10 Creative Ways to Use the Empty Space under the Stairs

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space under the stairs

Homeowners whose homes are more than one story house usually have a similar problem; useless empty space under the stairs. If you got one in your home, don’t let the dead space under the stairs go to waste. Take up your creativity to think about how to use that tricky triangular area to good use.

If you have nothing in mind or run out of ideas, check out these ideas to use the empty space under the stairs. Here are 10 creative ways that you can try to maximize the available space under the stairs.

  1. Storage Drawers 

Do you need a lot of space to store everyone’s goodies? Use the space under your stairs to build functional large drawers. Rustic drawers built underneath your staircase can be used as part of a large basement remodel.

  1. Library 

You don’t have to build an extra room with specific four walls and a door to boast a private library in your home. Use wooden racks to put your book collections underneath the stairs. And voila! You already have a library and you won’t find a boring staircase.

  1. Playhouse 

A playhouse will be a cute feature for the lower level of your home just underneath the staircase. Kids will absolutely be delighted to have their own playhouse with its Dutch door and mini fence at home.

  1. Lounge Area 

A “loft type” space that is incorporated in the basement will be a nice spot for kids to lounge on. Complete this cozy alcove with deep built-in drawers where kids can keep their toy.

  1. Laundry Area 

Do you need an easy and quick access to laundry facilities without having to do a big redecorate? Creating a laundry area underneath your stairwell can be a smart solution. Complete it with a cabinet and counter.

  1. Play Area 

Design your own play area under the stairs for your kids. Bright chalk paint, cozy carpeting, and fun throw colorful pillows are all you need.

  1. Pet Area 

Give your puppy or kitty a space of her own. A small space underneath your stairs can be transformed into a little doghouse or cathouse with an attached door.

  1. Book Case 

If you don’t have much space under the stairs to make a library, no need to worry. Build a grid of cubbies and you will instantly have perfect book storage. A built-in bookcase underneath your stairs can never go wrong.

  1. Wine Storage 

Alter the empty area under your stairs into an exposed wine cellar. You can arrange a backlit space that stores wine and bottled beverages to establish an industrial yet rustic atmosphere.

  1. Home Office 

One of the unique ways to make use of dull space underneath the stairs is to build a home office. If you have a spacious area and you don’t know how to use it, a home office will be a perfect idea. After all, who doesn’t want an office with a sloped ceiling?

Those are 10 creative ways to use the empty space under the stairs. Now, you won’t have a boring staircase anymore.

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