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Where To Buy Cheap Home Decor In Dubai

comm: they’re one of the most dangerous animals in the world, yet one family show no fearwhen it comes to their pet tigers. comm: they play and swim with them, and even allow their children to ride on their backs. comm: but not everyone is happy, and there’s fears something will go wrong sooner or later. comm: here in maringa, brazil ary borges and his family have not one, but seven tigers. comm: together with his three daughters deusanira,

uyara and nayara, ary and the family, eat,live and even swim with the giant cats. comm: despite having no experience with tigers ary rescued two of the big cats from a circusyears ago. after he found them living in bad conditions. comm: he decided to build an enclosure and welcome them into the family. comm: and it wasn’t long before ary’s daughter uyara, began feeding, petting and walking the tigerson leads. 01:38:comm: twenty year-old nayara has formed a

special bond with one of the tigers, tom.and regularly swims with him. comm: but not all members of the family are so happy about having tigers around. uyara’shusband rafael is terrified of big cats. comm: and uyara’s decision to allow her young daughter to interact with the tigers, is notgoing down well. comm: now ary has plans to open a 40-acre eco-park in maringa, where his beloved animalscan roam free. comm: but until that time ary and his family will continue their intimate but controversialrelationship

with their feline pets.

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