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Hi everyone Kevin now from golf guy the examinations and in today’s video I’m gonna, go through a full review of the Mizuno Wave cadence golf shoes. Now this is the brand new design for 2020 and it currently retails in the UK for around a hundred and forty pounds on the Mizuno website. Although I have appreciated it on other retailers for around a hundred and twenty pounds in a moment. So in the video today, I’m going to go through all the details of the show, let you know what I think in regards to their searches and the technical characteristics. I’M then going to tell you what they actually feel like on hoof and how comfortable they are.

As well as then go through, most importantly, how they play out on the golf course, so I really hope you experience this video today stumbled that like button. If you do – and it’s rush straight in now, it’s pretty clear exactly from looking at the shoe that Mizuno have gone for a jaunty kind of design and seem of the prove. Mizuno have got incredible pedigree when it comes to their running shoes and they’ve actually expended some of that technology from their cadence running shoes and applied them in this dog shoe as well. So we’ll envelop that off in a little. But I would say that this is a very, extremely stylish gaping shoe.


Mizuno I’ve tried to make it as lightweight as possible as well and generally this kind of feels like a running shoe. I genuinely considered that I could probably go out and flow 10 k in the demo and not have any problem at all in regards to the fit of the shoe. Yes, it might study a little bit heavier and it will have a little bit more stiffness in the picture compared against a regular range testify. But that’s because this show has to make sure that it can perform out on the golf course as well. So we’ll coating that off a bit later in the video in regards to actually how it feels to play golf in these appearances, but first of all, you’ve got to say that this pretty much looks like a guiding show.


Mizuno have incorporated a few different substances in this shoe to make it up in matters relating to all with different elements, and, first of all, you’ve got this curry apart material liberty, the course around the hole of the outsole truly and information materials is lightweight. So that’s one of the reasons why Mizuno are using it and it’s breathable as well, and it offers really really good waterproof capabilities as well. So Mizuno are offering two years waterproof guarantee with these shoes which, for a shoe, which has you are familiar with some textile fabric to it as well. That’S really impressive and I’m gonna come onto the water proof in a bit, because I actually did quite a thorough assessment. These substantiates now you can see here as I support it up to the camera as well.


You’Ve likewise got this textile cloth, so you’ve got it around the ankle now and you can see it’s made up on the tongue, and actually it goes right into the shoe. As well and that’s because Mizuno are using a kind of one-piece bootie construction for the shoe, there is plenty of padding on the heel and ankle, and actually the tongue is really padded as well. You can see here, that’s quite a thick tongue, but you know it’s not rigid at all. It’S just nicely made up of soft cushion, and so that is really really impressive, because the comfort is show. Preferably, the box is really really great.


I haven’t had any problems in regards to blisterin or anything like that, and more it’s just really really nice and comfortable now Mizuno, present five different colorways in this show I’ve gotten here in this white, blue-blooded and red edition and what I would say in regards to The vogue is that is actually fairly understated. Actually, so you know if you compare it against probably its nearest opponent, which is the Adidas code chaos. You can see here that this is definitely a bit more of a forceful kind of standout form. The shoe, whereas this just just looking more like a running shoe, you know you could wear this out and about and everyone, I thoughts, would think that it’s a running shoe. They wouldn’t consequently think that it’s a golf shoe really interesting as well is in regards to the upper materials.


You can see that they’re, actually quite similar between the two they’ve, both get this kind of rippled result going on with their upper materials. I certainly hope you enjoyed this video today, so if you aren’t make sure you hit that like button and if you haven’t done so previously, satisfy make sure you subscribe to my path, so you can keep up to date on all the latest reviews of golf shoes, Clothing and tech right here on golf automobile remembers now, given that the Mizuno’s are currently retailing on their website for a hundred and forty pounds, that is putting them in direct challenger with the Adidas codechaos, which not only kind of have a bit of a similar watch. But obviously the code. Chaos is kind of more forceful in its sound, but this actually retails for a hundred and thirty pounds at the moment on the Adidas website and likewise the wife meter is kept itself in the direct firing line of the behemoth. That is the FootJoy Pro SL again, these retail at the moment on the foot to our website for a hundred and fifty pounds.


