Running Shoes Versus Athletic Shoes

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Running Shoes Versus Athletic Shoes. Some sneakers are designed specifically for walking, while others have performance features for running. While they may look the same, all athletic shoes are not created equal.

Adidas VS SET (AW3889) Running Shoes Athletic Sneakers ...
Adidas VS SET (AW3889) Running Shoes Athletic Sneakers … (Jay Black)

You likely take special care to select comfortable work shoes—don't your workout shoes deserve the same attention? Simple walking shoes, sneakers, gym shoes, running shoes and training shoes can be considered one and the same footwear. Running and training shoes may look similar, but the key differences are in sole flexibility and heel drop.

Compared to the corresponding men's shoe, women's shoes are built wider in the forefoot and toe area and narrower in the heel, reflecting the gender differences in foot shape.

Your trail running shoes should fit similarly to your road running shoes, meaning they should be comfortable without being sloppy.

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Athletic shoe companies that specialize in running make shoes that cushion and protect the foot, compensating for that pronation to help prevent injury. But while walking shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, trail shoes, and cross training shoes (also known simply as "training shoes") can all be put into a category of "athletic" footwear-and they share a lot of comparable characteristics-each of these types of shoes differ from the next in a variety of ways. If you wear the wrong type of shoe, then there is a good chance that you might get injured during a game.

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