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Where To Buy Cheap Home Decor In Bangkok

‘i am getting married tomorrow.’ ‘everyone’s so happy..’ ‘except for me.’ ‘because i don’t want to get married.’ ‘but i don’t have a choice.’ ‘maybe my mom and dadcould understand my sorrow.’ ‘but they are no more.’ ‘lord..only you canshow me the right path.’ lakshmi, did you call the..

sita. come here everyone. come with me..- where are you going? this is because of your pampering.- wait, listen to me. we won’t spare..- don’t hurt her.. search her everywhere.- have patience. find that shameless girl .. stuck in our trap, huh! "be ware my dear.."

"be ware.." "be ware my dear..i’vegot my eyes on you." the name’s gucchi..high school fail. your uncle redappaand i have a long enmity. marrying this manmeans ruining your life. he’s already married. i will kill you! drag this rascal out of the village. i admit i was married..

..but love was blossoming in my heart that same love is blossomingin your heart too, right. otherwise you would’venever run away from your wedding. but your uncle’sheart is on silent mode. he will never understandyour love story. fine.. at least, now i got a chanceto take revenge on my uncle. feels like..i’ve founda pond in the desert. tell me..when abeautiful girl like you..

..is in front of me, in this romanticnight, then won’t i have desires. i showed the knife to the tc.. ..and he gave me firstclass ac confirmed ticket. if i had killed you, then redappawould shed tears for few days.. ..and then forgotten all about it. but if you run away..he’llmourn everyday. fruits and water for the journey. if you miss your train incase..then my plan will be ruined. best of luck for your journey,don’t show me your face here again.

otherwise..i’ll show you heaven. that was too threatening. now go..go. careful.. happy journey, madam! find her..find her..- look that way. check every compartment.- come on. hurry up. she just ruined our family reputation. passengers pay attention.

redappa’s niece..ranaway before her wedding. please pay attention.- hey, go inside. come on. the daughter ofredappa’s small brother.. ..flew away one nightbefore the wedding. how do we say that in gujarati? what nonsense is this? what happened? it’s no nonsense.. a great man once said that..

..bad news should alwaysbe whispered in the ears slowly. and if you want to givea good news to the public.. ..then announce it at therailway station, over this mic. this is our family matter, stay away.- i see.. i should stay awayfrom your family matter.. ..and you can interferein my family matters. hey.. yes, papa..- come home now. but we haven’t found sita yet.

if a child is lost, thenfinding him is our responsibility. but if some grown uphumiliates us and runs away.. ..then the sensiblething to do is forget him. she’s just a burden for us.come back immediately. don’t take undueadvantage of our freedom. you must marry the guy we say. i told you before..don’tsend her to the hostel. she will definitely humiliate us. please, just meet him once.

i assure you, you will like him. don’t tell us whatwe need to do and what not? if only mom and dad were alive.. ..then this wouldn’t have happened. we’re getting you married.. ..to the guy your mom anddad fixed your marriage with. maybe you have forgotten that. hello, gita.- sister, did you get on the train? everyone must be so worried.

forget that..i’ve keptsome cash in your bag. you didn’t have to do it. we’ll see whatever happens. as soon as you get to america,send me a selfie with brother-in-law. i am restless to see him. you’re the only personwho asked about him. honestly,i don’t know how this happened. i met him on facebook. he lives in america.

‘english rap song’ his day doesn’t startwithout wishing me goodnight. and my day doesn’t endwithout wishing him good morning. hello, america. greetings from coolcat karishma.. ..to all those indo-americanswho are listening to this fm channel. i have to host his programand then he takes my salary as well. where is he? he says he’s stuck in traffic.

on mr. rafi’s birthday we’ll playsome of his superhit and rare songs. i am sure that you willlike the songs i choose. so..stay tuned to radio mirchi,now in usa. hey whitewash. yeah, you.. come here. hey, i just gave you a lift, not gift thanks and sorry. you’re too fast. when i was a kid, i wouldeat my neighbor’s almonds as well.

that’s why i am too smart. good morning, everybody. if you’re don’t listening to yourfather’s rebukes and wife’s taunts.. ..then get readyto listen to some songs. i’m going to fill yourboring life with some fun. because here comes..here comes patel! he’s always late….but arrives with a bang each time. your words are reaching my heart,speak up. i just called..

so how are you? thanks to the blessingsof you aunties, i am really happy. what is your name?- my name is kalavati. you sound like you’refrom dilip sir’s era. but you’re bad luck thatyou got a useless husband.. ..and a villain of a son. bless you..boy.. – and you’re tryingto find him a wife like katrina kaif. so tell me why you called. i want to be a model, patu..

if you wear glasses, then get a lens. if you’ve black hair,then dye it golden. i’ll order it right away. hello. what did you say? when did it happen? who did it? i am coming. what are you doing?

look, you work here part time. if you leave my show, what about me? this is a part time job,and he’s my full time friend. lata, kishore,rafi..play anyone’s song. audience will shout for help.- patu.. what happened, friends? why call me? he works for a software company. his contract is over. his mother is very ill..butthe company isn’t letting him.

who do these americans think they are? they run their companiesthanks to our talents. they make money..andthey want to make us slaves. we won’t let them continuelike this anymore. the company’s owner is a gujarati.- is it? these gujaratis are beingpatels in america as well. i will show that guy. we were supposed totake him to the airport.. ..but the company hassent goons after him.

delivery will be quick,but it will be expensive. i’ve a credit card.- i’ve debit card. what’s this, an online store. cash will do. all the best, okay. hey..we’ll see how youmake it to the airport. we won’t let you go. we won’t spare you. friend, these are the guys whoare stopping me from going to india.

let’s not burn fuel and waste money. patel doesn’t like wasting money. okay. everything is open in america. so you guys listen to me as well. i’ve made a deal for 500$to take this dodo to the airport. so this is about business,and not friendship. i’ll give you 1000$. really?

what are you thinking? to switch sides for money. i’ll give you 1500.- party change. i’ll give you 3000$. i can’t give you that much.- i get it. but that’s all you’llget for that much. are you my relative? let me count first. kalpesh, get in the car.

what nonsense. i paid you. what else do you want? what is your name?- vishal. vishal..you did pay me,but i promised him. i’ll take the money..butyou’ll suffer. because i am like the market..andthe market always goes up or down. you won’t get it. but my gujarati brothers understand. what do you say, guys?