So you know unusually, very close price stages between all three of these shows so effectively. You say that Mizuno are aiming to provide a payment, spikeless golf shoe now, so have they actually managed to pull it off? Well, I think they probably has already been first of all in regards to how these feel on paw I kind of mentioned earlier, but they are incredibly comfy that bootie interpretation truly kind of nicely grips your paw, but it’s not too tight, but it’s just nice and soft One thing to kind of bear in mind in regards to wearing these pictures is that you can see here. You’Ve got the heel tab on the rear, and you probably are gonna need that in regards to putting these on because the tongue, it doesn’t really come away or is removed from the shoe. It can be a little bit tricky to get on with, extremely if you’ve got a wider paw me personally, I’m a UK 9 and these fit genuine to size, but is quite skinny foot that I’ve got so I don’t have too much difficulty, precisely kind of slipping.


My foot in there, but I still need to use the pool tab as well, but once you get these shoes on, they are incredibly pleasant. I haven’t had any swelling whatsoever in regards to the feel underfoot, then. Actually, these aren’t quite as soft as the eddied s. First technology that you go into the code, chaos presents, but you know nothing certainly feels like Adidas Boost, so someone’s a bit of an unfair analogy, but these still plenty soft in their own, and you know I’m nice and cozy. As I say, if you’re looking for the softest feeling spikeless shoes, then these these shoes aren’t gonna, be it, but they are plenty soft fairly for the prodigious vast majority of people – and you know they serve me really really well and when neat and pleasant in Regards to how these fit on the hoof, as I mentioned these fit me true to size, I’m a UK 9 and they fit my paw perfectly.


There’S not the most amount of apartment in these shoe. So if you’ve got especially wide hoofs and you don’t like the feeling of being various kinds of up close to the sides of the walls of the shoes, then maybe you might need to consider another depict, because I don’t believe these currently having wide fit alternative. But for me personally I relatively like that feeling I don’t like the feeling of my hoof kind of rattling around on the inside, and so personally these fit me really really nice. So nice they just fit like a pair of passing instructors. So I really kind of enjoy that feeling and makes it neat and comfy out and of course I did compare them immediately against the code.


Chaos and actually these do have a little bit more room compared to the code. Chaos now Mizuno are saying that these are a lightweight golf shoe, so I considered I’d protrude them on the scales and you can see here that they weighed in at 364 grams now to give you a frame of reference in a likenes. I also weighed the Eddie desk code chaos. They are now in slightly heavier at 370 grams and I also weighed the hoof brace pro SL, which are now in at 388, the heaviest of the three so with the Mizuno’s. You know they are the lightest weight appearances of that.


Little kind of bracket there, one of the things I wanted to highlight with the shoes, is actually their raincoat qualities. Now, as I mentioned, Mizuno are giving you a two-year waterproof guarantee, and I played with these in the torrent, and you know they didn’t let in any ocean whatsoever, so they act really well. But I’ve already wanted to give them a bit more of a test because you can see here on this tongue area that you’ve got this textile textile on the tongue. It’S just one of the purposes of that bootie building underneath so you know you can kind of expect the current material to be nice and waterproof. There’S no kind of punctures in there or anything like that at all, and you can expect it to be a good seal.


They didn’t let any irrigate in out on the course, but I genuinely wanted to test what this bootie was like, because I thought it was gonna just let in loads of water. So you can see here that I went out in the garden and I’ve got a container and I moved 300 millimetres of liquid over the chute and certainly focusing on that tongue area. And you can see here that was really impressed. They didn’t let any sea in whatsoever. My feet remained absolutely bone-dry.


Now, when I’ve done this research with other golf shoes, including the Adidas codechaos, they cause the water in on the tongue domain the tongue on those shoes is not waterproof. So if you get caught in a heavy downpour in them, they’re gonna allow in some liquid, but if you get caught in a ponderous downpour in the Mizuno’s they’re , not gonna, allow in any spray whatsoever. Now, let’s move on to the really important trash now and that’s how these accomplish out on the course what they actually like as golf evidences, because it’s all very well and good having a shoe that kind of inspects, cool and looks a lot like a leading coach. But you want it to perform like a golf establish, and I is to be able to say actually that it really did play like a golf register. So in regards to the stability of the shoe.


You’ve got an internal heel counter here at the rear and that kind of restrained. My foot, nice and locked in in the back, so I didn’t have any kind of slippage topics on the inside of the picture and actually in regards to the stability of the shoe on the outside. My foot wasn’t shedding over the midsole of the shoe and the actual core a material on the outside renders a nice extent of stability. You are truly see here if I hold up to the camera, that you’ve got a kind of respectable quantity of thickness for the material there’s a fair bit of stiffness to it as well, certainly on the lateral and the medial size, which means that it gives you A nice quantity of stability are these going to be the most stable golf shoes that you can possibly find on world markets? No , no, of course, they’re , not because they’re not trying to be there.


