Air Jordan 1 Shadow 2.0

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Today we got a detailed look on these bad boys right here. This is the air jordan 1retro high og in the pall 2.0 colorway now before we get started.

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om, where you can read more about it and with that being said man this was an roughly og colorway, all right so. What i necessitate by that is this is like my most worn pair of aura. Jordan ones these and my, i think it’s like my color and reds the band, whatever parties call them nowadays, but we just call them black and red back in the day they are my most worn pair this one specifically it’s just because it’s such a easy, colorway to wear with damn near anything. You can put on any outfit in this look good with it. I guarantee it now.

These came out way back in the day 1985 and. This almost came out too, and i don’t know if it was it that they almost came out. Likewise or that they roughly came out instead of because this was a scrap colorway that i think is really interesting. So thanks to instagram user soul of fame 2 3, some likeness recently sounded up. Online and they are of these shoes, they’re, actually place by side with these two, which is really cool to see so.

There was some promo tests back in the 80 son these people right here and again they are only never released. I don’t know why there was plenty of air jordan 1 emblazon ways to release like there was like a ton of them like there’s a lot of sneaker color waist that freeing nowadays and in the 80 s that was like insane that this shoe got as countless colorways as it did, because That was almost unheard of but. Basically, we have a kind of you know: ensemble or black and red colour bar with the original and then. We have a threw chicago style with this one minus, the grey. They actually did not do a full on chicago where it was a white and gray shoe, or gray and white.

Depending on how you look at it and said, it was just a straight up turned, but in that chicago style color blocking. So you still have all of the pitch-black there with all the shadow gray and same ou tsoles and all that stuff, the one thing that differed with the retail pair and. The original test is actually the lining the interior stringing is somewhat different and. I don’t think that this gazes bad whatsoever will, that original fib be told by the brand honestly. I disbelieved it.

I glanced up the description or whatever on sneakers and nonsense, there was zero mention of this being a scrapped colorway. I do remember when the original remastered planned i can’t even remember what year it was, but when the original remastered curriculum punch, they were doing a lot of advertisement on it being remastered and things like that, and there was one pair of breath jordan. 5′ Swhich are now known as the pre-grapes and it was a pair that would have released instead, of the actual grapes had that colorway been approved instead of the white locate colorway, i really think that. They should have done something like that now with the storytelling. I think it would have hit a little bit better especially with some og brains that might not know however a lot of og honchoes probably previously knew that this was an alternate colorway that never released because original breath jordan fans are barbarians and we, time deep dive into like nobody’s business now.

As far as tech specs are concerned, we got the greatest traction of all time and yes, you can, add the kopi nine. You can add the jordan 2 8. You can add the penny five. I know that’s a surprising one, but it’s a good one. Nonetheless, they still did it like, probably the very best back in the 8 0s and moving on up.

We have a rubber cup. Sole inside of that is a pu wedge. I thought it was eva for years because that’s how they would market it as but as i recently found out in a video that’s coming up soon, it’s actually a pu wedge in there. Now nowadays is it eva, possibly i don’t know if such is pu or eva, but the originals were pu. These ones could be eva, nonetheless, there’s an aura sole division wedged inside of that wedge.

And that is wedged inside of this rubber goblet, sole so you’re not going to feel the thing, but it’s cool that it’s in there and then the upper is probably the most interesting part because i don’t think the original was quite like this, the originals from. What i could tell in likeness were leather on leather. This one is actually nubuck on skin andi. Don’T considered that either one is bad. I really like nubuck, so i’m cool with this.

The thing, though is that i want to know what you guys belief do you think that they should have liberated them exactly the style that they originally intended or are you cool with the mix up, because you never knew that that past pair existed in the first place now as far as the Textile disappear i’m kind of surprised, with the overall container here , not because of the nu buck the nu buck is soft as expected. It’S a neat thicker cut, but it’s the underlay material that i’m quite surprised they’ve been cheaping out on this stufff or a bit while now – and this is actually not super nice, but it’s nicer than it has been they also come with an additional pair of filigrees and that behavior. You can constitute them ogle a little bit closer to the original divulged idols i do like them best with the pitch-black filigrees, though i will say now as far as sizing is concerned. They do fit true to length. They will be available locally here in the sacramento and elk grove neighbourhood over at phenom.

So if you are in the area make sure that you follow the mon social media instagram exclusively turn on your post notifications, because that’s when they announce, when they’ll start acquiring raffle tickets or you can go in store and enroll to hopefully, be able to win a chance to buy a pair is that How that works on instagram? I turn off all my notifications on there, but you can be like hey when this person affixes – let me know yes, ohi thought it was just for when people comment on your own stuff. I didn’t really that’s a different that’s, a different notification. Okay so yeah, when you turn that determining off on your telephone, you are removing that setting which i’ve removed yeah, which is why i can’t actually enable pole notifications yeah so. Sometimes i see things a little late and i mean it is what it is, but i don’t like my phone pinging me every two seconds yeah, so exactly no call in dark side in this.

None of that stuff what. It’S a justice conference, deep trimmed lover, okay but anyways with that said today , thank you so much for watching. Thanks for all the support make sure that you check the links down below in the description box it’ll head you over to soul savvy. We can read all about what it means to be a soul, savvy member it’s, very warm in here it is sweating bullets and, with that being said, wipe your brow see you tomorrow. Is that it man these are dope.

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