’s hard to describe but you know it when you have it on your paw. Here’s another Oxford wingtip, this is from Johnston& Murphy, ox blood pigment, broguing, I have a rubber sole.

Like Allen Edmond’s fibers, these were one of the first pairs of shoes i got after starting He Spoke Style. It’s a versatile style, it’s a versatile hue, and they have been very well maintained.

Final duet in this category it’s these entire oxfords, by Paul Evans. Most pairs of shoes are made with numerou segments of leather, but entire trims are made from one article, which gives them a very clean, refined and beautiful seek. Moving on to the monk leashes, and the first duet here is from Allen Edmonds, They are announced Warwick. It is a monk strap style with a single fasten, Nice ox blood color. I don’t use them too often.

Honestly, they just get buried in my wardrobe. But looking at them now, it’s a very elegant profile, and it establishes me want to find more ways to design them.

The well Tommy Hilfiger Double Monk Straps, medium brown colour character, silver fasten, toe cover with a nice polish. I be recognized that the skin in these shoes it doesn’t feel super high quality. It is not exceedingly flexible.

I really like these shoes though. The shade makes them so versatile, and very easy to pair with many different types of clothings. Here’s a pair of gloom brown double friars from Paul Evans It’s the Burton model. Probably one of my most used pairs of shoes. They was simple and classic, The darker shade represents them easy to match with outfits.

I believed they examination very well dressed. You picture me wear this all the time on the path. So when it comes to my shoes, Robin ever says “Oh look, another duo of chocolate-brown shoes.” So, appear, another duet of dark-brown shoes. These are dark chocolate suede double friars from Suitsupply, I love these shoes, they are so pretty.

I love the shade simple toe cap, they have silver buckles, leather sole with a rubber place, and very comfortable to wear.

These are probably the wildest shoes I have. These are from Santoni, they are a doubled monk buckle, but then they have this kiltie look to them. It’s kinda cool, they’re kinda curiou, I get it. It is not the most versatile shoe in the world.

They are quite comfortable and certainly issued a statement, that’s sure as shooting. I don’t have a chance to use them so often, But when I do, watch out. Loafers, I got a lot of loafers. Given the choice between a lace-up shoe, and something that slips I generally go for the slip-on shoe, for one intellect or another.

I like loafers to occupy that infinite in between, between sumptuous and casual.

There’s like an element of symmetrical carelessnes with slouches that I really like. Maybe I’m just trying to justify why I have so many. But hey, the first duet here are these, from Allen Edmonds. These are announced The Grand Cayman. Another framework that they no longer make.

It is like an embossed crocodile leather, with a colt pike, rubber sole. These have been one of my pairs of loafers, in the summer, it lasts about eight years. Another duo that I’ve had for a very long time, these are a light brown suede penny loafers by To Boot New York. Found this on Saks Off 5th, or Neiman Marcus Last Call, I don’t remember accurately.

But what i remember is that they were very discounted.

At first they did not fit well, a little too big so actually I pointed up putting a template from a duo of my sneakers to these, and that absolutely did the maneuver. These slouches are from Carmina. I bought these when Robin and I we were on vacation in Barcelona. They are really beautiful shoes, High quality for the toll. I have a little regret here and that is definitely I should have gone up half a size I thought they would stretch a bit over time.

That did not happen. We’ll have to see if I can stretch them out professionally a bit. Here’s the Allen Edmonds Kenwood Penny Moccasin. Obviously super classic in every space. If you appear closely you will see that this is not annoying now, This is where our “cat-o-nine-tail” Linus, may he rest in peace, he ground on them a bit.

Also, these did not arrive in a channel, so i got a little pad on my tongue now to support their efforts to adjust a little better.

Moving on to some tassel slouches now. These are the Deerfield II from Johnston& Murphy. These are one of their most payment shoes, I don’t think they make this model anymore, Which is an unfortunate fact, because it’s a very, very nice moccasin. I wear these shoes a lot you read them all the time on the channel.

Between the colouring and the tassels, they fit my form very well, and they meld very easily with much of my wardrobe. Another discontinued pose I visualize, now by Allen Edmonds, this is Palm Beach. Some sizes left on the website, but the gathers are very scarce. It’s such a cool shoe I don’t know why they would suspend it. It has a woven leather here, as you can see, tassels.

This is another moccasin that I love to wear in summer He ever gets a lot of kudoes. Suede tassel slouches here, by Morjas, Made in Spain, and like Carmina shoes, These are an incredible value for the expenditure.