You have to have an element of settlement. If you require a lightweight sporty shoe, you have to accept that there will be a little bit of flexibility in the two sides of the shoe you just can’t have faults, but for the massive vast majority of people out there, including myself, you’re gonna, have no problems Whatsoever in regards to the stability of this display, it’s really quite impressive – that it could have this jaunty sound, but still be nice and stable. Another component, as well as helping with the stability is the midsole, so you’ve got the compounding here of the Mizuno foam, but you’ve got this Mizuno beckon engineering here. So you can see it’s this plastic dish which runs from the centre of the hoof here. So you can see it exposed in the middle of the underneath of the see, and it runs right through the centre of the sud here in the hill and again, Mizuno have been using that technology for several years now in their control, shows and is designed in There to really give you a good amount of stability, made to ensure that the show isn’t too soft.


I suppose, because there’s a combination of if it’s too soft, it’s not going to give you the amount of stability you need and also catering a really good amount of energy return. Now, that’s something I wanted to talk about with these shows because, as I mentioned, they’re , not the softest golf shoes out on the market doesn’t mean that awkward, I’m just saying that they’re not the softest, but because of the way that they kind of modulation. When you walk out on the course, you have a real good kind of spring. In your gradation, as I said, I felt I could go running in these evidences which meant that at the end of 18 loopholes, I still was almost like. I had plenty of energy and my feet didn’t feel tired, so they only neat and comfy and I suppose I’ve got to position that down.


So that practice, technology in the prove and exactly the room that the gutter is structured. It merely feels that it really only kind of to push you on and drive you on when you’re out move on the coast in regards to the grip of the shoe and Mizuno are using their x10 carbon rubber. So Mizuno say this is a really sturdy rubber fabric which is going to give you batch of grasp. I’Ve used it several times out on the course, and I don’t see that breaking down at all and I’ve been really impressed with the actual relay out of the traction structure of the indicate. It’S giving me plenty of grip.


I’Ve not worried about slipping in this show at all whatsoever. If I was gonna be using this out in the wettest of wet status. Personally, I’d still go for a Speights golf show. I just think you’re gonna get better traction from a spike in really really wet positions. But if you’re gonna be playing in nice and dry maladies, or if it’s a bit gooey on the flooring or even if it’s just raining a gala chip, then these are gonna perform absolutely fine.


They’Re gonna be waterproof, but you’re gonna get a decent amount of traction from the bottom of these shoes as well. One thing I would say about the feeling of playing golf in these shoes is that, ultimately, these do feel more. Like a pair of running shoes than they do a duo of traditional golf shoes , now, there’s not a problem, it’s just something that I wanted to highlight in case. You really like the feeling of having perhaps a slightly wider cornerstone and feeling maybe a little bit flatter and connected to the ground if you compare them against the pro, so you can see here if you hold up the two tushes of the substantiates, you can see That the Paracel has definitely got a kind of cabled out praise footprint compared to the wave so yeah, that’s just something to be considerate of for me. Personally, I didn’t find that an issue I actually certainly experienced playing golf in these.


They felt really nice and pleasant and felt neat and jaunty. If I compare them to the code, chaos and hold the two of them there, “youre seeing” actually that there’s not much inconsistency in regards to the width and the pattern of the shoes there. So you know the code, chaos of going all the commendations in regards to being some of the best spotless sculptures out there in the market. I fantasize the Mizuno Wave cadence deserves to be up there and mentioned as well. Overall, I fantasize Mizuno have done a great job with the billow cadence golf establish, I’m really not the lane that it feels.


I like the highway that it looks, and I like the value they it play-act. My only fret is is that it’s gonna go under the radar somewhat everyone’s talking about the code, chaos. Everyone knows about the Paracel. This is definitely worth beings checking out. If you think that you’re looking for a lightweight stylish kind of golf shoe can definitely be worn on and off the course as well, and this going to provide you plenty of traction and batch of friction 140 pounds at the moment in the UK, that’s priced reasonably High in my view, and could kind of picking, maybe bent in the demo a little and but obviously keep an eye out, because I’ve got a feeling, you might be able to pick this out cheaper as the months go by, but generally overall, I’ve been really Actually affected with the Mizuno Wave Kayden’s, let me know down in the comments.


Would you think of the shoe? Do you like the examination of it and do you think this is something that you’d want to try out? I certainly hope you enjoy the video today so make sure you hit that like button, if you did and make sure you subscribe to my direct, so you can keep up to date on all my recent reviews of golf shoes, clothing and tech right here on golf Guy inspects



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