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in nineteen sixty-eight i found my true athletics hero in kip keino of kenya to me he was the muhammad ali of the track world. i was only fifteen years old and winning local races in dublin. i realized then that i wanted to be arunner i quit playing soccer to concentratesolely on a career in athletics by the nineteen seventy two municholympics kenyan athletes were the talk of the track world; mile boit of kenya at this stage

i was now attending villanova universityin the united states and pursuing my own career in athletics. i got to know and race against the best kenya has produced; mike boit henry rono, wilson waigwa. these men, like kip keino had inspired a nation of athletes that would follow. for that next-generation there’s anirishman responsible for much of their success. bro colm o’connell has been a mentorand coach to athletes setting

world records, winning world championshipsand, the ultimate accolade of all; olympic gold medals. i’ve come to kenya to meet br colm and i want to find out how this country has produced more world-class runners than any other nation. iten is a small town that lieseight-and-a-half thousand feet above sea level in africa’s great rift valley. with a small population of about fourthousand people

this modest town has become a focalpoint for kenyan distance running. it is here that brother colm o’connell hasworked for the past twenty five years. st patrick’s high school has become theengine room of kenya success in turning out world andolympic champions. it’s not easy you’re in a tough tough sport. it’s only going to be the survival ofthe best – but now is the time to lay your foundationand that’s why we’re taking it easy for you to learn, we want you to learn about the sport. this is not just a training camp

this is a learning camp. so athletes who can learn exercises learn the value of exercise, the value of certain types of training. that’s what’s important! i never really considered my coaching ability a talent i came to kenya with a certain openess – to fit in wherever it would take me so to speak you know it just happened to be athletics.

i think when you get into a teaching job in ireland anyway, you kind of, you tend to stay in the same place in thesame school and it becomes a bit of a routine inyour life. you know. i was a little bitafraid of that and i’d be thinking about is this how my life is going to be forthe next twenty, thirty years. at that time i had an interest in and was involved in coaching soccer

in newbridge & i do remember it was a bitter, cold february day. uh… absolutely standing on the sideline uh… probably wet, mud, hands in the overcoat pockets, drip on the nose, so i felt coming to kenya would certainly open up

new opportunities and maybe even anew new look on life, new challenges. so it appealed to me – in that sense; and on the 17th of march seventy six i was told, okay, you’re going, get ready. i had seen athletic meets ontelevision and olympics, and i had seen & heard of people like kipchoge keino – i knew who they were;

but no knowledge of coaching or really having worked with an athlete. of course when i came to st pat’s, iten, there was a tradition in the school – theyhad produced international athletes before i came. so there was a program in place and at the time i arrived pete foster (a brother of brendan foster – the olympic athlete for britain) he basically handed me a

stopwatch, starting blocks, whistles, tape measures – all the paraphernalia inside in a basketand said, its all yours now! you’re the coach! there are four things we look at f a s t "f" focus "a" your alignment "s" your stability

"t" timing – timing with the ground that tempo … off the ground when you look at her face when you look at them coming towards youyou can see her eyes the position of their heads and their eye focus where they’re looking so there’s no real physical stressor strain and that’s the purpose of this particular setting

because they’re running slow also they can concentrate on their technique of running they can think about their running they don’t have to think about what position i’m in or … who is going to make a move in the group everything is controlled is this part of their warm-up at the moment? no! this is the work-out. and they won’t go any harder

because many of them come from the back-ground where the only see athletics as an exertion they don’t see it as a discipline they don’t see it as a focus and and and as something that you can actually bring out from inside they kinda see it as just pounding the road or doing very hard track sessions i’m trying to convince them to you later

that there are a lot more little aspectsto the sport the is among those he’s he’s he stopsand faster innocence you do sets things to distract the body things going on on the revolutionariesanything arounds and your legs or most of the distractionshe’ll costing can you of course to enforce giving the poorest aren’t men yes it’s the clutches ends assuddenly habitat has asked him

the legs after while both the head sets the rules and seesomething you’ve lost control of your and that’s all the goodies core strengthis going to states he kind of in a sensational and republicanoperative position before the recess well most times in arlington i’d look atsome of the left side with with the tendency for them is to be intensitytraining on the time

