Running Shoes After Bunion Surgery

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Running Shoes After Bunion Surgery. Running with a poorly constructed shoe after bunion surgery is painful or it could lead to worsen your condition. Uncompromising on cushioning and impact protection.

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You'll need to take care of yourself after surgery on your bunion(s). For everyday wear after bunion shoes, Dr. When surgery is recommended, it is mainly because the pain is excessive or because the bunion is pushing the other toes out of alignment.

I still experience minor swelling around the incision, and that keeps me from wearing about a third of my shoes-the ones that have the least flexibility and that.

Running shoes with spacious toe box and wider sizes accommodate bunions quite well.

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There is no guarantee as to which shoes you will be able to wear after bunion surgery. It also brings about a comfortable fit and essential support that can help keep your feet pain-free when running. Look for running shoes without a lot of plastic around the bunion area.

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