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ro: hey guys, it’s ro! today i’m hanging out with my friend justine. justine: hi! ro: you guys know justine, she’s amazing. ro: i’m gonna put her links down below,go say hello, go check her out. ro: we got so many requests to do a gingerbreadhouse decorating challenge game, ro: i’ve never done this! justine: i’m so excited because i actuallybuilt justine: this same kit before. ro: ooooh! justine: but what’s gonna make this a challenge is we’re only gonna have

justine: 10 minutes to complete our house. ro: we are each gonna be choosing a theme,my sister picked a bunch of ro: different themes, they’re in there,we don’t know what they are. ro: so we’re gonna choose them and try tomake our house look like that theme. ro: and, you guys will choose who won at theend of the 10 minutes. ro: also, a big thank you to wilton for sendingus these kits so that ro: we could play this game, and for supportingme and collaborating with ro: me to make this video. if you guys are interested in buying one of these ro: kits i will put a link down below, tomake it easier to find.

ro: alright, justine, guests go first. justine: ok. ro: please choose your theme. ro: i love your sweater by the way. justine: thank you! justine: drumroll please! justine: christmas tree! justine: i mean, you can’t get any morefestive and christmas-y than a christmas tree. ro: alright, what is my theme gonna be?

ro: candy cane lane! justine: ooooh! that’s gonna be so cute! ro: we’ve got our gingerbread houses alreadyassembled, the kits came with ro: these candies right here. but we picked a bunch of other little wilton ro: candies to decorate. let this gingerbread house decorating challenge begin! ro: we got 10 minutes on the clock. both: ready, set, decorate! ro: ok.

justine: let’s go! oh gosh, ok… ro: i’m gonna start with the roof. justine: so this might look like i’m goingreal nuts, which i am… justine: but i’m gonna smear this all into have a nice tree looking roof. ro: justine, that looks like a bush, thatdoesn’t look like a tree! justine: it’s a tree! it is a christmas tree! justine: do you know what i’v never seen? ro: what? justine: the christmas story.

ro: …. that is a classic! justine: i know, i always change the channel. ro: oh no! ro: i’m gonna use these little candy meltsas shingles. justine: oh i was gonna do that too! justine: i’m spending too much time on theroof! i’m spending too much time on the roof! ro: there’s a lot of time going in on theroof here. ro: how do roofers do this!? justine: i’m having a lovely time! ro: in my head this looked a lot cuter!

ro: mmmm-mmmm-mmmm! justine: oh this tastes nice! justine: i’ve been squeezing so much icing that,i’m getting ripped over here! justine: i’ve got so many muscles! ro: look at these, they’re little candycanes candies! ro: oh we need these, we’ve gotta stick theseon for… justine: sorry, i’m getting in your… ro: you go for it! ro: ok, in my head this looked way better.

ro: we’re half way there. justine: no! ro: yes! justine: no i’m not ready, i’m still coveringmy house with green! ro: what are these little…. ro: i love these! ro: here we go! ro: oh snap! ro: oh wow, that’s looking good! justine: it could use a little snow. ro: i want to make a wreath that looks likea big…

ro: uh-oh! justine: i love the holidays! ro: we’re just gonna make this happen. justine: this is great. ro: justine, i got a joke for you. justine: yeah, whatcha got for me? ro: what does a snowman eat for lunch? justine: …. i have no idea… ro: ice-burgers! ro: we need the winter wonderland.

ro: this is what i call, make it thunderstorm! ro: that’s what that is! justine: here we go. ro: the front lawn, gotta have some goodcurb appeal justine! ro: did you think about that when you weredesigning? justine: don’t even look over here! justine: don’t look! don’t look! it’s just… oohp! it’s a secret! ro: ok. justine: three minutes left! ro: uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh!

justine: i’m not, oh no no no! ro: ok, these colors are not candy cane colors,they need to go! justine: oh that’s nice. justine: i’m having so much fun! ro: mmmm! ro: which is… justine: i have icing all over my body. ro: well i have, i did my mouth, andprobably on my shorts. ro: i don’t know if this can get any better… ro: this is really good! ro: huuuuuh! oh no! ro: i forgot to decorate the back of my house!

justine: nooooo! ro: does that count? justine: yes it counts! ro: uh-oh, gotta flip this around. justine: how are you gonna have backyard parties?!? ro: gotta flip this around. ro: i’m gonna draw a candy cane on here,we have less than a minute! justine: no! i’m not ready! i wanna put my ornaments on! justine: don’t make fun of it! ro: get some little crunch… ro: just right here.

ro: 10 more seconds! justine: these are like mini, mini trees! justine: i have to put the mini mini trees on! ro: go, go, go, go! justine: cool! justine: i think i’m good! justine: i think… no! even more trees! ro: 3… both: 2, 1! justine: ahhhh!

ro: times up! ro: boom! justine: here they are! ro: our houses are finished! justine: wow! ro: we have to walk you through our themes,justine, please take it away. justine: i would like to give you a housetour of my christmas tree theme. justine: so i like to call this a californiachristmas, because mostly justine: in california, we don’t have snow,so clearly there’s no snow. ro: true, very true! justine: also my house shifted a little bit,so i’m assuming that’s from

justine: an earthquake, since this is a treetheme. ro: uh huh. justine: trees don’t have doors, so there’sno entrance to my house. ro: also true! justine: but look at yours! ro: well, let me show you ro: i tried to make it all candy cane, wedid shingles red and white, ro: candy cane colors. ro: candy cane sprinkles, we got some pillars,we have

ro: an entryway, a little bit of curb appeal. ro: the front looks better than the back,but let me show you my candy cane ro: design, is it a candy cane or a question mark? ro: because we don’t know what it is! justine: look at us, we’re neighbors! ro: together they are the holidays! ro: let us know in the comments down belowwhich gingerbread house you ro: like more, and, i made a second videoover on wilton’s channel, ro: i’m gonna put a link down below, gocheck it out, i’m gonna show you

ro: some really easy tips and tricks for decoratinggingerbread houses. ro: because i do decorate these every year,they usually look a little ro: better than this, so go check it out,it’s really, really helpful, ro: i’ve got some cool tips. ro: also again, a big thank you to wiltonfor supporting and collaborating ro: with me to make this video, this was somuch fun! ro: i’ll put a link down below if you guysare interested in getting ro: one of these kits. ro: if you guys make a themed gingerbreadhouse, take a picture and send it

ro: to us, we want to see your pictures. ro: and, a big thank you to justine, for playingthis game with me today! ro: this was so much fun! ro: alright, thanks you guys for watching,i hope you enjoyed the video. ro: bye-bye! justine: bye!

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