come on, guys..whatare you looking at? go-go! quick. had fun..saw america. our country isn’t bad either. go and work hard there.- thank you, friend. you’re great. i will never forget your favor.- enough. stop thanking me so many times,or i’ll charge you for that too. give my regards to the country..andsay we patels miss you. thank you. bye.

where is my idli with tomato chutney?- where is my dosa? i want my breakfast right now? i want masala dosa. if this continues,then soon i’ll be bankrupt. have patience, chef is coming. they’re slitheringlike fish out of water. if they don’t get breakfast,they will kill me. come quickly. coming-coming..

today no idli-no dosa. only indian face..rice-tickle. i heard about pickle-rice,what’s tickle rice. i mixed left over vegetables,lentil in last night’s left over rice. vegetables.. lentil.. awesome. i want one more plate immediately. so good.. we want tickle rice!

great business. even you got tipped well. this is your business,and this is my tip. what’s this? your tip is more than my business. if this continues,how will i make money? everyone makes money,but patel makes richness. i didn’t come here to uploadmy pictures on facebook and whatsapp. i’ve come here to convert everymoment into a dollar..and be rich.

these days people relymore on sale rather than oxygen. monsoon sale, new year sale..diwalisale, christmas sale..big sale. from rich to the poor..sale.. and if i don’t take advantage of this,then how can i be patel? so there’s another thingon sale in this world.. patel on sale. you’ll get everything..butno discount. 24 hours on service! hello. what? the flight has landed.

save me..i am dead! what happened? some vip coming? i am fine, it’s okay.- it’s not okay. whether it’s india or america. these boys are always a pervert. they start hitting on girls anywhere. hey..lady. sorry. i was in a hurry,i didn’t do it on purpose. in a hurry.

so many people in this huge airport? why bump into me? whenever you see a beautiful girl,you want an excuse to touch her. sita..my name is sita. next time you do something like this,i’ll show you. hey madam..if i showyou my true colors.. ..then girls will queueup to bump into me. go take a look around america. there are far better girls here.

you..- what? you what? sita..hi.- tell me. tell me. is he your brother? none of your business. sita. remember..sita. so is my friend..hestitches clothes well. get lost. abhi. look..i wore those bb clothes.

come, let’s go. do you know who you’re messing with? i am vip..don’t cross limits. i may look like a small cracker,but i am a bomb. he said bomb. what he say..- he look’s dangerous. hey officers, what is it? i am sorry..- wait. what is the problem? he’s my guest. guest are god..not some lost luggage.

where were you?- sorry uncle..i was late. what is this?- weapons? my special weapons. uncle, stop making a mess of things. actually,he’s travelling for the first time.. shut up. no need tobe scared of these donuts. sachin’s bat is his bomb. zakhir’s drums are his bomb. and this ladle is my missile.

i say it proudly..theseare my weapons..isi approved. isi?- yes! excuse me,sir..please remove your belt. you want to take mypants off..but i won’t. they have even takenking khan’s pant off. king khan needed america..americaneeds this king’s food. he’s the best cook in india. isi means indian standard institute. please let us go, sir.

this is our restaurant address. please come. if they ever showup at our restaurant.. ..i will lace theirfood with laxatives. and if they still survive,i’ll kidnap their flight.. ..and ram it into theirpresident’s white house. what is he saying?- nothing. he wants to see thewhite house by flight. that’s all sir,nothing sir.. it’s okay.

tell him to shut his bloody mouth. yes, sir.. don’t worry, sir. thank you. handle with care. you arrived at the righttime..and save those guards. i’ve heard that greencards are available here. we’ll take some on the way back. next time i’ll get my entire family.- what? green card.

you’ll turn blue getting a green card. and cameron will take you in avatar 2. come, i’ll make a film for you.- okay-okay. wait..let’s take a selfie. click, click.. now america’s destiny isgoing to change. – right! show me your passport.- she has it, officer. please..- where did you keep it? i got on the flightbecause i had a passport.

no-no-no-no,we can’t allow you without passport. how can you lose your passport?- wait! wait, i’ll show you. one minute, i’ll be right back. officer, had a passport.- yeah! yeah, copy. copy. hey lady.. here.. before teaching others,learn to take care of your own stuff. aunty.. show it to me..- thank you buddy.

please ma’am, show it to me. show him.- here. the air in america is so different. it awakes your dormant desires. i can feel that. this is our restaurant. what is the name of this restarant? awakai.- what? it’s worse than kallu’s roadside inn.

you called me to work in this place. even my assistant’sassistant won’t work here. i’ll punch you.. there’s nothing interesting here. it’s here.. my interest just walked in here.- welcome..welcome to our hotel. why don’t you leaveindia and settle down here? welcome..- where? in your heart? that was a joke..don’ttake it to your heart.

what is your name?- malai. rasmalai. i mean chamcham rasmalai. matches with your face. i am sure flies hover around you. what insolence is this? how could this sweet thingbe this ugly guy’s daughter? she is my wife, you fool. she’s my wife!now go take a look at the kitchen.

shut up. kitchen is not for cooking food. what do you mean?- kitchen is a place for romance. i treat vegetables as my lover. hot spices make the food spicy. hey..what kind of philosophy is this? don’t mix cooking with love making. your husband is such a fool. i wouldn’t have calledyou if he was a player.

do you want to kill me? well..let’s take a selfie now. you too.. right.. now awakai got lucky. welcome..- welcome. all of you get out. get lost i say. go! come on-come on.

is this a kitchenor a cricket stadium? i can’t even squeeze a lemon. if they find out,he will squeeze me out. you..- you forgot about your conscience. what are you doing here? humans need tickets,passport and visa. we’re soul’s. we can fly anywhere without a flight. now tell me..how willyou get out of this mess?

famous chef sanjeev kapoor’srecipes are recorded in this ipod. wow..you’re worse than your soul. why were you bossingaround those poor guys? so that they think i am an expert. and..why do you keeptaking your selfies? whatsapp.- huh? whatsapp. post it on whatsapp!post it on whatsapp! and double-meaning conversationwith that hot girl outside.

vegetables are your lovers. you’ll make themspicy with hot spices. why are you jealousif i am getting her? this isn’t india, it’s america. even the roses here have thorns.- okay-stop lecturing. and get back inside. come..come, uncle. this is our palace. whenever you want to change,draw the curtains.