This duo is very versatile and has worked in any season. They are so beautiful with cloth breathes, they look great with cotton gasps, they look great with jeans. A more handsome pair of tassels here, these are allen edmonds graysons, I thumped the hammer on the size of these, and as a result, they are super comfortable to wear.

They are black, which means they are more stylish. I often wear them with darker dress. For me, they have a very elegant style and sophisticated quality for them. Here’s a pair of Tod’s, it’s a bit more elegant, Maybe a little more than most duets of shoes I have. There is a bit of sheen on the leather.

We did research projects with Tod’s, maybe like four years or so ago, and that’s when i got these. I use them quite a bit But I feel like my wording has changed since then And they don’t fit my style now But every now and then, I prepare an outfit with which they look perfect. Another duet of Tod’s, These are the Gommino driving loafers.

If you haven’t already, I made a full video on whether Tod’s Gomminos are worth it or not. I recommend seeing that if you are considering these shoes.

The link is right up there. There are things that I love about these shoes, and there are things that I detest Comfort, they are extremely comfy. Value for the cost, spoiler alarm, I didn’t think they were worth noting and I paid for this myself. Interesting pair here by GH Bass, It is a kiltie loafer but it also has a buckle. GH Bass, patently knows we their Weejun loafers.

I really like this shoe, I wear it a good deal, You’ve seen it on the canal before. They are very comfortable and have great vogue. Here’s a newer symbol suede loafers called Baudoin& Lange, it is their Sagan or Sagan model. It is in brown suede, it has a heel. It is a very comfortable shoe to wear, it is quite versatile I really like this particular pair in the summer.

I will say that if you are considering a couple of these for you, that would cut in half I made the width that was supposed to, but they have spread over time and they’re a little hard to keep up right now.

Next, we have a quartet of loafers from one of my favorite collects, and that’s Belgian Shoes, In New York. They have a few different styles, I have three pairs of Mr. Informals. And a duo from Henris.

Mr. Informals has a soft leather sole and end. I got a pair of pitch-black suede, a duo of dark-brown suede, and a pair of plaid coat tartan, that Robin got me for Christmas a couple of years ago. These shoes are very comfortable, they are super light, so stylish, yet so versatile. There’s nothing quite like a pair of Belgain Mr.

Casuals shoes. The other pair I have of Belgain Shoes are these, the Henri, in pitch-black patent leather. These are my formal shoes, I wear them with a tuxedo, I used them for my marry. They have a hard leather sole and end, what differentiates them from Mr.Casual.

You can get them with different submits, but this tie is the quintessential Belgian shoe style, And that’s why I like it. So now we have a pair of velvet slippers, These are from Stubbs and Wootton. They are called Scots, for obvious intellects. And then I have another pair of Stubbs and Wootton called The End. I wore them on New Years Eve, a perfect opportunity for that I like these types of velvet slippers.

as a nature to add some recreation and takes the stuffiness out of the more formal styles. They are excellent conversation pieces. They can say something about you and your personality. And just like Belgian shoes, they are very comfortable, In fact, I use them around the house. Now I know I said velvet slippers they are great for supplementing amusing to a formal look, but I have a boring pair in repeats of black velvet slippers.

These are from Del Toro, came that little ruby-red stripe on the heel, which is a brand signature. I have them for a long time a bit before coming pleasant “ve got something” a little more fun, with velvet slippers. Now with boots, and we start with Chelseas.

This duo is actually the first duet of the Chelsea boots I has received a total of. They are from Jack Erwin.

And you can see that they have surely been used, I came huge usage of these. The emblazon utters them awfully versatile. They look great with jeans. This is a pair of boots that I will miss very much, when they run out.

Alright, this duet is brand new, they are from Scarosso.

A little darker than the previous duo, so I feel like they are a bit more stylish. This is a pair that you could surely wear with a dres, as well as with jeans. I want to point out the leather sole, with non-slip rubber insert, really beautiful boots, that I designed a couple different ways recently, in the video of the boot. Check it out, with the link right up there. This duet is from Reiss, it is an interesting kind of gray, or stone-colored suede.

This is a pair that I have a little difficult to combine, but they are a really beautiful boot. Another pair of suede, these are from Grenson, in suede tobacco shade. Another immense informal boot from Chelsea that mixes is a good one with denim. I have been using them a lot recently. My firstly pair of Grensons and i’m really impressed with the firebrand, both from a quality and a fit point of view This pair is by Stacy Adams, pitch-black suede with some interesting details We have a little brogue, and the detail of the wingtip.