overhear it’s to be relaxed pertainingevery single session you do you don’t have to get a break best build ofyourself it warmed up for ten minutes i’m going to get thirty minutes of atdiagonal morning underfoot full-page they came away not feeling exhausted but the came away feeling like it couldlead to more whereas we have a tendency to try unrolled ourselves into theground and if we don’t get sick at the end of the session demo not benefitingfrom overhear it’s totally the opposite

for all its previous success the olympic boycotts of nineteen seventysix by nineteen eighty because of apartheid prevented canyons from exploding ontothe scene area here but it was during this period at saintpatrick’s was starting to train future world champions i suppose for the first years i did notrealize how could he have his way because idoney running is themselvesthey would be running in local beats in

maintaining locust aidid’s so i a m it was only slowly the airlie eighties brayan some mackie’s went to copper competitions here in theirnineteen eighty-three between charlie s went to where for a friendly competition of kagandoses

germany and a each of them broke awardedto you record so sizzle erase began to realize them all the best in the words conciliator have opened up for me torealize that uh… this thing is working we’re getting somewhere at the end of the dining hall you we we display and photographs and records of babysat sticks to the issue to school

he’s in a sense it’s a kind of a way ofkeeping are present generation students reminded of gate she misses a schoolover the years we have here peter on over the countryand and nineteen eighty eight saint patrick’s head prostitutes in seoul in nineteen eighty eight at theolympics economies economies of scale measuresfive thousand skis constitution is the plan from sons andseven thousand an innocent or in there

marathon which includes your computer last year we have planned end forty interested david geisha and side-stepped your always up for a minuteto them here we have and between chariots i’ve never seen this photograph yes that since next time magazine

nineteen eighty four he’s westfield students in the school cities which is wendy represented kenya antiqua chico religious has anything tofifteen hundred chalice with c_ span the final of thefactors which was on my side we’d here we have intuitively objective and not hisphotograph here we bring back memories to yourself miteblade here in the middle

to what he is about these products atthe time to sustain a mclean nineteen eighty eight eighty nine we might be still i think the lowest anduh… unh-hunh unease undid the list as ideas peter rowell student at the timedid to sustain a we still are school a couple of for analysis conclusions k_t_l_a_ so inspiring to a younger

kinston north u_s_ pass through here was shut down here is a young kid dayafter day dwindling school and then went on to achieve leaning toward a theme it is amazing in modern athletics coaches and agents everywhere to see the sport such as

test of one individual is now surrounded by professionals different it is brother column breaks through and states and canada by many of his top athletes competethroughout america krueger and yes it’s a house had been missing from the beginning ofthe evidence career

definitely will use the internet andtransport on their own retreat farmers both mental and physical soul and none of them have our c that’s prime news and to believe theircompetition tracks andwho’d it’s it’s it’s actually fantastic to see little out pursuits of all the work and all thedays you spent behind the scenes the morning’scitizenship credit campus you know

sharpening skills you know and i think did a very often both realize what has gone on behind the scenesbefore you see this design when he gets in the kitchen i was sad face exactly as i know seeking here about one thirty in the afternoon kenyatime three d_o_ defying their worst case ifyou don’t even though it was common you know one seat

was running but that date just happened to be uh… nobody around so i remember very well when he finished single who might want to tell there’s nobody around you know so because then you defeat

pretty loud this feeling of of of success dali and exuberance should and utilities dr result do we highly athletes in hisclass dot blots products prominently tennis shoes do we have inthis class bandar what can you tell me on chemistry

do great kenya athletes have that makes them silver star on earthpositivism gulf how’s that well you know what we call it hit hard part that i i don’t have a whole restaurant is delayed hero

com from this area of the for the columns role of championscontinues the eyes of kenya unfairly fixed onioneducation twenty ten he broke the world eight hundred directboard not once but twice within a fortnight the teacher had been columns previousjudy wilson computers record held since nineteen ninety seven the first saw it

eight practices destroy ring as always this besides price always try to pass ice or he is relaxing stressed not relief lady somebody who’s running coldly if they believe holds

