Barefoot Shoes For Work

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Barefoot Shoes For Work

Barefoot Shoes For Work

WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer | Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe | Zero Drop Sole | Wide Toe Box

*Removable sockliner (insole) if you want a “more barefoot” feeling.

Go Barefoot!

We were walking barefoot for 4 million years, then for a few hundred years in strange things called “shoes.” Now we are returning back to our roots and Mother Nature’s perfect design!

Customer reviews

If you guys want some shoes for running or obstacle races, These are for you! I am so impressed. I usually run in vibram shoes but they cost 80+ I figured for 30 bucks I'll give them a try. Not only did these shoes hold up to 8 miles of sloppy mud and gravel but they did so comfortably. My brother and I put these bad boys to the ultimate test and pushed them beyond what I expected them to handle. Yet they held strong. When it was all said and done my feet were barely sore. As a matter of fact the next day I put on my tennis shoes and wanted to change back into these immediately! Where most shoes would have slipped they held firm. We climbed steep slopes packed and muddied by over 2000 runners before us yet went with ease (other than being out of shape). Last but not least they clean up so well. The picture of them on carpet were taken after the race after a hose down and almost no rubbing. For real I can't say enough good things about this shoe!
Jesse s*****
I have two pairs of these shoes. I have the ones with the velcro strap and these that lace up.. The velcro stapped ones run a bit small as I wear a size 10.5 shoe, the strap version I wear a size 10. So I ordered a size 10 in the lace up version and they run a bit big as you can see in the pic. They are perfect with the removable liner and as expected a bit bigger without it. Great traction on foothill trails in NM and great room for your toes.. I would recommend these shoes and will see how much wear I can get out of them. Bottom line, I was impressed with my first pair which I still have that I purchased a second. The lace up version is a bit better as you can tighten them up vs the velcro ones. I hope this helps.
I’m in love with these and have many pair because I never want to be without. Your toes can spread WAY out so you can grip rocks and uneven or slippery terrain. They are the next best thing to barefoot. They are SO comfortable and fit wide feet. They are great for scampering around on a variety of surfaces and the soles are very grippy. They hug your feet like a glove, but give as your foot needs to move or spread. I love the elastic laces with the Velcro to fasten them out of the way so they don’t trip you up. The strap over the top is an added bonus. These shoes make you want to hike!

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