8 Awesome Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Exceptional Privacy

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awesome bathroom design ideas

When it comes to talking about bathrooms, you should take into account every square inch of it. Ideas and inspirations often come to you when you spend some time in the bathroom, so you won’t decorate it wrong.

Get inspired by these awesome bathroom design ideas that are easy to try to transform a small and narrow space. Here are 8 awesome bathroom design ideas for your exceptional privacy.

Awesome Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Exceptional Privacy 

  1. Splash of Pink 

Making your bathroom in an all-white bath will make it feels airy and also bright. In this sleek area, you can even paint the floorboards in white. Hang a pendant and pull in modular storage pieces to add a modern touch. To create a statement, add an eye-popping shower curtain. Magenta can be the best hue you can choose.

  1. Statement Pieces 

Placing unique furnishings into the bathroom can add your personality to the area. If you don’t have any closets or cabinets, try to invite a pretty display cabinet as a towel holder and extra amenities like shampoo, soap, and rolls of toilet paper.

  1. Sea of Green 

For a cool and refreshing vibe, you can use tiles in shades of greenish spearmint to surround the tub and also the walls. This can be an alternative awesome bathroom design ideas to refresh your mind at the end of the long day.

  1. Shady Days of Gray 

A less spacious area needs consistency and a refined palette. To accomplish a space with modern look, combine white and gray in your bathroom. To make the space feels larger than it actually is, select big squared tiles. Keep the accents minimal in order to make the space feels sleek and uncluttered.

  1. Modern Family Style 

Using monochromatic black and white is not only contemporary but also creates a refrigerant atmosphere. Placing tiles form floor to ceiling will give you a fresh twist and open up your tiny and tight space. Hanging a rack for towel holder within reach can be a smart way to create a storage space.

  1. Order of Operation 

There are so many goodies that you need during shower time and of course, they belong to be in the bathroom. Share a space where you can place a slim storage piece that has separate compartments for putting items that everyone in the house needs.

  1. Calm Water 

Before executing the right design for your bathroom, you’d better think about how you and your family will use this space. If you want this area to be an escaping and relaxing space, then decorate it with that intention. A beautiful freestanding roll top bath will give you a pure and maximum serenity.

  1. Case of the Blues 

If you have a specific favorite color, don’t be afraid to add it to your bathroom walls. Yet, keep being thoughtful before you decide. Get inspired by one wall with mosaic tiles while the other is painted navy blue. If your palette flows together, you will get a cohesive space.

Those are 8 awesome bathroom design ideas that may inspire you. So, have you decided which idea to try?

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