Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather Sandals

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Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather SandalsBirkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather Sandals

Narrow works for wide for these adjustable Birkes

If you’re an in-between size, maybe this will help. I wear 7.5 size shoes, and I own many pairs of regular Birkenstock sandals that are 38 medium/wide (the outlined footprint on the cork). However, I buy size 39 Birkenstock hiking boots. For Crocs I purchase size 8. After searching a bit, I realized that there are no WIDE size 38 or 39 for these sandals, and one reviewer incorrectly said that these are not adjustable. I purchased size 38, and though these are called narrow, they are very comfortable for my wide feet. I did not need to adjust the buckles, but I could if desired. I’m very happy with my purchase!

Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather SandalsSurvived the Camino de Santiago

These sandals have given me outstanding service. I bought them to use off-trail while walking the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile pilgrimage starting in France and ending on the West coast of Spain. Lots of loose gravel and rock paths, lots of climbing hills and the inevitable descents. Add pavement, cobblestones and fine dusty trails as well. About two weeks into the 5 week walk my top-rated $160 hiking shoes wore the skin off the tops and sides of my feet so I wore these sandals to get relief one afternoon. I did wear 2 pairs of socks (thin and thick) as I did for the hiking shoes. I never put on the hiking shoes again. I got no blisters or other problems and at the end of each day I dusted them off and wore them around towns and cities.

I did feel larger rocks on the bottoms of my feet and made some effort to avoid them, but honestly I felt them in the hiking shoes as well.

I continued to wear them in Paris and Istanbul on the final legs of my trip and will be buying another pair as these are beginning to show some wear.

Note that I DID NOT get a discount or anything for writing this review.

Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather SandalsBirkenCrocs!?!

I’m sure I am not the first to put this together, but these are almost like a perfect marriage of the 2 shoe companies who specialize in super- supreme comfort for feet, fashion be damned! (I think they look good, but whatever).

I have always been reluctant to spend the $100 + to have authentic Birkenstocks, and remember enjoying some knockoff brand sandals in the 90’s. Well, these here let you try out Birkenstock engineering and comfort for a small percentage of the price. I have since then purchased some Birkenstock clogs, but this is my first day with them, so I will review those later.

These are very comfortable, and I think the black ones look enough like leather to fool most. But the comfort!!!! I went to the park with my wife and walked several miles over various terrain, and my feet felt great. Likewise, I have worn them to work on casual day, and they stand up to all day wear as well. I also took them to the pool with no worries!

Bottom line, if you’ve ever wanted to try a pair of Birkenstocks, this is an inexpensive way to experience the brilliance that has kept this company in business for over 2 centuries. They are also super light weight, and don’t seem to harbor foot odor. (Not that I have any of that, of course).

Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather SandalsJust don’t wear them with socks, please…!

I’m writing a review as I replace mine from about two years ago. Yeah, these are great sandals! Like others have mentioned, think BirkenCrocs!

Just like traditional sandals, expect to break them in a bit. They do become a bit more supple and soft with time.

For the comments about the looks… You do see what you are buying, right? These are a rubbery foam-like sandal. But they are molded to look exactly like standard Arizonas.

Sizing, as others mentioned, do not order up, perhaps even a euro size down. I typically wear a 44 in Euros. Even my standard Arizonas are a 44, but the next pair I’m ordering will be a 43.

To the comments about the split at the toe and strap… Yeah, I’ve got that too. But it’s because of the slight mis-sizing. The toe of the sandal would catch sometimes and fold over as you step. You come down, and split. But in the year and a half that it’s been split, it never tore away.

These have not deteriorated in any other way, even when I left them on my balcony for a few months, the environmental buildup on them just scrubbed away.

The sole has lasted and had not worn down much. That was something I was concerned with at first, but they hold up!

They are so light weight, it’s easy to forget you are wearing any footwear at all. And because they are sandals and not flip flops, your foot moves more naturally. The combination makes for a very comfortable experience!

Just don’t wear them with socks, please!

Don’t mind my dirty feet in the pictures.. Just got back from a pressure washing job while wearing these…

Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather SandalsAn excellent choice!

I have owned several pairs of the classic Arizona and when I saw these I knew I wanted to give them a try. If you have had classic birks you understand how awful it is when they get wet. I’m working seasonally in Alaska this summer and needed something that is okay with the moisture up here. I’ve had these for about a month now and I love them. The EVA foam is actually softer and more comfortable than the cork in my opinion and they are perfect when wet. They weigh nothing. So lightweight and easy. Plus they have all of the looks of the Birkies you love so much. Half the price too. Can’t beat it!

Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather SandalsAwesome shoes for awesome price

I don’t normally write reviews but with all of the mixed reviews on this product I wanted to make sure I did! I absolutely love these!! They are so comfy and cute! Definitely seem like they run true to size. Couple weeks in wearing them non stop every day and still absolutely loving them!!


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