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hey guys, welcome to my home, i have got aton of requests from you guys to do a home tour. and i have been in my homefor about over a year now, and when i first moved in, i barely owned any furniture,i came from a really small apartment. so i teamed up with an awesome designer, andi wanted to give you a quick tour of the house, so come on in! the first thing is the entry way, and youmay recognize this piece of furniture. this is the only piece of furniture that irefinished and i brought it from my small apartment and i put it right here, andin this drawer is where i keep the

doggie leashes. so when you’re headed outyou can take your dog on a walk and you have your little pooper bag. and then christiane the designer found thisawesome mirror, it’s so beautiful, so right when you walk in, i thought it looked likea bright sun! it’s like happy and cute! and then, when you walk in, straight to theliving room, this is the home office area. the dogs are sleeping right now, so i’lltry to be quiet. cookie’s over there, she loves this little dog bed, she just lovesto sleep while everyone’s working, she’s so cute. and then henry, he’s fancy, he’s overon the chaise lounge.

we thought this would be a really cool ideabecause if we had guests over, or our friends, we just love to sit and hang out here, whilewe’re working. it really helps with creativity too, you canhang out and think about baking ideas or design ideas. you’re like hmmm, yes,we should make a captain america pizza! yes, this is very good idea! i get some of my best thoughts here, and they’reso comfortable! henny, do you like it? and then behind me is the formal dining room,but we use it as an office. it has this really cool table that actuallyextends on both ends, so it can seat up to

about 14 people, which we have used on manyoccasions because we have a lot of people over. and it has these awesome chairs.christiane found these really cool chairs, that they are made of leather, soif you spill food, which we deal with food a lot! it just wipes off, they are easyto clean! and then up above, i love this chandelier!i fell in love with chandeliers as soon as we did the music video perfect together,and i really wanted to have one in my home, and now i do, i am so happy about it! and behind me, i wanted to have a dry eraseboard so we could write down ideas, and i really didn’t like the look of whiteboards, so we found a clear glass dry erase

board, so that when it’s hanging up, itdoesn’t really distract from the room. and then over here we have a bunch of desks,and computers, this is my computer. i’m the only pc computer because i playa lot of video games. and then my sister molly, she sits right overhere. mo sits here, mo’s desk and my desk, we’re together! i didn’t own any art when i moved into myhome, i didn’t own 1 piece of art, and i told christiane it was really importantto have some art in this house. and i’m so excited because it’s so big, andit’s yellow, it kind of reminds me of the california sunshine. and it also has gold,some metal in there, it’s got some

gold leafing in there. so i thought that waspretty cool my favorite, ultimate favorite part of thisroom now, are remote control shades! i know, i know, i’m geeking out about curtains,but this is so cool, it made me feel like tony stark, being able to controlcurtains with a remote. so we have a remote here, i’m gonna showyou, it’s so cool! alright, that is the living room, office area,and now i’m gonna show you the green room where guests hang out for the show. down this little hallway is our green room / office, go in here. dooooo!!!! this is where guests hang out when we’refilming for nerdy nummies, the first thing

you see is we mounted a tv on the wall. sothat when guests are hanging out they can relax and watch tv or watch a move in betweenshooting. behind me is mr. husky’s desk, he’s gotthe tri-screen, he does a lot of gaming in here, this is like command center for gaming.and then over here, check this out! this is where we do a lot of, like, voicerecording we’ll hang out, and do little voice overs and stuff, it’s pretty neat. when i was working with the designer, christiane,i said i really wanted to have a mini fridge in here sop that when we haveguests we can stock up on a bunch of yummy drinks and all of their favorite thingsso they’d feel really comfortable.

and, have a comfortable couch to sit on.really wanted a comfy couch, it’s so, oh it’s so squishy and fluffy! and, behindme is some pretty cool art, i love this art because it has coppered leaf in it, soevery room has art with different types of metals, i really really like that. i thoughtit was really neat! and now i will take you over to the other end ofthe hallway where we just decorated a bathroom, i know that sounds girly and kindof silly, but it was so boring before! and now it has like shelves and stuff it’slike, so cute! here’s where the magic happens! a-ah-ah-ah-ah!

just kidding! we’re in the bathroom, i lovethis bathroom, we redecorated it. when i first moved in, it was just plain,white walls, nothing in here, and then we put in a vanity, pretty mirror, shelves,funny art. even got a little hedwig in here! hoo-hoo! and then around the corner, we have our coffeebar area, we’ve got our keurig coffee maker, and then some funny art.i like big cups and i cannot lie! so this is the part of the house that youguys are probably the most familiar with, we are in the kitchen! this is where i filmnerdy nummies, but, over here is the newest area added. when i was talking to christiane,i really wanted a casual

dining area where i could have breakfast withthe girlfriends, or hang out and do some, like, cookie decorating and the details. and now i have it, it is so cute! i absolutelylove this area. and we have the bright colored chairs anda bunch of cute pillows. and, new curtains throughout the kitchen. these curtains areblackout curtains, so we can film in here any time of day, doesn’t matter howlate we go. i love it! and then over here, you guys have seen thatwe’ve already gotten some new countertops on nerdy nummies, because the old ones wereold and busted and broken. and even, oh my gosh can i nerd out just fora little bit?