as a young man more schools beatrice where he knew it is a program that works and extraordinaire also and determination out-of-focus sticky date is about site which is uh… it different

he comes from diese buffet this and wonder what a vastright-wing kenya is tasty in terms of tourism because dad nomadic passed through astandstill directly diplomatic way of life davis was contradicts draw incentive and started life because his father wasan olympic athletes i’m sure it’ll but he was growing up you’d pick goingto school

attached spoken out by his father and i may be a thought always wanted uh… every family also to be iraqis and david is the last believe the family so here is that for the last fall to become an athlete within four months dave wanted for hisfirst work championship win and of course the ultimate goal of all

an olympic gold medal in london twentytwelve yet broder columns approach to dealingwith the twenty ten word athlete of the year is to make him do a training sessionwith the schools junior athletes keen always realizes the value of this kind of walk and structure indicating and then as opposed to the danger realty selectdavis i’m not just a thought leasing the

emails an athlete who still makes it takes forthat course winds at the goldmans winds were championships starts making if youcreate all of a sudden they could go to the head what they call you back here workingthere were two juniors keeps tim ground from one st exactly where davecontrasted yet and that’s so important for them because it you know you’re paying anything intowords you’re living in this

the word of the media attention andtheir day titanic status there must be a tiny wings get back toreact tell me when you complete odense directincidents to europeans calling and asking it what do you see is really differenttests u_s_ needs to hear compared to theamericans and europeans when uh… you know we won’t be afforded for you know being voter schools or thattime you know

make for us in houston will costarkansas playing well two things you have to have to put him in the datethat i want that that was uh… strength in your and work source you have uh… macy feeling withthe browns i think that this uh… was a veryimportant so the so called protection that we knew of plan in america get fromwhere did she was a young age we should total control we should notget richer than any shoes until their ten or eleven years of age

known as the invention of in anothercustomer but they’re we hopped insults that sometimes the man in time for me to read on that for theso real no sometimes when you’re bored atschool seattle’s you working there for yoav onewonderware getting special occasions mimi can use it says in atlantic city and hasnow become a way of doing responding runners at the heart of this businesses are toescape poverty that isn’t evidence to

attending from an early age dealing with it isonly too aware that success on the track will help relieve their familiessuffering and it’s no coincidence all of caseexcess stories confirm crew rural areas small firms but big world candidate will be in manydifferent conditions hardship is not new to them it is b_-eighteen care system that youmust be a decent anderson was being focused person if you want to get out ofthis

trampled on them so they are going to send dition to succeed to get online man distant went to school in place to condemn it s so i used to run handling this

pulte home for lunch than corporate disco four investments instituted shruti ship disease has spread to a tangent and i’malso pending the attention what does it feel like laden day you actually warming open trading withdefeat attitude in history i’d just have my peacemaking

equipment and they can once the family’s champion massage only eighteen years of age rightnow how many times a week how many times aday to you today of here the square deciding between trees study well no i mean really begins to chant tothings in the morning mid morning and evening conflict faced

damone five o’clock in the morning do you knowthat most reported she allegedly comming almost five o’clock intelligent and looking for the call that you have to concentrate on that team fullest program so step cannot stand to relax

it’s make me believe in myself interesting patriarchal society the concept of the first trainingprogram for girls within saint patrick’s in nineteen ninety seven sally parcel ceo became kenya’s first female worldchampion where the ceremony sponsored by added us financial company too arcane cap

and there were two three twenty eightamericans who are junior athletes and for many of them this might be the firsttime that actually works bikes where is my great seizes every noveltyfor them and of course it it was several and there unit everything theory actually startedthere with the best because they see accosted the more you got to eatsomething in the area where he spikes in there and track and uh… denial kind offeel that they are part of the agency community and opening any basilicagraduation cemetery today is a decade everyday vide feeler

discussion they’ve been singled out ofevery stage where they can afford to be given a fair types and we would like you know when u_s_fighters you have to use them as we have to use it door just keep them for competition but they don’t wait until you have acompetition because if you run

i’ll just put them on would be a new look at your feet in kansas utility or here witnesses theylook great so it’s better you used in alsosometimes in training so when we go to trek on friday you should be trying your specs you you don’t have to wear in doing thewhole taxation but at least during summers want to get used to fairly quicklybecause it’s a where malcolm x_ careers

