How Many Running Shoes Should You Have

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How Many Running Shoes Should You Have. This is a trick question because you can't have too many. Pounding the roads in the same shoe during every type of run can lead to an overuse injury.

How much should you pay for running shoes? - Run Shoe Store
How much should you pay for running shoes? – Run Shoe Store (Polly McKenzie)

If you are unsure of your impact zone when you run, take a look at the bottom of a well-used pair of your running shoes and see what part has the most wear: front, middle or heel. Imagine a hand gently holding your foot in place. How long should running shoes last?

Your shoe should fit well from the start with no breaking-in period.

Four hundred miles is the average, but many factors play a role such as: Where you run (harder ground and cold can break down a shoe faster) Your weight and how hard you hit the ground (causes the materials to break down quicker) One of the secrets to successful long-distance running is alternating sneakers.

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How many running shoes you keep in your closet is up to personal preference, but also depends on how much running you do each week and what kind of running you are doing. Ideally, you'd have this done at a local running-shoe store. Signs you need to replace your running shoes.

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