Steel Toe Work Boots for Men

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Steel Toe Work Boots for Men

Steel Toe Work Boots for Men

EVER BOOTS”Tank” Men’s Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots Construction Rubber Sole

Luxurious and Gritty

Lace up, buckle down, and get stuff done with your Tank work boots for men and women. Enjoy the superior comfort and durability of your flexible nubuck leather boots; they’re a great choice for leisurely walks or construction. If you need even more tough protection with a great fit and feel, check out our full line of soft toe, steel toe, and waterproof boots for men and women.

Customer reviews

I like boots. Sometimes I wear boots when I don't need to. Like if I'm going to the grocery store. But I feel like if I throw my carhartt jacket on then nikes just won't cut it. I think of it like a woman and her purse(s): Yes she can use that same old everyday purse but if she is wearing something nice then she wants to carry a nice purse. See where I'm going? So I needed some boots. I looked at all the top brands and had essentially resigned myself to the fact that I was going to get a pair of Irish Setters but the price just left me slightly ill. I could afford them yeah but like I explain to my 11 year old son and his desire for $200+ jordans: "you might as well take hundred dollar bills, tape them to the bottom of your feet, and then walk around". Perspective, we all need it from time to time. Then one day I hopped on my amazon app and lo and behold there were boots on the home page (Big brother was obviously listening because I hadn't searched for them). I perused a few sets but the last thing I wanted to do was buy cheap boots. I mean I can go to walmart and buy $50 boots if I wanted cheap boots. I came upon the ever boots and started reading reviews. I read so many reviews you would have thought I was doing research on the location of the Ark of the Covenant. I was convinced. These cheap boots were worth the risk but I still had anxiety. Would they fit? What if they weren't what they seemed? If they are bad how can I justify my purchase to my wife? I could have bought her another purse after all. But let me tell you. They are worth it. I received the boots today and HOLY COW am I impressed. They fit well, albeit slightly large. I wear a 10.5 and could probably have gone with a 10. But as a guy I like things to be roomy in certain areas, amirite? So no complaints there. The fit and finish seems far beyond any cheap walmart boots and much more comfortable. I can't speak to the long term durability but lets face it, you want to buy these today...and so did I. For $58 I'm willing to risk the long term durability but judging from the review I don't think there's too much to worry about in that department. So fear not men. Buy these cheap boots and then laugh at your buddies who spent a couple hundred on their wolverines. Then go and buy your wife another purse with the money you saved.
Really feet say thanks! As a tradesperson who stands all day long, it is imperative that I have heavy duty footwear-not only for comfort, but for safety as well. Since I had to take my crusty trusty regular boots to be resoled, I needed another pair STAT. Enter Everboot. When I saw the price of these,I figured they were some cheap plastic poseur footwear-but then I read the reviews. Holy crap! Could these actually be decent, well priced boots? What did I have to lose? Two days later, there they were, in all their booty glory. I tried them on after work, when my feet are in their swollen, angriest state. Did I mention I have bunions the size of Montana? Yeah, big, painful, knobby bunions from hell. So, I popped these babies on and took them on a test run. NO PAIN. They're stiff, as is to be expected, but not TOO stiff. The toe box is nice and wide and flexes well right out of the box. AND THEY HAVE A DECENT INSOLE. That's right, no flimsy crappy liner, they come with a real insole. Anywaaay, I wore them to work today. They were comfortable all day, and they aren't heavy, so your legs and ankles aren't fatigued at the end of the day. If you need a decent pair of boots for work, try these. I always use extra insoles because I'm old and my feet are shot, but the ones that come with the boots seem adequate. These also seem to fit true to size.
pip the baker
Great Boots and Excellent Customer Service I ordered these boots for my 20 year old nephew. He LOVED them!! He thought they were very comfortable and wore them all day long and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were. The second time he wore them he was lacing them up and when he pulled the laces snugly to tighten them and one of the hooks came out of the boot. He needed to wear them to work so he just skipped that hook and continued to lace them up with the other eyelets and hooks. I felt the hook should not have come out so easily so I contacted Ever Boots. After e-mailing and sharing a couple pictures of the boot they offered to ship me a new pair (and keep the old boots) OR keep the boots and offered me a full refund. I was VERY pleased with their offer to correct the problem. I understand errors can happen during production but I was EXTREMELY pleased with the excellent customer service. I would buy from Ever Boots again!

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