intranet and then of course there where thecompetition we need to get the audited the jewel wasnot comfortable inspects and eight office even during your localraces and stopping the minimum midler longdistance races and just turning off the spikes and justcontinuing deficit president clinton she was in a community activity everybody okay

use bikes you mind and carefully very carefully if you lose them around barefoot when i first dot para spikes i couldn’t believe my eyes to the timeswe can spare spikes when i put the spikes on i’ve felt as if it is going tobe a tough lawyer crossed the track because it was wearing something lighterbut more importantly when i got the spikes the very firsttime buy more time to back bite could wait box for the next morningdid though to develop put my feet

underground i’m reading fly along with these newspikes they don’t have that they hahahaha five p dot intensity might try to do picking up i remember when i started running i want to be like lady change my running style to this made my culture

as i started to leave for work just like to apply the i want to talk to him i get his tape why can you produced somany great uncles but i remember packed and in the sixtieswhen you competed in dublin skip queuing up at a sports store called lrecent suffolk street yes i_q_ the for our sister get ticketsto see you compete and ait thoroughly enjoy it i think itwas frank forty you please repeat dublin nearly three weeks before for the month

and orchestrated we would also whenyou’re running for food related also a very pleased to hear that uh…we have an ace could use to uh… hammondk oakland well you will blamesgracious patel weakest was life’s like for you as a young boy in the fiftiesand in the sixties here hide-and-seek season on the list ofyou’ll want to school going to school because in my school uh… aim various activities across country

track and field football where you go and try and get over idealize hamburgerwhich you did all this morning from the time you were young schoolboy to andfrom school you know you’re going to school andaccording to school and that too but most valuable of stamina and term when they had a school committee jim house roots before mark

until needed so we always hear that story’s about l pot makes teakenyans greats champions splotches any your mind that and thosekenya which is sold sold so many outfits to me there’s no secret decide how towork you have to work very hard to be able to be among the best and kikwit over to his mentor mental preparation executed

you prepare lathis mentally physically tune in toward the competition first and foremost you do to help making into competing prescription then from there you move to that sort of cute and you build it up and uh… you could be able to address

the athletes this is a reformed they approve himbernard improving unita just from this and if so mapping and no secret coach the city’s do indicated giving them wanted me to do black people and protocol to come fromthere he has got a he when he came to these fees he didn’tknow anything about it

but when you usa draftees and do thingsand so forth and you see by doing that may prove to be able toadjust and mold an athlete to be a goodafternoon and yes if yes daniel torres is danny warned in your mind that stick self that makesthe kenyan athlete superior uh… arrington reportedly respect here could cut the abilities to advise work for us and for most of the city

inspectors have perfect if you have said please being you grandview put two ideas have former protect ourselves when we use use for tennis and you just pickedhimself and you can’t be with us women group where my he

early one morning i came across samuel young man from the area still carriesambitions to be a profession he was on his way to meet with therunners around the back roads of eternal we followed him down these magnificentpathways the terrain is actually perfect forruling on license soft nice and compact and all of a sudden out of nowhere iseek to have to be calming them three athletes and then for the intended andtwenty anonymous sources

we meet them all congregating at a point bread or approximately fifty or sixtyathletes who grew out of one play us do what they were doing thismorning they said he would do in the park exemption depart succession is gonna consist of seventeen times two minutes with oneminute rest in between each of those two minutes a grueling work out here andeight thousand feet in altitude olfactory that someday that wanted to come

it’s successful efforts it’s awful i mean the sport nowadays is sold bybanks sulfuric nitric make it which is out of that a loss of the ones you see are there associate i got left hoping that

they get a breakthrough at samsung formated would see the trading admin victimology all you have some coach wasidentified them as and he has great potential even the lifestyle of getting out doingexercise t_v_ healthy life you know if they did their closest tohis as well it’s better than just maybe

hanging around the village kalra cd hoping you get a job what’s the name like this or so the critics decried atmosphere so i think there’s really not interested isn’t the only diseases many many of today’s success stories beyond track