if you spit from here,it’ll land after 15 minutes. after slogging all day, youwant me to..lie on this bed alone.. ..and watch the view outside. let’s do something exciting. don’t answer the phone. oh, god. i am dead.. son, hello..hello, are you listening? papa, i am not well right now.call you later? you look scared likethere’s a bomb in that phone.

it’s cheaper here,and expensive to call from there. i don’t understand a thing you say. yes, papa..how are you? son, i’ve good news for you. wait..talk to your mother. here, patu’s mom..talk to him. no, mom..parvati. why did you call?- mom..how are you? yeah, i am fine.

sandhya’s marriage has been fixed.- what are you saying? sandhya’s wedding should be grand. useless boys likeyou have no guarantee.. ..and talk about grand wedding. what’s wrong, mom?i do send money every month. yes..you send enough forus to afford an army of servants. one more thing..sendmore money from this month. inflation is on a rise.- i’ll send double. i sent an ipad for sandhya,did she like it?

please give her the phone. i want to congratulate her. i’ll congratulate her on your behalf. hello.- i’ll hang up, father. don’t mind, son. you work hard for us all day.- what is this? we’re a family. son..after your mother died.. ..i only remarried soyou could have a mother.

but she proved that sheis a step-mother after all. forgive me, son. papa..papa.. congrats, sister.- thank you..thank you so much. why did you hide it from me? even i found out now. we’re getting engaged this week. and our wedding ison a beautiful island. we might not be ableto talk in between.

by the way, another exciting thing. he’s going to take meto the island on a helicopter. wow! wow! wow! wow! wow! helicopter..how romantic. you really found a prince. not a prince,but he’s a prince of heart. he wants us to get married quickly. so that i can get a green card.

he wants me to have everyhappiness in the world. hurry up, we’re getting late.- okay. bye, see you..- hello, sister.. love you, sister. hello-hello-hello.. ladies and gentlemen, let youintroduce to you the love of my life. si.. hey, your dress is nice. thank you.

why did you introduce me as si?- sita is a very old name. i’ll just call you as si. hi.. in order of makepanner butter masala.. ..first make small piecesof the cottage cheese. listen, now make smallpieces of cottage cheese. already done. what next? hold on..haste makes waste. it’s my first time.- first time..

you’re making indianfood for first time. are you making food or taj mahal? you’re listening to music. if i don’t make food,i don’t get tensed. but if i don’t hear music,i get tensed. when you hear music,the food becomes creative. ‘bidi jaliale’ forswitching on the gas. ‘mere des ki dharti’for vegetarian dishes. ‘bheege honth tere’for non-vegetarian.

full non-veg.. and full indian food’hari prasad chaurasiya’. superb. food and music are connected. every dish in the worldis inspired by some song. there are 500 recipes..imean songs on mu ipod. musical chef.. make it tasty.. cheers..

it’s okay..let it be. don’t forget the rosepetals in gulab jamun. i am dead. hello..take thataway..take the tray down. you?- i got the catering order. let’s play sorry-sorry. you say sorry..and i willnot charge you for your food. don’t take it.- work faster.. ..the battery is getting low.

uncle..there’s a problem.- people didn’t like the food. they liked your food so much,that they are asking for a item song. do you want me to stopcooking and start dancing? no visual, only audio.- where are you taking that? i can’t cook..- it’s not copyright. i’ll play this song on speaker,you can hear it there. what next?- ask him. coming through. coming through. return my ipod.

saved.. people, engagementwithout music is no fun. from himesh to rehman,all the hit songs.. strap in.. one..two..three.. we’ll teach you howto make chicken kebabs. first..marinate chickenfor 12 hours in tamarind water. and then.. we taught two engineeringstudents to make mince meet biryani.

today we’ll teachyou how to make kheer. to make kheer, you need milk,rice, cardamom, almonds..and raisins. you can even note this down. write it down. rice, milk, cardamom.. everyone’s stunned, aren’t you.i planned this. you see,these days after the marriage.. ..girls make a good face..noone makes good food. that’s why i am giftingthis ipod to the bride.

bravo.- hello.. i am a cooking expert. i used to cook for 500people in my hotel’s mess. hello, sita.. i mean, si.. so, don’t try to hide your mistake. where’s the music? abhi, i want music.- sorry, baby.. one minute.. bro, arrange for music.

music! music! want want music. music! music! sita.. patel on floor! tell me something, uncle. have you ever done anything honestly? actually i.. if he had any honest,i wouldn’t be out here. otherwise i’ll trap youin a bottle and throw you away.

what? trap me in a bottle?- no-no-not you. uncle, don’t act smart with patel. have you ever told the truth? sometimes maybe. fine..now i’ll add to your troubles. swear on your ipod and tellme what can you actually cook. i can boil eggs.expert in boiling eggs. you mean boiled eggs?- yes..

5 years ago..i boiled one egg,when i was working for a egg seller. it was really tasty. now i get it. born in india and you wantto sell eggs in america. – abhi.. abhi.. have you seen abhi? it’s just like i feared? abhi ran away, didn’t he? now who will pay the bills?

stop blabbering..he’snot cheap like you. my abhi is a gentlemen.i can guarantee you that. abhi..- call him and you’ll find abhi. abhi..- gentlemen. mr. gentleman. abhi darling. mr. gentleman darling. abhi, where are you? mr. gentleman darling, where are you?

oh man, gentlemanin such indecent manner. ohh..he’s wrestling. one second! one second! sita.. sita.. sita.. sita.. wait, sita. sita. sita, listen to me.. i can explain this.it’s not like you think. sita..- there’s nothing left to understand. so this was your love.

abhi, you cheated on me. you know,i broke my family’s trust for you. a day before my marriage.. ..i crossed the sevenseas and came to see you. you’re such a lowlife and a cheat. if you don’t love me,then why marry me? marrying you is a necessary. if i don’t marry you, then myconservative parents will disown me. honestly..my parents tooka liking for your face on facebook.

that’s why i fooledyou for six months. otherwise..i have other girlfriends. baby, are you okay?- yeah, okay. that’s my current girlfriend. she got emotional becauseof our engagement. i was just consoling her. you mean..you wanted to takeadvantage of a innocent indian girl. stop giving comments. and why are you sosympathetic for her.

