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Where To Buy Cheap Home Decor In Singapore

how to buy a cockatiel. well, buying a cockatielis a lot like buying a parakeet, or any other bird or animal. first thing you need know,is you need to know what you want out of the cockatiel. do you want an animal that you’regoing to be able to play with and handle, and be best friends with? or are you lookingfor an animal just to look at? once you’ve decided that, then you know whether or notyou’re looking for just an animal that you’re going to find physically attractive, or onethat you can actually play with and handle. then go to your local pet store, or breeder,or bird show, or whatever. look around and find people who’ve got parakeets for sale.and then you want to find the parakeet that meets your needs. now if you’re looking forone that’s handleable, of course you’re going

to want to get him out, and play with himand touch him. chances are, most cockatiels from a pet store or breeder, or you know,someone who is doing this professionally, are not going to be super, super hand tamed.they’re going to be kind of like this guy here. which is, he’ll get up on you, he’llstay on your finger. he’ll deal with you handling him. but he’s going to take a little bit ofworking still to get down to be that super friendly cockatiel. and be able to talk aboutthat in a different video how to do that. what you’re looking for here is signs of goodhealth, so we want an animal that is active, attentive. he needs to be moving around, makingnoises. he’s picking on me a little bit. he’s got clear and attentive eyes, there’s no dischargecoming from the nose. he’s not being lethargic.

he’s got all of his toes intact, nothingsbeen beaten up on, or ripped off by a cage mate or something, which can happen. he’snot missing any feathers, all of his feathers are intact. he doesn’t have any broken bloodfeathers. he’s not sitting lethargically, puffing himself up, which is a clear indicatorof illness in a cockatiel. as long as he meets all of those needs, than really all you arelooking for is personality and attractiveness. any bird for the most part can be tamed down,so, you know, keep that in mind if you find one that’s maybe not as tame as you wouldlike it, but you really find it attractive, you can probably work with the bird and gethim to relax and tame down, but don’t count on that completely. because some birds justnever, never get used to people. they’re just

always going to be a little bit, frustratingand a little bit annoying to work with. so, but you know, it’s difficult, and just makesure you have healthy one, and you’ll both a great and healthy relationship in your futuretogether. and, that’s pretty much all there is to it.

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