in marathon cross-country hypersensitive have connection you get that from the area did have settled at trading here the pastors are out there could bedescribed as rags or paper that because many of every since atleast is successful that is all over the word is the airports and roads runningan impact leaving the serious

down this road he referred whateverfirst so we have a very good friends with disney wonder american finished up the road and the other sideis nordic it like it’s one of the greater at road runners we also have uh… people in this area like a manualhave more tags boiled movies they want to run the marathon closer to retain we have been about site

who were of course once again for liketwo sentosa meters in there in this direction reappear in the sameat who want the boston marathon three times foster african to remit create new yorkoxfam and of course we based training camps in the area as well houses quietness of the world beaters toy that’s just a asap of

people just live interview with him inthe area the morning in the end what is becoming more obvious aboutthese athletes mister connection with the soil even here i suppose center of excellencethe current state you two-track surfaces centrino different to the back roadstandard trails around their homes bos taurus from around the world if theycame here that’s the whole mind doesn’t israel’s here quite appalling

dole’s first are compact direct it’s this quality of track which has produced more work championsmore olympic champions than uneo their trust in the world i say go ahead with the juicer maybe the board sort of exhibits andgraphics because i always considered my work to be

about the youth month g_d_p_ per it wasnever really by abe true dealer that keith will make a leading tothe sport it’s and has always been a intention and great interest to work with young people and help them to develop that i want tocome because with some computer as a young person there because he wouldrun cheapens

and it didn’t follow investment in ourdaybreak is recording producer i dot e being looked upon debate now isavailable we will be a time to be devoting christian coalition because it was avery powerful my father kept brilliance so i do about ready to make you abudgetary debate that work culture the success of editing italian minority ups and downs of support

blunder versions of these mobile below sixty seven quiz kids who come to the school beforeyou push them have already fourteen place inserted fundamentals began running for example there are two schools

there on the markets iran for watertheir logs for firewood date it clearly outdoor because thechinese is conducive to outdoor activity supported doing is as called qwest kikitwice already in the arteries and developing it from week eight ratherthan are you coming with any fixed fall below off on that and sing is rejected due to be committed to it

not necessary you know you have to becareful to always anne keep in mind pretty actually did bring it to youfirst even base if you think a lot of the soccer playerlost to train with manchester united are we on the dread there’s not a chance under straight getinto those stadiums to train with those great players what right here the kids around the streets

taken comp here they see the great athletes up from the time go a little tartarsthey want to be like the great athletes they can call and mix into a verysessional distract continental’s eastern region old friend great competitive who is now a professor of physiology inindiana university what results have emerged from from fromfrom case studies and uh… i think first of all we haveto do that because i heard you would

have reached househunting self-confidence and i can go to the city height of the day’s anything that is hisphysically to vote for um… i think also to genetics test c has some of the kids uh… related to the u_p_s_

that some of the the s_p_ related defeat so so you can see digits across the cascades down uh… weekends look at it approved thissimply refused us what do you have to proceed and so wouldcancel it is the tradition of excellence onethat’s a good weekend so looking high school it is the tradition of excellence

why activities so complete d it is also the tradition of excellenceand i think the mental caustic whistles would be important at their publicexpectation for kids peaceful hide it i second that when you do need ordinal and um… that much and you could be good enough just haveto make it to the finals humans to the final outcome second the public expectation is that you’reback really doing to find them speaking

too much no one to pay attention so we’ll get down to the residualsattacking expectation when you have high expectationsopponents tend to increase sold for decades politicking matthews became public happened both highexpectation and we pushed athletes students this is why

dickens’ socrates all three of you michael too great atwitter champions of fat dumb to saint patrick’s point is it input a column that makes in the great mentor hitting struggle needs to be theseconditional letter to petition process out bound uh… scenes that deputy season fifty years ago

uh… i said for the tricks when wentsaid when school is established kitties consistency uh… he’s also taking the time and look pushing too hard and do you take one who confessed intermediation just amazing isn’t it he comes from a warm-up act on it

amassing yet so he goes fine stayed there conditions finishes up here as a conviction had anything to the store long time grandstand did you know that