neither you..nor her,i am sympathetic for money. here! and you come with me. abhi..- come on. help. leave me! no! i was wondering if i shouldmeet a backward indian or not. i was bored eatingat 5 star restaurants.

so i am thinking abouteating some home made food today. "not wife or kids..neitherfather or brother." "the biggest thing is money.." hey waiter, how did you come inside? how? i walked inside. what? you want to fight me? that’s a good idea.i didn’t think about that. now listen to patel’s idea.

tell your family toclaim your life insurance. how long are you going to cry?let’s go. how can you just leave? huh! let her go..and i’llpay you handsomely. i see.. what should be the valueof such a beautiful girl’s honor? hey..patel is always on sale,but not his principles. where to now? ‘just come to us once..andyou’ll love it here.’

you must have a friend,or a relative here. ‘you’re completely free here.’ ‘no one will bother you here.’ ‘and your relatives aren’t here too.’ ‘just you come baby.’ i’ve been driving fora really long time now. where do you want to go..or.. hello, are you listening? phone..phone..i want to call..

where is the phone? here there is.. hello, gita.- congratulations, sister. i want to congratulateyou from my heart. my final exams willstart in five minutes. i wanted to hear your goodnews before the exams started. by the way, how was the engagement? i am sure brother-in-lawgave you a diamond ring. give the phone to brother-in-law.i want to congratulate him personally. hello..

hello, sister.. sister, why aren’t you answering? speak up, sister. if i give my exams afterhearing this good news.. ..then i will do wellin this exam as well. everything was like i expected. concentrate on your exams, okay. all the best.give your exams properly. all the best.

sister..are you crying? is there a problem? its not what you think? i am missing uncle,aunty, grandma-grandpa.. ..guddu-guddi..everyone. after coming here,i realized what they mean for me. i am missing everyone.that’s why i couldn’t control myself. don’t be so sad..sooneveryone will agree. let me talk to brother-in-law.

he’s not with me now.- what? i mean he’s out dropping the guest. promise me..you will top your exams,like always. i definitelywill..congrats once again. bye-bye-bye.. give me the number of yourfriend or relative at least. i’ll call them. are you listening? i don’t know anyone here?- what?

you fool, you left your countryand came to america for that rascal. where did you find that fool? on fb.- what? say that again? we became friends on facebook. and fell in love while chatting.- what? he fooled you on facebook. uncle, came here. that guy made her fallfor him on facebook chat. i know cheating..but what’s chatting?

let me explain you. when two strangers boreeach other over the internet.. ..without saying a wordthen that’s called chatting. they would prefer getting engagedon facebook, married on twitter.. ..and honeymoon on twitter. they want iphone,beauty parlors, nri boyfriends. but no values. their parents seem like avirus that corrupts their hard disk. one day..- shut up!

just shut up! okay. i came here to study. i wanted to doresearch..i wanted a phd. but my family was against it. they wanted to get me married. only abhi wouldunderstand my problem.. ..and he promised to help me. three months.. after staying in contactfor three months..

..we came so close andstarted liking each other. but its all over now. i came to america tostudy and not to have fun. no matter what, even if ihave to cook at some restaurant.. ..but i will complete my studies. i won’t go back to india without that. please calm down! this fool talks withoutknowing the truth. you said you cook really well,is it true or..

i really am a good cook.- then you get the job. first save your job. i am making her myassistant to save myself. when god closes one doorthen he opens 10 windows. come with us. welcome, sita.welcome from the heart. this is my abode. it’s small. but i have a big heart,like my stomach. consider this your house.live freely.

big heart..so big. big heart..and the rest.. stop being so emotional.. she has to pay rent. 500$ for the bed, 400$ for the sofa.. ..and 300$ for the floor. and use..25 for using the computer.. charge her for theair and water as well. interesting..good idea.

this is america, you’vefreedom..but nothing is for free. wow..that’s so deep,what a great knowledge. don’t concentrate on his nonsense,go and settle in. freely.. tell me something, are you hisassistant or is she your assistant? i’ll decided that afterchecking her talent. by the way,why put that guy in the dustbin? she.. what was the reason?and what about that car scene?

car service. not in front of her hewas doing hot yoga in the car. is it wrong to do yoga in the car? i do it wherever i can. you fool.. what’s wrong with doing it in the car? car or plane..car, plane or bed. do it lying down, do it standingup..the result should be good. and the yoga teachershould be a female.

you fool..- yes.. great feats in the car. how did he do it? bro, this is the newcook i told you about. hello. sorry for the inconvenience.- don’t say that. we’re really happyto have a indian chef. she’s right. show her the kitchen.- come. today patel’s goingto tell you a scary tale.

a message for those youthswho try their luck on social sites. online chatting is fine,but no meeting please. you can be cheated. because computer can be restarted,but life.. it won’t get restarted. so never do anything on facebook..which you will have to regret. so girls, please be careful. now listen to this greatsong in lata mangeshkar’s voice. "a friend’s done..whata enemy couldn’t."

"he’s given me a lifetime of sorrow." what if that had cut my cucumber? you must have heardabout nri rajshekar? every nri in america knows him.- exactly. next week is his wedding anniversary. and he wants your companyto get the catering contact. wow. thank you so much. we will do our best. he wants to do something differentto make this party memorable.

and also hosting a madefor each other contest. fantastic. this competitionwill be worth watching. if the couples knowabout this contest.. ..they will pretend tobe nice and win the contest. and the reward is 25000 dollars. 25000 dollars. wow.- great. let’s finalize the menu.

think about it. if you get 25000 dollarsin a single day, what will you do? what else will a patel do? double it.- that’s it. nri rajshekhar is holdinga made for each other contest.. ..on his wedding anniversary. if you win this contest thenyou will win the jackpot, 25000. but wife.. sita..sita..- no.. listen to me..- i don’t want to listen..

it’s worth 25000 dollars.- i said no. i’ll get you a gold trinklet.- no. small recharge.- no. say yes..- no.. she looks so cute. get her ready and bring her down. the groom’s family will be here. how are you, papa?where’s your mobile? sorry son, it’s on charging.

it’s okay. how’s the engagement. everything is great, son.we’re missing you. i’ll be there 10days before the wedding. give the phone to sandhya,i want to talk to her. yes, just a minute. hold on. you’re still here.the groom’s family will be here soon. there’s so much to do, come on. patu’s on the line,at least let him talk to her today. is the coffee ready?- all depend on me..

