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Where To Buy Cheap Home Decor In Manila

hi everyone. i’m alejandra from alejandra.tvand in this video, i’m going to show you how to organize your desk on a tiny budget.but first, if you are looking to start getting organized for the very first time, you cancheck out my free video series on my website alejandra.tv. there’s a link below. all right. so if you want to stay productive,get things done or cross things off your to-do list, you have to have an organized desk withsystems in place. so if you were setting up your desk for thevery first time, you’re probably thinking that you have to have this really big budgetto buy expensive organizing products and just spend a lot of time setting up systems, whichyou do have to spend a lot of time. but you

don’t have to spend a lot of money. youcan still get organized with a tiny budget. so that’s exactly what i’m going to showyou in this video. i visited seven dollar trees in the area andwent and found the best organizing products for the desk, found them, put them in placeand now i’m going to show you exactly what my desk looks like. all right. so starting on the desktop overhere, so over here in this corner, i needed a pencil caddy for my markers, pens, pencilsand stuff. so i went in the office supply section of dollar tree and they had one. buti wasn’t really crazy about it. so i kept shopping around and i found thiscute vase in the floral section and i was

thinking, “ok. just because it’s a vasedoesn’t mean it can’t be used for other things.” so now i’m using this pretty vase with aribbon tied around, with a bow, for all of my beautiful markers and pens and pencils.i did the same thing for all of my bigger supplies like the stapler, the staple remover,sharpener, rubber bands and so forth. they’re all right here in the shorter vase. ok. then business cards. so if you have businesscards, maybe you keep them on your desk or maybe if you go to events or conferences,you meet people, you bring business cards home and you never have a place to put them.so you put them in a business card holder

on your desk like this and anything in thispile means that you need to follow up with the person. say, “it was nice to meet you.”discuss business or whatever, so they could go in that pile here until you archive themor add them to your address book and then discard them later. all right. so that’s that. then back herebehind the desk, i was so excited when i found these. i found these corkboards that fit mydesk perfectly for posting and hanging like memos, invitations, photos, quick notes forreminders and stuff. i bought four. they just go back here. so they sell corkboard ones.they sell colored ones and they have pink, orange, green, blue, polka dot boards. thoseare really cut also and then they also sell

whiteboards in the same exact size. then allthe boards come with three thumbtacks per board. so the one thing about them is that they allcome bent. like i searched and scrummaged all the boxes and they’reall bent. so, when you come home, you just have to flatten them underneath like a heavystack of books and then they eventually flattened. one of them isn’t very flat. but you can’tsee. all right. so that’s that. and then overhere on this side of the desk, i needed a – like some kind of letter tray or someplace to put all of my file folders and papers and projects i’m working on. so i foundthis paint tray in the garage aisle at dollar

tree. i was just walking down the aisle andi was like, “oh, that paint tray looks just like a letter tray,” which is what i alwaysdo when i shop for organizing products. i look for – i look at something and i’mlike, “ok. that looks like a letter tray,” in this case a paint tray. so it can totallybe used for that purpose. so this just has all of the file folders forlike projects that i’m working on or like papers that i’m processing. all go insideof this paint tray. so these folders are actually from the dollar store also. they come tenfor a dollar and they’re only – they only come in manila which is fine. you can addcolor with bright post-it notes. but they also come in colored poly – like kind oflike a polyplastic folder, three to a pack.

i got these ones. but what i did was i put a sticky note herewith the name of the folder because everything is piled in here. it’s like if everythingwas filed, just like this, i could just – i could see all the names of the folder easilywithout un-stacking them. but because they’re piled, they have bright sticky notes thatmake it easy to flip through and find exactly what i’m looking for. so that just hangs out over here. then onthis side of the desk, i found a napkin holder for all of my bills to pay, my like piecesof documents that i need to take action on, like call someone, cancel something, ask something.everything just kind of gets in here and i

puttied it down with this poster tack fromdollar tree as well. it’s for posters but it’s kind of like mounting putty. so just take a little bit. you stick it underneathsomething and then it’s not going to wobble or it’s not going to move. so it actuallyworks really well. the one thing about it that i found is that since it’s blue, itkind of leaves a little bit of a film, like a blue film on the surface. but if you justscratch it off, it comes off easily. so that is here and i put this label on topof it. this label is not from dollar tree. it’s from target. i love these things. theyare just clip-on labels just like that and they are actually made for – you know likethose storage cubes that go in like a cube

organizer? they’re made of fabric. theyjust clip on the top just like that. so i figured this is the perfect label for thisnapkin holder that is my bill center. all right. then my checklist binder. so ifyou watched my old how to organize your desk video, i showed my checklist binder and iwanted to mimic the same system because i love that binder. so what i did was i found this binder at thedollar store and it doesn’t have a place to label like lists or whatever your categoryis. normally it’s on like the spine right here. so i found this label that i just had in mylabel kit just like this. but what you can

do is just grab a piece of scrapbook paperor construction paper and put clear packing tape on top of it and then put your labelon top of your clear packing tape. so if you need to rename your binder downthe road, you just peel the label off the packing tape and you don’t peel the wholelabel off itself. ok. so inside the binder, i have dividers.so i got these dividers at the dollar store as well. they only sell five-tab dividers.so i kind of had no choice. they do – like you can label them inside these tabs righthere, but i felt like the little piece of paper will just fall out in like a second. so i just created my own coversheet just likethis and took shipping labels, put them here,

put the label on top, and now i know whateach section is. so that is my checklist binder and then overhere, i’m going to – in the next video, i’m going to show you how i’ve organizedmy drawers with dollar tree products as well. but the last thing in the desk video are mytrash cans. so in my previous video, i showed my system for trash. it’s trash, shred,recycle. everything has a different bin and so i wanted to mimic that same system. so over here, you can see i did the same thing.i found these beautiful white trash cans. they’re all the same. they’re all – it’sa very intuitive system. you just quickly sort your documents, your mail into thesebins and you’re good to go.

they’re a little bit small but they arefunctional and i just labeled them, “trash,” “recycle,” and “shred”. so that’s how i’ve organized my entiredesk. now i’m going to show you how much i’ve actually spent here. so let me just count everything. so one dollar,two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen,fifteen, sixteen. so i’ve organized my entire desk for $16. i now have a space that is completelyfunctional. everything is easy to access and it looks beautiful and i’ve only spent $16.so it just goes to show that you can organize any space of your home on a small budget.you just have to get creative, think outside

the box, do a little bit of research and shopping.but it can totally be done. so i hope you enjoyed this video. if thisis your first time watching any of my videos, you can subscribe to my channel for more tipson getting organized or you can check out my website alejandra.tv. thanks for watchingand i will see you soon. bye!

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