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Home Depot One Piece Fiberglass Shower

now you see here that we’re startingjust pull tell right out have nice heat the whole where we didn’t completely to hear that bad but just what is this is complete rip in this pistes normally guinea school want peace closure shared you which

getting three-piece show some cases where there’s shape halls just wall now to remove the base our scotch the train skates older shower that has been laid ok and input misterby because difficult scene with me is easy with take a showergrinder

and we just this train right out just point bodies the scout with this right a right here just tomake it nice square could where the plane is disprove the showerbase writer now we have a nice complete kit ok these are basically right up k and from here we can work with the dream

make removing it lot easy school weinstalled the new shower closer we’ve hit the corporate your comment replace the floor now before we replace our shower closure we’re going to replace shower valve this is the old just give you a pretty good look at itbefore we start hughes the in shower valve which is appalling positive singlehandle

this is required by law states positive there yes design selected anyone that uses keep the upset getting fucked with the alternatives are health it waseasy for a child or z citizen to just she turned the hot water all actually get caught its clubs so now these girls are designing sees it people could hurt sales

don’t decide that the positives companynow or the single handle faucets right youcannot find up two or three handle top or sharma house and also the the about a deposit now is there to when someone goes toflush toilet it with thanks up the pressure to whereyou would like it to put hot water or too much coal or so that will be a thing of the pasteventually here we going to remove the protective

cover plate which exit protected the dollars packaging whatever the white brown pleased to see also got a ticket of the tricky put it back on to her it’s actually usedto let you out with your drywall buddy is removed on the feed right here yousee the word up this is where the shower is going andwere pulled keen so that we could pull the quiteretail sold it when we do go to some

collect helps he’ll rubber pieces of plastics deaths in said the coach itself we were doing here’s just take ascrewdriver just so we can a prior the collector john there they actually domake a tool for this to remove the cartridge you with channel lock pliers just thecartridge out there you see the cartridge

shook real close at the tip you could see one says its agedwon’t see for cold this is the inside looks like see there’s nothing in there all theworkers done through the year cartridge that weare pulled out in there

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