durga aunty.. hello, sandhya.hello.. hello.. papa.. mom.. where is everyone?i’ve been screaming for so long. anybody there? listen. hello.. hello. i am speaking from america. why isn’t anyone speaking?

i’ve been screaming for so long. someone talk to me.- why are you screaming so loudly? i can hear you in the bathroom too. hello.. hello.. they hung up. i know.. they hung up on me long ago. counting your savings?- what saving? i am trying to counthow much more i need to send. tell me something..

if we win the contest,what will be my share? 5000 dollars. hello.. my name’s sita.don’t think i am a fool. i am ready for a 50-50 agreement. you’re completelyinfluenced by america. you’ve become a complete patel. i got this knowledge from you. yes.. yes.. fine, i accept.- thank you. and what about me?- nothing..

i leaked the question paper. if i hadn’t told you about itthen you would’ve never won anything. 5.. 10..10.. done. done!- done! get lost.- fine, then i get his share too. we’ll make a couple and have a blast. yes.. we’ll show the world that lovehas no boundaries, age or otherwise. fine, you keep 15.. and i’ll take 10.

who will believe he’s your husband. he’ll get caught. fine, i agree. intelligent. done. action! hey.. if your hands get stuck,it won’t come off. you two should know about each other. information, memory-card.. exchange. i am scared.. if our secret is revealed,will they take the money back?

think negative and negativethings will happen. thing positive and positivethings will happen. what we’re doing is wrong. how can i get any positive thought? stop roaming around.. – what do you care about what i do? have you seen my hand,i’ll slap you silly. whether you like it or not,but the truth is.. .. even i am your partner. even i have a share in the reward,you don’t get it.

this is america,everyone will be dressed in suits. and we’ll wear a traditionaldress.. start a new trend. are you ready. look here.. how am i looking? oh god! you should wear a sari,not cover yourself. i don’t know how to wear a sari.no one taught me. where did you learn chatting?your mother’s womb? stupid.

fine, i’ll show you how to wear one. its like wearing a loin-cloth. look, pleat it like this, and.. – let it be. then how will i teach you. stand in the other direction. and then i’ll learn it from you.- what? what? i see.. because you can’tcontrol yourself, right? fine. fine. hold it like this.

and this.. now turn it around. did you put it inside.did you? done? sita.. i’ve seen many beauty spots but your beauty spot.. is the best. how do you know?you were looking the other way? you made me standin front of the mirror. now go.. come on.

hi. welcome. welcome.- thankyou. please.. hello.- hello. you’ve worn traditional clothes. i can even take itoff for the prize money. i mean.. a man’s value is fromhis culture, and not his clothes. nothing is greater than tradition.- wow.. nice to hear that. sita.. – please..

welcome. throw dollars and get the job done. i even told my brother-in-law that. but he doesn’t listen. hey, please take care of the child. you’re forgetting, we’resupposed to take care of the kids.. .. according to odd and even days. keep the child wherever you like.it’s your turn today. he’s just..

who wants to argue with women? they don’t give you a moment of peace. we should throw dollarsto them as well. my dear.. i was saying,when we have kids.. .. i’ll take care of him all day. he’ll be my burden. don’t know about kids,but your hands are really heavy. take your hands off.. actually you’re takingadvantage of the situation.

romantic couple. you’re leaving? take care, bye. who was she? and why were yougetting so close to her? she works at my office,so i was talking to her. just because she works in your office,you’ll get so close. let’s go home, and i’ll tell you. hitakshi..- i don’t want to listen. hitakshi, listen to me.- be quiet..

bye, take care. rasmalai.. did you stop eating rasmalai?- sorry darling. you know i don’t eatit myself.. because you feed me. is that so.. is that why you fed me?- is that paining? you can slap me too. here, darling.. here, stuff your face. funny couple. note it. attention ladies and gentlemen.

mr. rajshekhar will behere soon with his family. let’s give them a warm welcome. i welcome all the couples here today. let me introduce you to prema,my wife. we had lot of common things.. .. because of which we came close. but our family wasagainst our marriage. but somehow we got married.. .. and soon our son was born.

my wife would often ask meabout my parents, like where they are? but she could never meet them. and day she passed away. in a man’s life,his wife is the greatest thing. the faith between husbandand wife is everything. there’s a great surprise for you. we’re holding a made for eachother competition for all of you. some secret judges werecarefully observing you. no! no! no! no!

don’t worry,there’s another round left. no thats not fair. our judges have selectedsome lucky couples. give them a big hand. now i’ll ask them few questions. and whoever gives the right answer.. .. will be the made foreach other lucky couple. what are the real meaningof faith between husband and wife? will someone tell me?- i’ll tell you.

i give my salaryto my wife on the 1st.. .. and she spends it all on the 2nd,and i don’t say anything. can i?- please. my husband takes me shoppingevery month, and doesn’t say a word. and he wears torn underwear himself. i am proud of him. am i right, honey?- yeah. anybody else? a aunt and uncle.. wouldgo out for dinner every saturday.

one day after dinner,aunty insisted on driving herself. uncle said,it’s night.. we can’t take a risk. but aunty didn’t listen. uncle kept telling her directions,and aunty kept driving. on reaching home, aunty asked.. "my dear husband,how could you let a blind lady drive?" "we could’ve died." but the wife had faith in her husband. she knew he won’t giveher wrong directions.

and that’s the kind of faitha husband and wife should have, sir. brilliant. so.. made for eachother title goes to.. this very lovely couple..mr and missus patel! we won! why are we going home so soon?- what soon? do you want to drinkup all the booze in america? you know what? you’re a very-very-very-very good boy.

cute boy. you’re so cute. mummy.. can i say something? can i? can i?- speak up.. i got admission inthe best college here. congratulations. there was something else too.

oh yes.. i got the best husband as well. i slapped you for touching my waste. sorry.. – its okay. you’re my husband now. give me your hand. now you can touch my waist. i won’t say no. sister, are you okay?

what’s wrong? you didn’t contact me for 20 days now? since you got a better life,you forgot all about your sister. please call me.. i am missing you? hi sister how are you? i am fine. how are you, gita? let me talk to brother-in-law.- he isn’t here. i mean he’s at the office. okay, i’ve good news for you.my marriage has been fixed.

