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Converse all star black platform high top sneakersConverse all star black platform high top sneakers. The Chuck Taylor All Star is the most iconic sneaker in the world, recognized for its unmistakable silhouette, star-centered ankle patch and cultural authenticity. And like the best paradigms, it only gets better with time. For generations, these classic colors and quality, vulcanized rubber sole have defined an icon. Created for the court but adopted by rebels, rockers, rappers, artists, dreamers, thinkers and originals, the Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker continues to celebrate personal style and individual self-expression.

Universal shoe for Squat and Dead lift

I buy a new pair between 1.5-2 years. Only use them in the gym. For Squat and Dead lift they are a great shoe. nice hard rubber sole to provide a stable platform when weight is sitting on your back or you’re bent over a bar ready to pull weight from the floor. When the gym is filled with trendy Bro’s in designer foot wear you come prepared to move weight with the correct footwear. Real wear comes from the picky toe area with time. The pressure from pushing on the outside of the foot squatting tears a hole with time through the fabric and moves down into the rubber strip binding the fabric and sole. That’s when it’s time for new shoes for safety purpose. You don’t want 405+ pounds on your back only to have the side of the shoe blow out risking knee joints trying to compensate.

Converse all star black platform high top sneakersLong time converse wearer

This is probably my tenth or so pair of converse. My last pair was literally falling apart when I purchased these. The soul was falling off. Reminded of those 80s and 90s movies where the kids have their shoes duct taped together. Unfortunate I wear these to work sometimes (I work in finance) so nonduct tape allowed. So new pair :). Converse are always high quality, these have been as expected so far.

Converse all star black platform high top sneakersHey now, they’re All-Stars…

What can we say? They’re Chuck Taylor All-Stars – classic color of Navy High Tops. Shoes don’t get any better than this. These are the original version, not the new version with the supposed better arch support, but there is nothing wrong with the originals. We both grew up on them, and this pair was for our teenager. He loves them, which just goes to show teens ARE capable of good judgment – at least when it comes to shoes.

They run about half a size larger than other shoes, and I do wish they would come in half-sizes but they are still so awesome I won’t even dock a star for that. Even half size off they still fit without slipping or causing discomfort. These are just the best gall-durned shoes on the planet.

Converse all star black platform high top sneakersClassic All Stars!!!

As a kid, I wore Al Stars all the time. This was back in the 70’s and early 80’s. I have moved on to other brands and styles. After I found out that Nike purchased Chuck Taylors All Star lines, I said that I am not a fan. After years of wearing other brands and styles, I decided to give them a try. I am hoping that I won’t be disappointed. I will edit my review in six months.

Converse all star black platform high top sneakersAll star!

Love them! My husband had bought me the all black ones a few years back & they lasted me a long time until this year when the sole came off 😭 Planned on getting the all black ones again but instead went ahead and bought the classics. Was so excited when I received them ! I wear a 7.5 & that’s what I got and they fit perfect & so is the stitching and color ! Planning on getting more colors 🙂

Can’t go wrong with a pair of Chucks☆

Growing up that’s all we wore was Chuck Taylor All Stars! From 7th to 12th grade. My favorites were green and the gold. Canvas, no arch support and not water proof. But if you were cool you had a pair. If you feel the need to go old school get a pair (I’m 58) I still love them and you can’t throw a pair of Air Jordans in the wash machine! Keep an American icon alive

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