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What’S up everybody, This is Tim with Tactics Board Shop Today, we’re gon na go over skate shoe technology, so you can make a more informed decision when picking your next duet. We’Ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get to it Whether you’re a fledgling. Looking for your first duo of skate shoes or someone that simply demands additional info on skate, shoe technology, then you’re in the right place.

I’M gon na talk to you about each of the fundamental shoe characteristics, Durability, Impact Boardfeel and Flexibility, Fit and Style. And, lastly, some Quality of Life facets.

All of these characteristics relate to each other and are intertwined. If you demand more significance supporting, you sacrifice card feel If you want more soundnes, you sacrifice flexibility, There’s no perfect, skate shoe that encompasses every desirable aspect.


You need to find that balance that works best for you. If you don’t know the differences between cupsole and vulcanized skate shoes check out our video with shoe decorator Paul Kwan from SoleTech. He devotes an instructive dislocation of the differences between cupsole and vulcanized skate shoes, Cupsole and vulcanized shoes have their advantages and impediments for different types of skating And will be a big factor leading up to your decision.

With that, let’s get into durability.

The highest wear areas on your shoes is in accordance with the toe arena, the two sides of the foot and the sole First. Let’S look at the uppers. The fabrics used for the upper make a big difference in how long your shoe will last Suede is the standard for skate shoes and has stood the test of term for operation and stability. It has a good, consistent flick and inhibits up well against lots of flip stunts.


Canvas is a much less sturdy textile and will rip very quickly if you’re doing lots of ollies and snap manoeuvres Unless there’s some kind of rubber buttres, it’s best not to skate shoes that have canvas in the highest wear areas. Leather is tough and smooth. It has a longer break-in period than suede, but will end up lasting longer. It feels a little stiff and slick for fling subterfuges at first But once you smash them in, it will skate just like a suede shoe

Some shoes are made with synthetic textiles and the soundnes will depend on what it’s made of Rubber and TPU tend to be moderately durable, but join materials and mesh are not. Mesh will fall apart abruptly. It’S fine! If there’s mesh on the tongue and on the medial side of the shoe but don’t skate shoes that have mesh in the highest-wear areas, Toe caps and ollie spots can greatly extend the life of your shoe. Rubber toe caps can give you a ton of grip and flick for flip-flop deceptions, but can acquire your shoe feel bulky in the toe part and will take a bit of time to get used to Printed on toe caps give you the extra durability without that overly grippy feeling and will feel similar to suede.

Some shoes come with a rubber blanket underneath the upper cloth to keep the shoe extending even after wearing a hole through the upper Shoe. Company have different identifies for these under beds. For instance, Vans calls their underlay Duracap Adidas calls theirs. Adituff and Lakai calls their underlay Co-Bound Be sure to check the specs to see if a shoe has a rubber, underlay or not Be mindful of the placement of the stitching and where the panel’s come together Stitching tends to be a vulnerable blot and will be where the shoe eventually blows out.

Shoes that have a single-piece toe box tend to wear more evenly throughout the lifespan of the shoe You can pre-emptively Shoe Goo or superglue the stitching to fix the shoe last longer. Now, let’s talk about the outsoles Cupsole shoes commonly have a denser rubber compound on the outsole than vulcanized shoes.

Which tends to compile them last longer on the bottom, Also since they’re one-piece on the bottom, they’re less likely to separate Gum rubber is a standard for skate shoes for its grip and soundnes, But some companionships have special rubber deepens for their soles. Lakai has their Paramount rubber New Balance, has their Ndurance, soles and Etnies even partnered, up with Michelin, to start soles out of tire rubber Be sure to check for special rubber combinations that are able to utter your shoes last longer. Likewise, shoes that have deeper grooves in the pace tend to have a longer-lasting traction before the soles get any bald discerns.

Let’S move on to impact support,

Impact support is important if you want to prevent injury and keep your joints health after years of skating, If you’re gon na prance down breaches, skate, handrails or big modulation, you’ll want as much impact absorption as you can get. Cupsole shoes have more built-in support in their midsoles and utsoles and furnish better wallop shelter than vulcanized shoes. I’M not saying you can’t skate chinks in vulc shoes. Cupsoles just have more cushioning.

Each shoe brand has their own proprietary, cushioning engineering Vans has UltraCush, Lakai has Delux-Lite, Emerica, has their G6 foam and so on.

In general, most suds such as EVA accommodate a fair extent of bang absorption but compress out over occasion. Foams made from polyurethane don’t pack out as readily and still equip good accept patronage. Vulcanized shoes mainly get their support from their insoles, which vary depending on the shoe. Insoles are a huge factor in how much wallop foundation a shoe supports.

Be sure to check out what insoles are in the shoes you’re considering getting, and what they’re made of There are aftermarket insoles that are made for skating accessible. If your shoes don’t have enough support for you,

Also look for additional impact technology, Especially in the ends such as airbags, special outsole geometry or patronage repercussion sucking deepens. Now, let’s talk about council, feel and opennes.

This is where vulcanized shoes actually shine Since vulc shoes are thinner, the break-in period is much shorter and you get a lot more boardfeel and control, Which is good for technical low-impact types of skating, such as handbooks, ridges and flat sand. Since cupsoles are thicker, they will take longer to break into that sweet recognize, but you can still perform well in those types of skating. Having a well fitting shoe is important.

Especially, if you do a lot of flip pranks, A snug shoe are likely to be responsive and you’ll feel more comfy trying maneuvers. You also don’t want too much additional duration in the toe or your throw subterfuges will feel all wonky. The shoe should feel like an extension of your hoof instead of an extra flap of rubber hanging off your toe, Try different toe shapes and profiles to see what fits and feels the best Some shoes come with a bootie kind fit or an internal sleeve that stops your hoof ensure in the shoe Keep an eye out for that, because those shoes are super snug and cozy If possible.

Try on the shoes firstly Or if you’re ordering online hit up customer service and ask about the fit Some shoe modes have additional affairs besides, inspecting sick on your feet, A great advantage of slip-ons is that you don’t burst any shoelaces while preserving a snug fit Mid. Top shoes proposal slew of mobility, while give a little bit of ankle shelter.

High crests give you the most ankle, assistance and protecting, though they’re a bit more constricting and sweaty than low or mid-tops. Lastly, let’s look at some quality of life of canadians features that don’t undoubtedly feign the lane the shoe skates but utters the overall event of the shoe more enjoyable. It’S always riling when the tongue of the shoe duds from side to side

Having some tongue centering belts on the shoe, can save you a lot of annoyance with tying and adjusting your tongue Shoe lace.

Protectors can save you the provocation of always supplanting your shoelaces, Not too many companies perform shoes with fasten protectors these days. So if you find some cherish it Having some padding on the tongue and the collar is nice, when members of the board flings around and blows you in the top of your foot or on the side of your ankle. If you’re mis a little more protection, look for a little extra poof in the tongue and the collar

Breathability is key in the summer, so your shoes don’t get sogged out. Breathable mesh or eyelets on the shoe in key points can make a big difference formerly your paw start sweating, Similar to slip-ons. Velcro leashes are a quick and easy road to tighten up your shoe without dealing with the fastens plus they kind of examine sick.

To sum things up, There’s a lot of options out there and every shoe has its backbones and weaknesses. You need to find that balance of durability, impact and council feel that works best for your form of skating. If you got any questions at all, leave them in the box below or really give us a call and we’ll help you get the answers you need ..

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