congratulations, gita.i am so happy for you. you must come for my wedding.- i.. gita.. i can’t come. i won’t listen to any excuses. our mom and dad are not alive.. .. and the priest has said thatyou two must complete all the rituals. uncle and aunty won’t say anything. in fact, they will be reallyhappy if you two come back. please, sister.. come back. gita, you shouldn’t be so obstinate.

sister, i used to thinkthat i don’t have a mother. if you don’t come, i’ll thinkthat i don’t have a sister too. gita. i am in a bad mood, don’t trouble me.- is that your mood or rotten food? tell me the problem now,or i will leave. my sister is getting married. that’s good news,so why are you sulking. i want to attend her wedding,but i am scared. i wish i hadn’t lied to her,then this wouldn’t have happened.

then tell her the truth now. what do you want to say? it’s wrong to lie to hide another lie. it’s a chain that has no end. no matter how hard you try,your lie gets caught one day. and after that, no one will believeyou even if you tell the truth. i don’t know.. i am scared thinkinghow my family will react.. .. if i tell them the truth.

our kin always forgive our mistakes.. .. and strangers always lookfor a reason to humiliate us. tell them everythingthat happened with you. i am sure.. they will forgive you. you’re right,but i don’t have money for the ticket. my sister is getting married too.. .. the travel agent said, if ibuy one ticket i’ll get another free. another quick fix. you want to go to india, don’t you?so come on.

what now?- all the best. bye.- see you. hold on.. i don’t know how to say it? if you don’t mind,can you come home with me? what? say that again? come with you? and do what?help with the decorations. i am very scared.if you’re with me, then.. you’re going to tell them the truth.

and truth never needs any support. if you’re with me, then i’llfeel strong to tell them the truth. they might think i am making stories. if you explain my family,they will definitely believe me. please say yes. what’s my benefit in going with you? i request you.. please come with me. come on.. stop it you fool.. you’ll make me cry.

fine.. i’ll come,but i’ll leave at night. thank you so much. hey.. stop at that inn on the left.- what for? jio sim.. india number. you didn’t sell thisland to the boss.. .. now i’ll bury you here. i want a really awesome number. do you have a address proof?- passport. if he doesn’t put his impression now,then kill him.

what are you looking at?get lost. patel is back in the city! catch him! come on lets go. "sanskrit chant" boss, patel is back in the city. where do we dig his grave? i will dig his grave. bring him to me. bring him to me.

tome to fulfill my promise to father. bring him to me.. hurry up. let’s go. drive faster or we’ll lose them. hey man.. – yes, sir. drive faster like your meter.i’ve to return at night. drive faster. – if i go any faster,we’ll reach our heavenly abode. i see.. boss, i think his car broke down.

wait.. drive slowly.. drive slowly.. sir, it’s fixed. boss, i think his car is fixed. what are you waiting for?drive.. follow him. hey man.. fill up your tank,i’ll empty mine. i never saw anyone so eagerto get their bones broken? so.. how is everyone? business fine.. let’s first give you what’s due.

let’s go see our boss. delivery boy, don’t forget your place. you’ll need to pay extracharges to deliver this packet. do you want to die? never ask a wind it’s speed.. andthe tsunami it’s height. you should quietly get out. but if you still havequestions for me, then.. .. i’ll give you a demo aboutwhat i am going to do to you. what the..

take him.. why is he laughing? stupid.. hey.. your boss and i had an agreement. but there’s still time for that. i must get few morethings done before that. if you come before that then,i will shove that agreement up yours. it’s useless to talk to you guys.

he’ll keep sending you every day. do one thing, take down my number,quickly note it down. 9703322555.. the number’s been allotted today.. .. so it will take 24hours before its activated. until then you must wait.. wait.. parvati devi. parvati devi! where is your son?- call him out.

why do you want him? you sold him to me.. patel on sale. i bid for 5 million! now he’s my property. i thought he’ll come straightto me when he gets to india. but he beat up my men. i can’t wait anymore.call him.. where is he? he’s not my son. did you forget what you said?

if you have any shame left thenfulfill the promise that you made. or die of shame. hello.. – hello. come. i thought you’ll senda mercedes to pick us up. look at the bride’scondition in the small car. hello.- is everthing fine? i’ve heard you’ve beencommitting lot of murders. what about the land you seized? the deal’s done for 500 million!

".. the monsoon cloudshave arrived.. " ".. and the swings are put up." "and the fair’sarrived.. everyone’s having fun." "the monsoon’s arrived..on full swing." come, brother. you should’ve lether marry my brother.. .. and you wouldn’thave to give any dowry. and i would’ve givenyou shanti chowk area.. .. and 5000 liquor brewery.

you chose a stone over a diamond. i am only keeping apromise i made to my father. getting my sister married to aguy who is educated and lives abroad. is that all? my brother keeps goingabroad every month.. for business. dubai.. bangkok.. you’ve come for my sister’s wedding.. eat the food,give her blessings and leave. i am already quite tensed,sit there and enjoy the marriage.

go and sit. religious chants. brother, brother the groomran away and has left this letter. great. it was fun. ask the priest to read. hey rascal, govind. sorry sir. i am not speakingbut this is written in the letter. you are an uneducated hooliganand i am educated intelligent man. so this is no match.

what did you say?it was father’s last wish. did you find me only to washaway all the sins of your life? are you out of your mind? eat soaked almonds to makeyour brain work. understood. because of your sisteri have lost many jobs. so i am leaving yoursister and going to america. i shall return the money thati took from you along with interest. but by marrying iwill not spoil my life. i am not accustomed to murdersand illegal possession of properties.

it will take some timeto earn money by honesty.. ..so that is whyyou will have to wait. brother govind, don’t take tension.my brother is equally capable. so get my brothermarried to your sister. "strange is the game of this world." "so with closed eyessee the drama of this world." quiet. madam parvati,this drama will have no effect on me. i swear on my fatherand seven future generations..

listen, everyone present here. patel will be thehusband of my sister. he will be patel.. we will not get a better chance.. ..to get our respectback in front of the world. will he agree to you? you do not know anything about him. just get him here and it ismy responsibility to get him agreed. and for that you willhave to give 20lakhs.

