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crews are stopped. new at 10:00, is it worth spending more than $600,000 on a high school locker room? that’s the price tag for the new renovations at arrowhead high school in hartland. here’s the breakdown according to the arrowhead union school

district. the total cost was $617,000. $316,000 came from a private donor, while the district paid the remaining $300,000. 12 news’ terry sater is in the web center and terry, you spoke with some parents who said it was over the top?

those exact words spoken by the parent of the arrowhead athlete. a locked room has gotten a lot of attention on her facebook page. none of the parents would go on camera. i tried to talk with several at

tonight’s basketball game at caramel rain. let’s took — take a look at the video. they were asked to make this the best high school locker room in the country. i spoke to a college scout at

the game who told me that it’s a lot nicer than college locker rooms. i did get a few parents to talk about it. it seems like a lot of money. we need to keep these kids focused on doing everything we can to lift up everybody in the

school district. i’m sure that’s money that could be spent advancing education. arrowheads principal didn’t return my calls. the school board president referred me to the superintendent. we are told that

he’s out of town. we will show you more of the

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