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runs big

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ok i love these shoes buttt i didnt know they ran so big. Im an 8 in us womens usually so i got an 8 but they were huge. id recommend going a size lower. other than that they are perfect, but i had to give then away LOL.

Even if i try and try too hardnothing’s ever enough, even if i tryand try too hard, tell me what to do hey guys. What’S going on welcome to my channeland, if you’re new here welcome, my name is angelaand. I have an embroidery business. I normallysell a bunch of kids, personalized clothing butin. Today’S video, we are going to be making somecustom converse so custom converse is somethingi, have always wanted to do from the beginningof embroidery, because when it comes to likethe childish, birthday outfits like the conversewas like an additional piece to the whole puzzleum, so i’m gon na go Head to theconverse store pick up, some converse, so did i see a fan, shout out goes to skylinecustom designs, aka britney, cunningham, thank youfor.


Being a cf fan. Here are some of the items shesells and you can contact her on here. If there’sanything, you would like her to make if you’dlike to join my cf fans, the link is down belowum. Also, don’t forget the meet and greet ison august 27th in atlantic city, new jersey, socheck out our facebook group for more informationokay. We are back now, so i ended up getting thesemaroon converse.


I got some that were on clearanceso. What i’m going to be using today is the melcoemt 16x machines and the fast clamp pros whichwork with the malcol emt 16x. They they’re madeby the same company, so they go together and ifyou’re interested in a melco emt 16x embroiderymachine, which are these grey machines. You seehere you can reach out to todd eggersman. I have alink down below in the description where you fillout the form and um it’ll.


Send him an email, thatyou’re interested in some more information or youcan, just sort of call him his phone number emailcall tech. Anything right here mention angela andyou will get the best deal so yes, um. These shoeswhat i like about the fast clamp pros is theyliterally, are so small that you can do it ontiny tiny converse. This isn’t the smallestis an 11 but um you can do the tongues. Youcan do the sides, because the clamps leave somuch space and they fit into anywhere.


So ireally really love that, and also with the melchosthey, have a very small uh. Whatever you call thiscylindrical arm versus the other. Machines are likesquares and a lot bigger, but because it’s so smallit fits a lot better into like all the littlespaces they even put into pockets so yeah. I wantto go ahead and put some initials on the tongue. Ofthe converse and we’ll see how it goes.


I’M superexcited for this video. I’Ve wanted to do it for along time, and i couldn’t find the old. I had likefive boxes of converse. I don’t know what i didthem. I don’t know if i sold them or anythingbut like they were the little pink ones for thefirst birthday, which was like perfect um becausealmost.


Every first birthday is like pink forgirls, but these are still super cute um. It’S agreat idea to add to your etsy shop, always checkout converse’s their store. If you have a storenear you, we have an outlet mall here in marylandum, and the clearance stuff was 40 off so thesewere. Only nine dollars for a pair of conversewhich is a steal. So just make sure you checkthem out look at all the different stores.


Youcan find them, but a great idea for these would benot for this shoe specifically, but if you have ashop and you have a melco – is the bride, um converseso? A lot of people like do like just married ormrs and then the date um you can do somethingon the side. So it’s a great business idea: um soyeah, let’s just go ahead and get into the video. Oh want to know so, peace, this okay. So i have the converse right here and iwant to find the center point of the converse someasure.


So it is two and a half inches so1.75 and i’m measuring like from righthere to right here the seam inside scene, so yeah at 1.75 is where i’ll put a mark. That wayi know where the center point is on the converse all right, so you can kind of see it that’sthe center point, so i’m going to line thelaser up with this point. That way, i know it’scentral all right, so we’re going to slide it in and on the side, you’ll see that there’s likelittle marker lines and that’s how you know youline it up evenly on both sides.


So it’s on thisside, as well as the other fast clamp over hereso. You just want to make sure it is lined up, and then we are just going to close it all right, and i guess i can puta piece of tearaway stabilizer make sure these are tight. All right, i guess i’m just gon na start, so look guys, let’s tear away so let’s just tear it offokay, so they came out. Super super super cuteum note to self don’t use pen, okay, these are justfor the video, so they’re not um for an order. So itdoesn’t matter to me, but do you guys not use a penuse like a fabric marker water fabric, water, watergive, the word water washable, wash the answer?


Justwashable washable marker or use like a piece oftape something else besides a pen but it is whatit is, but i think they turned out super supercute. If you enjoyed today’s video, please giveit a thumbs up and if you have any questionsleave them down below that, is it for today’svideo guys. I know it’s super quick and superstraight to the point. Thank you guys so much forwatching and i will see you in the next video bye. You


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