Post Surgery Ankle Fusion Boot

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Post Surgery Ankle Fusion Boot. An ankle arthrodesis procedure fuses the ankle bones into one bone to eliminate joint motion and reduce pain. If the fusion looks good, you will be placed in a removable cast boot.

Post Surgery Ankle Fusion Boot

Angie Kay Dilmore: Recovering from Foot Surgery — 4 days … (Elmer Cunningham)

A CAM boot supports the foot and ankle and provides protection after surgery. The ankle joint is also called the tibiotalar joint. At the second follow-up visit, new x-ray films taken.

The ankle joint is also called the tibiotalar joint.

The surgery is usually done to treat arthritis in the ankle.



Ankle Fusion Boot

ankle fusion walking boot



boot after ankle fusion surgery

ankle fusion bootsboots after ankle fusion





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Post Surgery Ankle Fusion Boot

The most immediate source of pain following surgery is the acute pain that develops when nerve tissue is cut during the incision and dissection process required to get to the tissue that needs to be repaired. I can’t have any other surgery as they’ve said the gap in the joint is so minuscule they cant get in there. You may have your splint removed and replaced with a boot or a cast a couple of weeks after your surgery.

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