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Where To Buy Home Decor Stuff In Singapore

hi, guys! i’m here at divisoria i will look for makeup here. so, let’s go! i’m here at the makeup shop here are the stuff i got. so, i’ll pay for it now. i don’t want the fake makeup to stick to my skin so, i am using face primer. first, i’m using this fake liquid foundation.

the pump is broken so i took it off instead. the product is too creamy so it’s difficult to dispense the product. i noticed that it is easy to apply and easy to blend. at first, it did not make my skin itch. however, i noticed that the product smells like melted plastic. and it’s oily. i’m using this paddle brush to blend the foundation. i like it because it’s easy to use.

it makes the application smooth and helps to even the product on the face. next, i’m using this fake face powder. the product is okay at first… i noticed that it doesn’t cake unlike the original mac powder. however, the scent somehow made me feel dizzy. and after a while, it makes the skin look darker even though the powder looks light in the container. i’m not sure if there is an original urban decay liner set. i noticed that the brown is too dark for the eyebrows. the brush that came with it is too sparse so i just used my own brush.

(my face is now way too darrrk because of the powder!) i’m excited to try this fake eye shadow palette because it looks like the real thing! however, the colors are different when swatched. it is easy to apply but, of course, it’s not as pigmented as the original naked palette. it’s like using a regular, drugstore brand eyeshadow. the black liner came with the ud liner set. out of all the items i bought, i was surprised with this liner! it’s pigmented and also very easy to apply! the brush that came with it is also okay.

however, the product does not dry/set so it could smudge after few hours of wearing it. i don’t have the original nyx contour but i’ve tried it at their store. the fake one is dry and is tricky to apply if you don’t put pressure when gliding. it is also difficult to blend! if you try to blend it, the foundation gets disturbed! just… no! i’m using this fake sponge blender. i’m quite disappointed with the fake one. it’s too soft and wiggly and gets deformed when soaked in water.

i am in love with the original beauty blender because it makes blending so much easier! it is almost difficult to tell the fake from the original. they are identical from the packaging to the actual product. did you know that the original anastasia smells stronger and smudged while the fake one didn’t? surprisingly, the fake one is also pigmented, easy to apply and it’s real matte! it’s as if using an original anastasia for only $2. (wtf!) because i was scared, i removed the makeup 3 hours, after filming the video and after eating. the makeup stayed on my face, especially the lip product. allergy test! did my skin break out?

the answer is… no! my skin is okay. i still have the spots i had before applying the fake cosmetics. but i didn’t get new spots nor did my skin get irritated. (thank god!) if you really want to buy fake, i suggest just go for the tools. at least, you won’t compromise your skin. but, if you really insist buying fake makeup… okay, then! go for the eyeshadow palette and the lip product. but! skip these as they are really bad! and not worth your money, even though they cost just a few bucks.

so, i hope you guys enjoyed watching me as i courageously apply fake makeup on my face! 🙂 follow me on instagram, @realasianbeauty!

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