wah-wah-wah! built in trash and recycle! i love it! and, oh my gosh, hello! this is my aloe plant,and i love him! i have wanted an aloe plant for so long. every baker shouldhave an aloe plant. in case you burn yourself, you just break off a little leafand rub the aloe oil on you, and it helps! and this 1, has already been used, by ourdp, who’s running the camera right now, schmidt. schmidt: mmmmhmmm. ro: mmmhmm.

this is, you won’t believe it, but thisis my first teapot, i’ve never owned a teapot of my own, until now, and i’m so excited! maybe i’ll have to have, like a tea partyor something, i don’t know! here is the tv room, this is our high bar,and this is a high breakfast bar, with high bar stools. and again, we have alot of people over, so we like to sit up here, eat breakfast, more space with friends,and, if we have a guest on, and they have their friends or manager over, they cansit here and watch everything being filmed. or, molly likes to sit up here when she’shelping too. and then behind me, we have a big open space. you would not believe, butwe have game of thrones nights, and

we were able to fit 20 people, in this space.we put pillows and blankets down. it was like a big slumber party, it was prettycool! and, what’s that, on the wall? that’smore art! i own art now! i really like this art becausethere’s a little bit of silver incorporated into it, so another metal inthis room. and then over here we have the biggest tvi’ve ever owned! uh, this is a 75 inch tv, i’m not messingaround! i take my game of thrones, very seriously! and over here, i have a mirror coming, i’lltake a picture when it comes

to go above the mantle. it hasn’tcome in yet, but i have a cute little picture of the nerdy nummies crew! so there’s me, my sister mo, mom and dad,matt, schmidt, greg, geoff, mr. husky, and then the doggies, we’ve got cookie andhenny! speaking of doggies, this is their littledog station. this one is cookie’s bowl, they share a water bowl, and then the otherone is henry’s bowl. and up here we have these cute little jars. they think they’regonna get some treats, so i better give ‘em one! sit, good sit!

now, down, lie down, lie down, lie down, goodlie down! good job, good job, good job! that’s it for downstairs, now i’mgonna take you guys upstairs to my bedroom! down this long hallway is a bunch of guestrooms, and my sister’s room, and then this way is my room! we created this little seating, reading area,before you enter my room, just a cute place to curl up with a book. and then here’s my room, you thedouble doors, and da-dew! here’s my bedroom! this is the second chandelier in the house,it’s so cool! when i moved in i had a

busted ceiling fan, and now i feel a littlebit more glamorous. this is my bed, i love the tufted look, ipicked out a tufted headboard, i thought it was really girly. and it’s a king size,i got a lot of room to sleep and cuddle with cookie. cookie does not have a dog bed in thisroom because she sleeps right here, by my little feets, and she cuddles with me.and, all the bedding and the pillows are super comfy and cozy. i love to lay in bed and watch tv, over here. this is my happy place! if i get a day off,which i usually don’t get, but if i do, i am laying in bed and watching this tv, cuddlingup with cookie.

christiane helped me fill these shelves, wheni moved in it was completely empty, and now it’s filled with pictures and booksthat i love! and if you guys are interested in a more thoroughroom tour, let me know in the comments down below and i can show you allthe details and how i organized everything. and then over here we set up a little desk,so that if i get an idea in the middle of the night, i don’t have to run downstairsto type out my idea, i can just come right over here, so this is my little minidesk, slash vanity, so it is a dual purpose thing going on. and now i’m gonna show youmy closet, i’m super excited about it! this is like my favorite part. so it’s throughhere, we have to go through the

bathroom, and then into the closet! da-dew! and now, ta-da! here’s the newly decorated closet, and,as you can tell, there’s a third chandelier. i’m starting to absolutely love these. in here, the walls are covered in a wallpaper, andi’ve never had wall paper in any of the apartments or homes i’ve ever lived before,but christiane really changed my mind about the way i feel about wall paper. becauseshe found this beautiful, elegant, really delicate wall paper. it’s a lightblue color, and when i walk into the closet, it’s just a space that i feel relaxed, andi want to be in.

this is where i sit down, i put my littleshoes on, or put your pants on it’s really cute! and i also have a little ladderback here, because i got to reach all my shoes! i have a really rare shoe size,i wear women’s size 4, so i definitely collect shoes, i have a lot ofshoes. some of my favorites are from the shoe bakery, look at that! like a littlepiece of cake! oh, my gosh, jessica simpson shoes, she makesa size 4, i love it! i have a ton of stuff in here, so if you guyswant to see a full closet tour please let me know down below and i can do that! ok, i’m gonna head back down to the kitchen.

ro: and, before i end the video, i reallywanted you guys to meet the designer ro: that i’ve been working with, meet christiane! christiane: hi guys! ro: she is amazing, i just want to say thankyou, thank you, thank you! ro: you did so good making my home a work-livespace! christiane: i just brought your ideas to light. ro: aw! she’s so sweet! i’ll be puttingall of her links down below on social media, ro: so you can go check them out, and, somelinks to some videos that you made. christiane: oh, and beautiful imagery! i hadso much fun doing this!

ro: oh, this was a blast! ro: alright you guys, i hope you enjoyed thevideo, bye-bye! christiane: bye! alright, that is it for the house tour, ihope you guys liked it. i’ll be putting a link down below to thekin store, where you can check out a bunch of things that you saw in my home today, and,a big thank you to wayfair and my designer christiane for making this happen!you guys are amazing and you made this all possible! also, if you would like to see any of my othervlogs, you can click up here, or here!

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