we saw him going towards karnool. then everyone go to karnool. kidnap him and bring him here.he should not escape. parvati, parvati..why didthat govind come here again? he had come here toget back what he has lost. but my son is ending money to him. of course. if he hadsent money to him then today.. ..govind would not havecome here to ask for money. like father like son.

listen, he has come back from america. if he calls then tellhim to come back home. what? patu has come. why are you feeling so happy?.. ..you never know what problemhe would have brought with him. of course they will come. you said it and here they are. play the music. sister, here..

welcome, welcome.. welcome..we will talk later.first come inside. don’t stop music keep doing. come on brother-in-law, come inside. aunty.. – absolutely quiet.don’t say anything. may god protect youfrom evil eye always? aunty, enough.close the eyes of both of them. there is a surprise for you. surprise.

the preparation ofmarriage is going on. welcome dear love birds. welcome. i was waiting for you. you hadn’t expected.that is called a surprise. yes, a real surprise. for years i was away from my country. and could not keep contact here. but now i want my son to get marriedin an indian traditional family. i want my son to feelthe value of a joint family.

i had to come here for a contract. my friend asked meto meet your family. i had heard many different things.. ..about your niecewho had gone to america. really. from whom did you hear? sit patiently. now that i had come so far i did notwant to return without meeting you. but when i came toknow she is sita’s sister.. ..then i did not hesitateto accept the relationship.

i want to tell everyone that yourson-in-law is a really nice person. do not worry about sita at all. the world is so small.did i say right, son? why were you born with sucha big heart in such a small world? this sense of humoris learnt from america. sir, celebration hasno meaning among strangers. celebrations should takeplace among our near and dear ones. so my dear love birdsit is your responsibility.. ..to make this marriage a celebration.

okay and this is an order. okay, mr. rajshekhar. everything willhappen according to what you want. it is not only between you and me. from today the responsibilityof this marriage.. ..would be in the hands of patel. okay son. even he wants this. what do you say? all this has happened because of you. if you hadn’t fallenfor 25,000 dollars..

..then all this wouldnot have happened. madam, even you needed money.we both are greedy. we are not going togain anything by discussing. i will have to do something. you don’t do anything.i will do whatever needs to be done. i will fall at the feet ofrajshekhar and ask him to forgive me. no. luckily my sister is gettingmarried in a nice family. i cannot even dream that herlife should be spoilt because of me.

if they come to knowthat for little money.. ..i have done acting to be your wife then the marriageof sister will break. somehow we should notlet anyone know the truth. it is our duty that..- come to the point. till the marriage is over we..- what till the.. if we remain husband and wife. impossible. even i havesister who is yet to be married. what do you think of yourself?

please. if not for methen at least for my sister. once the marriage is over iwill go and tell everyone the truth. the truth spoken late islike poison that spoils the lives. look, i am saying the truth.the sim card has got activated. hello..- father, how are you? patu, you are backand you didn’t inform me. if i would have told youthen how would you be shocked? in fact govind has given me shock. govind..

govind had come totake back his money. one second, father. listen to me.don’t come home for few days. but father i had sent the money. your mother spent that money. till that demon does not get backhis money he will not spare our lives. till the matter issolved you remain there. as you say, father. yes father, i have reached india.

i am on my way.i have booked the uber and.. ..will reach as soonyou keep the phone. fine, okay bye. i am sorry sita. i will have to leave. even if you give me 1lakha day..listen carefully 1lakh. even then i cannot stay back. i am leaving. one minute.i did not talk about money and.. ..he is saying that even ifi give 1lakh i will not stay back.

that means by giving 1lakhper day he will stay back. exactly. you got it right. what did you say? 1lakh per day.even actors do not charge so much. hello, patel has morevalue than film stars. can’t you do thismuch for your sister?.. ..i feel i am marriedin a poor family. sister and brother-in-law,come down for breakfast. your sister andbrother-in-law are talking.. ..about a deal sothey will come later.

stop talking.geeta, wait. i am coming in a minute. i will have to agree to you. we are coming.- then let’s go. how should we get patelout of his hiding place? i will call him.- okay brother. how are you aunty? good morning. do you need any help in cooking?should i do something? hey, do you know theproblem we are facing.. ..from the time you have come home?

aren’t you ashamed thatyou came here in the morning? go away from here. shameless. what is this? i wanted to helpin cooking and they left with a grin. i think the maid has not come on time. hello..- is that patel speaking? hello, hello.. a woman is not a toyto play with and then throw. a woman is a form of goddess. if a woman can protect then..

..it can cut throatof demons like you. she can destroy you. hey, i had come toindia to see this episode. if you call from unknownnumber then i will kill you. i will not spare you.tell me what is your name? why are you troubling meby calling me again and again? answer me.tell me where are you calling from? hey, whose number have you dialed?did you dial the wrong number? hey, stop having bath with water.we have to go and kill someone.

check.- hey,you got cheque so get it cashed. you are really the king of chess.fantastic move. here goes the king and check mate. hey, the cheque got bounced.well done, son. didn’t i tell you he is a genius?tremendous guy. hey, wait. tell me your flightnumber and arrival time. what happened, son?why did you break this? because these people broke my heart.

they have brokenit into thousand pieces. do you have any idea as to.. ..what is happening in this house,rajshekhar sir? no one in this house respects me. i am trying my best to impressthem but they are not bothered. i am the son-in-law of thishouse and not just a useless thing. i am the elder son-in-law. listen, this is just the beginning. i will break all thethings that can be broken.

you could not givelove to your daughter.. ..so she went in tothe world to find love. you came to me. i did not come to you. didn’t you come to me?- yes, i had come. i married a girl whohad run away from the house.. ..because she belongsto a good family. didn’t i do it or not?- yes you did it. one more thing. i would havetaken advantage of a young girl. but in country like americai won an award for a faithful husband.

didn’t i win it or not?- of course, son. you won it. you liked the proposalbecause of kindness of patel. that is why you aregetting this marriage done. absolutely right. 100% i came here from so farthinking that they are mine. i thought i wouldhelp them in marriage. though being a son-in-lawi thought of serving you people. though they have a big housebut their hearts are very small. if patel is respectingyou then accept it.

