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These shoes are just awesome, just awesome. I wear Vibram’s all the time, however, they are hard for driving a stick shift. So I needed a replacement that were as comfortable as Vibram’s but more padding on the ball of the foot to drive a car with. Viola Troadlop!!! I am female and i bought the blue/green version. This pair is adorable. I have wider feet so any woman’s styles are to narrow. My foot measures 10 1/4 inches, I usually wear a 91/2 womans wide, or 10 medium width. I did read other reviews and noticed that the comments were that this shoe ran small, but not narrow. I took my chance and ordered the 9 mens. The fit was just right. The shoe gives one the minimalist feeling of Vibrams, but just a little more padding. The inner sole is just so comfortable. This is ow my go to shoe if I have to drive and shop. I love this shoe!!!

If I tell you that the biggest smartphone manufacturng company of India also manufactures shoes, Would you believe it? Yes, we are going to watch today one such Review of Men’s Sport Shoes 2 from Xiaomi Which was introduced by Xiaomi as a crowdfunding project 3-4 years ago. These shoes are from Mijia brand – a subsidiary of Xiaomi Mijia means ‘Mi Home’, the brand which mainly focuses on household products. Let’s start today’s review. Namaskar and welcome to GauraJa reviews Today we are going to see review of Xiaomi’s Mi Men’s sport shoes 2 First we’ll see its unboxing Then we’ll check its features, At last we’ll see my real life experience (of these shoes) Unboxing experience wasn’t so special. I received thse in such simple corrugated brown colour box. I have purchased these from Flipkart, you can also purchase them on Xiaomi’s official website It’s MRP is Rs.

3,999. But i never saw it with this price tag It’s always available at discounted price of Rs. 2,999. I have also purchased them at Rs. 2,999 These shoes are marketed as dark grey colour on the website. But these dont appear dark grey at all. The only difference between dark grey and black variant is that Black variant also has its shoe sole black in colour But the same is white in colour for Dark Grey variant. This is the second pair shoes which I purchased (same variant) First pair was for myself whereas I purchased this pair for my dad. I am telling you this becaue I abslutely loved these shoes. The technology povided to ensure your comfort is absolutely amazing. and the price point at which you gt all this tech and comfort is even more amazing! Let’s talk about its features and technology one by one The first thin that you u notice while wearing these shoes is that its entrance, whose frontal section is called tongue while side section is called collar, is provided as an elastiated band.

It’s not made of any stiff material like other shoes due to which this elastic nicely hugs your feet and gives a comfortable feel. It also reduces chances of shoe bite and due to absence of cushion inside, The issue of torn cushion inside, is not relevant for these shoes. Its another feature is this fishbone structure. It’s calle as fishobone structure because It looks like fish bones when seen from above. You can see the snapshot of this structure in the inset (taken from company website). This fishbone structure is present on the both side of the shoe in set of 5 ribs on each side. As you can see, these ribs start at the bottom of the heel and go on till the upper front part of the foot which gives a very good support to the foot and these ribs start at from the back of the shoe till the middle of it which highly reduce the chances of spraining your feet.

(it keeps them straight/stable) Its another feature is that the loop given at the back has this reflective stip similarly, its shoe lace also has reflective elements due to whichi shines at night when any light falls on it. it improves your visibility drastically at night while walking/jogging. Shoe sole is made of 5 layers. First one is this black one – synthetic rubber layer.

as it is made of synthetic rubber, its grip on both wet and dry surfaces is very good. After it is this white coloured midsole. Then comes this white midsole, Which gives your feet a very good cushioning This is nice 1-inch cushion, which makes your feet feel properly comforted. Then comes this black balancing patch which balances the midsole. This patch is made of a strong material called TPU, which gives this shoe good strength Below that sits this orange coloured cushion layer and this 5th layer on the inside is insole which is made of Polyurethane Foam. The fabication quality of this shoe is very commendable. Many times you must have noticed that the joint between shoe sole and shoe body has traces of pasting material. These glue stains could be seen at several spots.

But this shoe (pair) has no such glue stains, a very seamless joint is given here. Xiaomi calls it uni-molding technology, and its quality results can be clearly seen here. Shoe body is made of such perforated fabric. Which gives a very good ventilation to your feet. leaving your feet sweat-free or lesser sweaty. This fabric has elastic properties, due to which it takes shape of your feet easily, hugging your feet properly, leaving your feet comfortable while running. This is pretty strong fabric, and one more advantage of it being made of fabric is that even if you directly wash in washing machine, it’ll not deform like normal cushioned shoes, and keep its original shape.

A stiff support is given at the back, starting from heel till top of foot, and this support is forward slanted. Due to which this shoe does not come out easily and maintains your confidence while running. Overall my verdict is that you can definitely purchase this shoe. Its cushioning and comfort are really very good, and at the price 2,999 Its quality is impeccable, very good. If you want to restart jogging routine post lockdown, then these shoes are for you. Do like and share this video if you liked it. THANK YOU!!!.

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