the temperament of the game you know howit uh… sticks of sometime at walmart that’s the best of theproblem for me during that time the warming up thedonut anarchy is not only doing physical warmup but also disturbing ted mentally but what isgoing to be so you have to give them excerpts of thedebate over the members pretty you just have to make sure to keep them half-time space throughout

to do what it takes them to do because i basically leonard by gary from the itunes i didn’t have any experience i had coachbefore independently courses in coaching advani has some books a few books you need toread by always learned because it back to listen to the atleast

and to learn true very often trial anderror from b_s_e_ what works and what doesn’t work to this day that’s a very important lesson that idid as a coach and even to the state by steel practice and take that approach tomichael g i’m still very observant and athletes isteal lol and aloft by and watching them wise but pushed a little bit

we should be moving in the picture to read well weller thirty one thirty successor foreigners fifty-five is very serene type of individual mostlyrelaxed nice mail he’s not in your face by any means fla coaches have seen around the worldto get real tight to put their outfits under pressure screening that micheleplenty of times tuzla doesn’t column you can see played upon to connectionthat he has with the athletes that they

believe one hundred percent and every single word stance and more importantly they also believein every single word he doesn’t say because he doesn’t have to communicateverbally hitches communicates plays very very presence depending on how you feelabout how you export a glowing at the end of thefour you do maybe twitches off totals just to speak thank you

adhesion to the sludge yet in europe and india the system yesprocesses is watching it uh… it pleases one and really really controlsthe air i can see he’s willing for fall is it is is is reduced dutiful but still so hoping that you can do abhi degeneration certificates usuallysee the chicken well to let this column ago you can almost forty one ninetytimes should be doing those who are

one twenty nine point twenty eight sixtysix on this list to move to another west yes slate look at these that’s just jumping for dialectic well yes he’spretty good is not an issue was disconnected first elizabeth left right at the scene opens politicalpurpose running lawyer always compare him to let you know this knowinglyselect people to call it also show lee

looked at them these d_d_c_ due to consult it now feeling okay according to dr i was uh… bernard green fat status mother that only the here it or not it and you can see the sons ofthe animals in activity nazi mama

them there as you think of the others nonesixty-fifth intimidated speculation reviewed your north hidden somewhere inthere is exactly which addition you see how would you and he’s fantastic timeslast year

just by pedro seeing he’s controlled running and and and and and uh… he’s he’s org ever and it’s the in a copy of the defense to just call doctor kids that mort and pick itup but i’m just really worry about he’s orparoled conditioning

and concerned dept weekend after yeahcommitted to the drawing board preference just you’ll find but you also know that clinton’s problems meets kept it could be profitable but injury okay upholding we only have

really next to the next meeting want exception constituents taxation saturday and in texas political interest diseasesare you don’t want to use into that and so even tomorrow if you’reinterested in the morn mob maybe he’s maybe nine indications right the but but

you’re seeing so many elicia however ido your best all this when he was just stretching one’s edwards you know maybe reduction in my mind isyou know and i see no credit you know as a citizen stability of the trek ups shipcalled see you sunday morning would be judged to be a good yearfailure before project unlike the city canyon has lurched intosimple approach to cleaning is central to the success brother column has been able to tap intoa sense of intercom cars at the heart of

the canyon there’s no one reason that makes themgreatest in the world but it’s a perfect storm of conditionscome together from her work and self belief that they can use citrine templates brother carlos approach totrade telecom away thinking heritage site to achieve success

division pizza here last year right away wrote ho ho ho ho ho ho ho install releasing in our heads before he left is how you’re going torun the race his son when the temperature is not about trying spotmetals

handbook less than two hundred metersinto the race and the teachers that’s gone details from you divides halloween almanac as soon as they break in the backstreets was writing the lame one almost submissive yet iraqis just fighting the hunting you know as a statement we noticed thatyou do part of the hope is that we just

hang in there with you maybe you were four of them in the last under that at this time it says it’s probably was lifted off myshoulders you know his expectations and all thepressure that was there alley is justified instinct in me and my faith in him now he’s world champion and world bankaccord and really they’re only treating this act noble indeterminate evenaddicts he has told them

as one missing we need the olympics he knows we givehim democratic

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