Flats Over Drums

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Flats Over Drums. Flats, or wingettes, get their name because they're, well, flat. While the flats you gotta work more than Benjamin Franklin with his kite just to get a sliver of tasty meat.

1970's Slingerland 10 Lug Gene Krupa Chrome Over Brass ...
1970's Slingerland 10 Lug Gene Krupa Chrome Over Brass … (Roger Joseph)

A hex key is found in the skin of the drum that allows for the loosening or tightening of the drum skin. We know our local areas as well as any local agent. And there's no full blown process to do it.

Ivor Arbiter the drum designer and owner of the FLATS Company passed away.

The drums are constructed from high-quality, durable A.

C&C 6.5×14 Copper Over Brass Flat Wall 8-Lug Snare Drum

Ludwig 7" x 14" 110th Anniversary 1mm Brass Heirloom Snare …

Tama SLP "Dynamic Kapur" Drum Kit in Flat Black

Mapex Saturn V Drum Kit Flat Black Maple Burl

SJC Custom Drums 22" 3pc Shell Pack, Flat Black Infinity …

Flats Lite Drum Kit / Set | in Elderslie, Renfrewshire …

SJC Drums Josh Dun 14" x 6.5" Acrylic Snare Drum, Flat …

SJC Drums Pathfinder 20" 5 Piece Shell Pack, Crimson …

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It's food that makes you feel good inside. Drums give you more meat per bite, you just have to have a strong jaws to bite into them. It is very important that the skin is tightened to the right level so that the performance of the drum is at its best.

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