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This is the original dyno Pro now when there was no Dino Pro d1 son. Wasn’T this a sexy boot? Now you bring out the Dino Pro d1 and you really want to procreate the original Dino Pro go away. In my view, aesthetically apples and oranges. This is today, this is tomorrow, and if we look at it the style they designed it, the big changes here are the fact that the entire TPU moving up the outside of the boot, with laterally and medially around the ankle around the heel.

With these uncovered magnesium boards, it is completely redesigned its low-profile and they even redesign the elasticated clamours. On the figurehead you can see here versus the old-time explanation. In my left hand, it’s a better glancing boot and I’ll tell you as “youre working” our course through the nuances of the brand-new torsion bars, the new change panel, the new mode in which they’ve designed their sliders and even their traction bodies. It’S more functional as well, and that’s what we’re a big fan of remember, a few different complexions available for purposes of the people. There’S!

No ladies edition! Yet, and if you don’t want to be this technological and you want to eliminate some of the additional plastic on the outside of this bad boy, look at the Dino d1, which is the baby brother. That does come in a dames account as well, which is a little bit less expensive and it’s going to be more refined. We look at this boot. Remember aggressive 3 C’s in warm brave, sport going boot, it’s the bottom half of a torque d1.

So again, it’s not taking to the track but you’re getting that hasten DNA that starts with Valentino Rossi. Now, if we immediately think about sizing dianese a operation a sizing chart, it won’t be that surprising, unless you have really really wide feet for median american paws, you’re fine, if you’re a really wide american foot Dionysia is italian. It’S not overly wide, maybe not the best choice for you. Exactly impede that in sentiment and remember we’re going to send for free over 39 bucks.

Your questions some made up Italian world on the new Diana’s, a Dino Pro d1 , now diving into the boot itself. As in years past, we have magnesium hard-handed parts replaceable on the toe. You see it sounding out here on the Accu. You be seen to what extent much cool that inspections on this new version versus the old again modernized and you’re going to have a same mode here in the back, where they’ve wholly redesigned it concluded our lower chart still “re going to be” basic from the top down you’re still getting A speedlace system, that’s really where the affinities stop, and you know it one more. It’S still going to be that D, Tech Reysol, which is really nice, but I’ll, tell you on the brand-new edition, it’s more flexible, they’ve, computed flex to the boot and they’ve.

Also supplemented flexible to shifter committee, so behind it there’s almost fins or gills cut out. So it’s going to move so much easier with your paw interface with the motorcycle, give you a little more tactile feedback. The interesting thing that I really like is this bellows system. Now I will say this: diana is a shame. They became microfiber, which is a synthetic microfiber, a synthetic leather versus jolly full grain leather.

On the previous form, I kind of dig the full cereal skin on this area of the boot, but I like the line of this one much better, so it’s a trade off and in my opinion it doesn’t feel as neat, but it’s channel sexier. The other thing. That’S my favorite thing ever is this boot? Had this Frankenstein thing and we tried not to talk about it, “weve tried” not to look at it. We used to gave it in the angle , not mention it.

When it was over for dinner, they came rid of it. It’S no longer eating at your table. It’S now blacked out Batman style with no Frankenstein stitching so that to the credit of Dainese is done really well now. There is one thing you haven’t heard for me in this video hitherto and that’s going to be the new venting arrangement. Now you see it on the torque d1 , not sure if it comes on the Nexus to be honest with you, but you have it on the dyno Pro.

You don’t have it on the dyno Pro d1. You don’t have it on the dyno. Do you on how it wreaks? Is you have ventilation coming in now from the instep and what happens is the venturi effect which is going to basically use this other vent-holes on the back to create a vacuum? Suck the air out of the boot comes in the front.

Circulates around your hoof. Foot get cooler and it sucks that breeze back away through the boot again you’re going to see this on the torque d1. You have it now on the dyno Pro, it’s a nice touch and if we look at the two sides , not I’m done looking at this one. We’Re done with that be done away with if we look at the boot itself now from the two sides. The acces it’s designed, you could see the line here, this horizontal row this boots actually designed for that horizontal thread to run parallel with the floor and create a really aggressive, dynamic line.

You can see this one, it’s a torque d1. It has this great hinge system that again they’re playing off the form or to be honest of something like a panigale or something like a Lamborghini where you’re looking at this futuristic refinement, which is a big departure from some of the structural refinement. We ensure in previous copies now we did talk about the angular. It’S a belittle contact pass here, lower surface area. So it’s going to move easier out here on the lateral side of the heel, replaceable slider we move around to the back.

You have a big embossed heel counter magnesium, the whole way up. Now we get to the inside of the boot. They’Ve moved this contact patch. Now I’m pissed because they made this contact patch off of the off of the new Dino. D1 doesn’ t exist there.

You have to get the Dino Pro to get it. What it does a kit creates a great tactile touch point with the plastics on your bike. It’S moved further to the back to your end, because it’s in a better discern to make a more positive contact, they’ve refined it over the last version and then down here on the instep. You have that second part as well. Now.

The other thing I haven’t mentioned retained seee rated boot notice. Your ankle cockpit here notice all the way up, you’re going to have an external hard side medially, and you likewise have it on the lateral side as well. These are no longer on the Dino d1, so in the Dino d1 it stops right there. You don’t have it again: it’s a little more street familiarized this guy’s still street familiarized, but it’s a more move. Dna so you’re getting these large-hearted beefy protective panels that are going to really take that protection to the next level.

The other thing that’s nearly impossible to see. You can’t see it because it’s buried in the boot is the new end, monocoque torsion bars. So it’s a six bushing pattern. What they’ve done is they’ve implemented this new shock absorber, which really impacts like that reducing the force going to be transferred to your body. So again, it’s nice to see them up the game on the inside of the boot.

You sell that speedlace organization still 3d liner, which is going to pull warm moist air and sweat away from you, allowing it to evaporate out and again that’s going to be accelerated by the fact that you now have this venturi show structure, which again pulls aura in Pulls air out flows it around. The foot obliges you a joyful Italian camper, irrespective of how you razz or what you ride.

Remember you don’t have to make my statement for it as always we’ll send for free over thirty nine horses. If you want to talk to a gear, geek see us at Rizzo, eight, seven, seven, seven, nine, two, nine four, five: five thanks for watching our detailed breakdown!

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