I like the differentiate now between twilight chocolate-brown and pitch-black. This is no longer the most versatile color, or the most versatile boot, but this is one that I’m happy to have as an option from time to time. Going from Chelseas to this boot right here. It’s from To Boot New York, in chocolate suede, and it’s a zippered boot. It has a rubber sole.

I have had these for a long time. Again this was a Saks Off 5th, or a acquire by Neiman Marcus.

The premium was unbeatable, and they were my size. And here we are. Another boot that are actually supplements class to jean.

These beautiful oxblood boots are from Bostonian, No. 16 Cap. This one, unfortunately, is no longer available. It is a beautiful boot, the skin is very, really beautiful, very flexible, they feel great on my hoof. Super comfy, very easy to combine, precisely a great pair of classic boots.

Speaking of pairs of classic boots, Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Dress Boot Now, I will admit that this pair has find better epoches. I’ve had these for a long time probably six or seven years.

And during that time, they have received tons of wear and tear, because they are incredible boots. I have them in chocolate shade, but it seems that that emblazon is no longer available. I have also rent the extraction invoice on the back.

So they can use a little TLC, but they are a of my all-time favorite duets of boots. Now is another new pair that you have seen recently, They are from Scarosso, a lace-up leather dress boot.

These are a little more elegant than the Daltons, but I quickly came to have the same affinity for them. They are very versatile They are a bit easier to wear with a suit, in my view, and they will wear a jean a little more than wingtip boots. But this is a extremely, very good pair of boots.

From elegant to more informal, “were having” these jodhpur boots, in olive suede from Coach. They have a thicker sole, very comfortable. They have a really interesting style , not one of my most shabby pairs of boots, but every now and then, they fit perfectly. Two duos of iconic Clarks suede desert boots. We have a chocolate brown color, and a sand color.

Really classic casual boot form, they have a crepe sole, very easy to wear with denim, and very easy to use. These are the Grenson Bobby Hiking boots, It’s more of a hiking form boot. I don’t know if I is actually get hiking with these, they are too cute. Leather is beautiful. We have the hiking style filigrees, and that classic thick white-hot sole, Which is extremely lightweight.

The entire boot itself is very light, which stimulates them very comfortable to use. Now they call these duck boots they are obviously a moccasin but I am putting them in the boot category, because they descend from the duck boot. You can deplore in the comments if you miss. I have had these for many, many years, from LLBean. They are my going shoes in bad weather, and they are perfect for that.

Now here is a pair of LLBean duck boots, They are the eight-inch version. There really isn’t much to say about these. They get the job done and remain my foot dehydrate. Here we are at the last stop, sneakers.

And the first duet we have here are from Common Projects.

They are the classics of low-spirited Achilles, kind of minimalist iconic sneakers. This is the third pair that I have owned, and you can see i haven’t squandered them that much yet. It’s like to purchase a new vehicle and trying to avoid that first ding. I tried a couple of lower priced options, And since I spoiled myself with a couple of these Long ago, the hundred dollar knockoffs they just don’t work for me. Here is a very similar sneaker from Koio.

These are the Capri Triple White. I made a style video with these , not too long ago. They are excellent, I was amazed with the quality. They have the same Margom sole on the Koios like they do in Common Projects.

The full comparison video is coming soon, Stay sung, we’re back to this.

This pair is by Suitsupply. It is in a delightful tan coloring. I like the comparison between the sole and the leather. These are like my daytime to era if I precisely need to run around sneakers. I use them a lot.

They are not the most comfortable, I have to say, they are not bad. Here’s a duet of dark-brown skin slippers. These are from M.Gemi. I think this is the Lucente.

But I couldn’t find the colour scheme on your website more, while I was putting together this video It has that Margom sole, the skin is a little stiff, but it is a very nice shoe.

Ultimately a round of clapping If you’ve made it this far, “were having” this duo, from Lanvin. It was a splurge early in my He Spoke Style vocation They are made of suede with a patent leather toe cap, Contrasting white sole. It’s not my daily sneaker, but once in a while, I make a mounted for which they are perfect. That is my shoe collection, my shoe collection.

I envisage I weighed 55 or 56 duos. I should not include my gym shoe or running shoes, but if you are strange, about the gym, I wear the Nike Free TR8 shoes.

And for flowing, I wear the Asics Gel Kayano 26. Leave your notes below. Like if you like this video.

Don’t forget to subscribe and ring the buzzer to be notified when we post a new video. Until next time, everyone, thanks for your attention, and stand accommodated. My shoe collection, I know person will blame me in the comments about it. But I mention it. Take one.

That’s good if I tilt it down like this. If you examine closely, you can see that this here is not annoying, this is where, okay. It has great style ..

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