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welcome to how to cook thati am ann reardon today we are going to make 5 different giftsthat you can give away to people who love food which is pretty much every one. the firstone that we are going to make is chocolate bark this is such as easy one tomake and it is well loved by everyone who receives it. what you need to do isspread out some tempered white chocolate onto some non-stick baking paper in a thin smoothlayer. then let it set then once it is firm pour over some tempered milk chocolate. andspread it over in an even layer over the top. before that sets move on to sprinkling yourchoice of decorations over the top. i am using blanched almonds, roasted coconut strips,dried goji berries, pistachio nuts, and freeze

dried strawberries. you can use whatever you like, fruit and nutcombinations are pretty popular but kids if you are making it for them they tend to likethings like candies on top and tiny teddies and lots of more sugar more sweet stuff addedto the top there. for a different style of chocolate bark youcan pick out different colours i’ve got two colours here that are in pistachios the greenand the purply colour and i’ve used some oil based food colouring to colour some whitechocolate. spread out a rectangle of milk chocolate andthen before it sets add one colour and then the other dolloping it on top there and thenjust and mix it through. then before it sets

add the pistachios on top and you can of coursedo that with whatever colours you like. once they are starting to firm up you canslice them into blocks and then package as blocks like that or you can break or cut theminto shards put them into smaller boxes putting lots of slices in there. and they make justbeautiful looking and delicious gifts. next super easy again we have candy cane heartswhat you need to do is take two candy canes of equal size and place them next to eachother on a lined baking tray and then get a cake pop stick you need a paper one andnot a plastic one. and put that down the middle place them in a hot oven for just a few momentslike about 10 20 seconds. if you leave them in there too long they will turn into liquid.so keep an eye on them

pull them out and have a feel and if theyare warm enough to bend that’s great. these ones are very slightly softened but not quiteenough to bend so i’ll put them back in the oven for a tiny bit longer. there we go that is much better, now pinchthem together onto the stick and use a knife or your fingers just to make them a littlebit of a plumper heart shape. you’ll notice these are still holding their shape and theyare warm but not too hot to touch, if you pull them out of the oven and they look likethey are liquid then don’t touch, you’ve made them too hot and you will burn yourself. onceyou are happy with the shapes of your hearts you can leave those to cool and go firm again.then fill each heart with some tempered white

chocolate and then sprinkle it with decorationsof your choice before the chocolate sets. and then you can wrap those individually incellophane or if you want to serve them at an event just put them into a little jar thatyou can serve them in. another easy gift is the savoury sweet combinationof decorated pretzel sticks or you can use bread sticks if you can’t get the pretzelsticks. all you need to do is put your tempered chocolate into a cup. dip your stick in onone end and then tap it to get rid of the excess. quickly roll it in your chosen topping,this is just coloured sugar. then place to one side to set. if you are using somethingheavier like m&m’s dip one side in then out it on the paper to set and then add more tothe top by them by hand arranging so they

look pretty. if you just keep dipping it theyare going to fall off because they are too heavy.you can use your imagination of what you want on them, you could use sprinkles, or why notcrushed candy canes for that minty flavour and that christmassy sort of look dependingon the time of year. and then you can just box those up once they are set. next we have an m&m dispenseri first started making these when i was studying, they are great low cost gift. they look impressiveand they take a bit of time and you’ll need some tools to make them but they don’t costmuch at all. you’ll need one long square shaped piece ofwood.

then you’ll need measure the width of yourwood, mine is 1.75cm wide. and then multiply whatever your width is by 5. measure thatdistance along your wood and draw a line. saw that through and then repeat that untilyou have 13 pieces of wood that same length. then measure your width again if you can’tremember what it is and multiply it by 2. mark that off and you want to cut two of those.then for our last piece of wood you need to multiply your width by 10 this time, an easyone and measure that across. now take one piece of wood and place it acrossone end, then one of the longer bits and put it along the wood and mark where that comesto. place a piece across the wood and mark that again.now those two marks there you don’t want to

cut them all the way through just about 2/3of the way so that it looks like this s. then place a chisel on the top and bang it witha hammer and chisel out that piece. then sand off any rough edges from all of your pieces. and now we are ready to to put it together.take 5 of the pieces and using wood glue glue each one to the next so you end up with anice square. take another piece and glue it on two sidesand add it on top to one side going across the ones that are on the bottom layer. notthe same way, that is going to give it more strength. add another one right next to itthis time only putting glue on the bottom. wipe off any excess glue there we don’t wantany that is oozing out. then rest your longest

piece next to it, don’t glue this into placejust place it there. add one bit in front of it, only glueing thebottom. and then one more bit gluing the side and bottom so that is firmly in place. thenquickly remove the long piece so it doesn’t get stuck by any little bits of glue.to make the top layer arrange the pieces that are left so that the two little ones are onthe middle row so that you get a square hole in the middle. glue them altogether just likewe did with the bottom layer. and just leave them flat on the paper there. i am not puttingthem on top yet, we will let them all glue those two sections and let them dry first.take a jar that you like the look of this one is a jam jar. use a knife to pierce thetop to make like a cross shape and then bend

the metal upwards.place it over your wood and using something firm push the metal open into the hole. don’tuse your finger because the cut metal will be sharp and i don’t want you to cut yourfinger. so just push it down so that you get a niceopen spot there. add some glue to the underside and then put that into place, then rest somethingheavy on top while you wait for it to dry. once it is dry we need to add some nails andthey are going to stop the middle bit going all the way through and falling out of ourdispenser. place it in the gap and line it up so thatcut out chunk is lined up with one side so that it is open on one side. mark where theedge of that meets on the other end, then

slide it along so the missing chunk is inthe centre and mark where that is on the side. add your nails to each end, i am using roundedones but if you can’t get them normal ones are fine.now when you put it in and slide it form side to side you can see it stops at just the rightpoints. grab a candle and rub some wax on the edgesand that just makes it run smoothly. you don’t want to have heaps of wax on it so if you’vegot heaps of wax on it just rub it off and then you just want just a really thin layerit just aids it in running smoothly through there.add some glue on the two outer pieces being careful not to get any on the middle bit andadd your top layer across the top. once that

is dry pour m& m’s into your jar turn thewood upside down screw it on and then flip the whole thing the right way up.when you push the wood across it releases some m& m’s, pull it back so more can fallinto the hole then push it across again. and it makes a great gift and as i said itdoesn’t cost that much all you’ve paid for is one piece of wood and you’ve got a jarthat you’ve repurposed. next we have chocolate puzzles these are oneof my favourite they are so easy and super cute. , take a puzzle cutter, this is for cuttingcrusts off sandwiches and making them into cute shapes for little kids, but when i sawit i of course thought of chocolate. so i’ll

see if i can find where i got them onlineon link to it below if i can. place it on some acetate or non-stick baking paper orfoil and fill opposite sides with tempered white chocolate. once it is full make sureits going right into the corners and then level off the top.then add dark or milk chocolate to the other two pieces so you get that nice contrast inyour puzzle. gives that contrast. once it is set just push the pieces out of the cutter.and you have a quick, cute little gift hat you can give to someone. subscribe to how to cook that for more cakeschocolates and desserts click here to go to the channel and check out more of my videoshere for last weeks video put all you requests

in the comments below.have a great week and i’ll see you all on friday.[music: the boat song by youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]

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