i am sita’s husband soi am son-in-law of this house. this is not a talent show that youare thinking yourself to be a judge. i have not come hereto impress someone.. ..but to fulfillmy duty as a relative. all those faces that have becomemorose i want to see them happy. this is not a request but a warning. absolutely correct.this will happen from today. i am with you but whyare you getting emotional. because i am not hard hearted.

why did i fall in loveand gave my heart away? when will this family become one? it has been so manydays since we got married.. ..but have still notcelebrated our first night. ask her, we have not celebrated.- not at all. did everyone hear?this is the character of patel. i may speak a lotlike amitabh bachchan.. ..but it is patel’s styleto fulfill his promise. i rest my crest.- you are simply fantastic.

listen, veddapa, forget the past. forget your ego andmake a new beginning. focus on what need to be done next. and you my dear..learnto control your anger. neither we have any egonor are we angry with him. we have met him forthe first time in life. son, i can understandyour pain and suffering. come on let’s have lunch together. what is the matter? aren’t you hungry?

today is my fast but if you say then.. leave it. brother, i have some workin hyderabad so i will have to leave. my son will waitin india for some days. next time we will come togetherand will stay here till marriage. why didn’t you tell us that youhave not celebrated your first night? i feel drunk even before drinking. now listen carefully.we want one son in one year’s time. am i right?

shall i add some water? what are you doingthe peg will feel bad? in one go he drank the entire glass. even i will try. you are looking so beautiful.he will fall on seeing you. if he falls then whatwill happen of family planning. keep quiet. my new relatives bless me. today i will do romancewith lungi dance.

and will give youa chance to become uncle. sita..- he is gone.. hey sita,you are looking very beautiful. today you are looking so sweet. she is a sweet, sweet.. what is all this? have you gone mad? yes, i have become mad in happiness. without marriage andexpenditure i am getting.. ..a chance to celebrate first night.- stay away.

what else does patel need? tell me. stop. my name is sitaand don’t mess with me. are you feeling restlessin the first night? i will tell you the plan.first i will kiss you here.. ..and then from the sideof the nose i will come to the lips. then after kissing onthe neck i will go below.. if you try to go belowthen i will scream. look.. – do you want to scream? hearing your scream evenuncle and aunty will come in mood.

then no one will come to save you. you want to increase thepopulation of india unnecessarily. give me your love. oh no, i forgot. we did not talk aboutpayment for first night. patel does not do any work for free. whether there is funor punishment in that work. the rules of patel are number 1. child, till you reach homedo not talk to anyone on the way.

just keep mum.- interesting but why so. after first night girls dothis to get a sweet and healthy child. brother-in-law if you force sister tospeak then you will get lots of money. will i get money? not forgreed but will do it as a challenge. sita, are these farms ours?- not ours but mine. it is one and the same thing. what would be the cost of 1acre land?- i know it but will not speak. hey brother-in-law, becauseof ritual your sister is keeping mum. how will i do time pass?and you are getting angry with me.

i am 100% angry.first you made my sister elope.. ..and then you squeezedthe entire thrill from my story. what did you say?i squeezed the thrill from your story. of course. it was mydream to become a film writer. after she eloped i wrote astory and the moment you returned.. ..the climax of mystory became anti climax. after so many years i gota nice story and that also a waste. my career ended before it started. this is the only problem you have.you just want a twist in the story.

okay. this story is fictitiousand has no connection with reality. the boyfriend of the girl thateloped from your house was caught.. ..doing exercise withsome other girl in the car. how is exercise done in the car? stupid, didn’t you seedancing car in pk? the same one. great, then later? then a hero like me enters andhe saves the girl and takes her home. cheating in america andmarriage of younger sister here. tension there and function here.

understood. marriage inindia and tension in america. i was finding such a twist. where is the conflict in the story? the actual story will start now. in 1lakh rupees iagree to be her husband. isn’t it? tell me sita. what do you want to say?tell whatever your want to. enough, sister. this storyhas no connection with reality. because all characters are false.what happened next?

the picture still remains.you will come to know. you are genius. the title would be’ matter of lakh rupees’ and we will cast hrithik or salman, if we take such great actorsthen the producer will be at loss. we will make a bigmovie with small budget. manisha’s patel on sale. will you invite me on premier? will you invite me on premier?- hey, you sell coconuts.

you do not have money to buy tickets. watch it in your neighbor’s house. with the blessings ofgod everything went off well. last year.. stop. you were expelled fromthe village. how did you come back? vedeappa just expelledme from village. but i can come to the temple. if sinners like you come theneven the temple will become impious. you are right but who are you?

we are the heads of this village. that is why you fiveare moving together. why are you talking to me? i came here to offer prayers to god. if god has no objectionthen why do you have any problem? get a side, get aside. everyone wants a changebut no one wants to change. if i get any financerfor y stupid story then.. ..i will offer two trucksfull of coconuts, god.

this whistle is playedat the entry of the hero. he is the real hero of my life. then will the fan notwhistle on seeing him? brother-in-law,whatever you are saying is right. what is your name and family name? priest, ladies first. i know her horoscope completely.i know her from childhood. it is her specialty thatshe does not stop at one place. she is always running.

she is still the same. inchildhood she used to run in temple.. ..and now she escaped to america. speak, speak..speak sita.tell me what is there in your heart. lighten your heart.speak. why do want my loss? money is gone. leaving me god is blessing everyone. look at me, look at me also. oh god, why so much tension to me? why did you come back?

i got ac first classticket booked for you.. ..gave you eatablesand still you returned. i had explained youclearly not to come back.. ..but still you insulted me. frustration.i am really getting frustrated. now i think i will haveto take revenge from your uncle. i will do that by kidnapping you. god, you are real. take her away. come on.

patel is there. follow him. we had come to catch. i am sitting next to youthen how much will you catch me. what if you run?- i will not run stupid, come on. is he your american boyfriend? i think he has not seen hindi moviesotherwise he would not have brought.. ..the army of these foolishmen to fight with me. let him come. let him come. dubar..

do you want to talk or fight? i am asking you for the last time. will you talk or willbe interested in beaten up? we will talk. you have enmity with her brotherthen go and take revenge from him. but don’t interfere in our love story. she used to be the daughterof that house but now she is my wife. and if anyone eyes her theni will not spare him at all.. ..and he will be unrecognizable.

patel, why are you being so smart?cool down man. stupid, if you hadheard me properly earlier.. ..then i would nothave beaten your men. now along with their salary.. ..your medical expenseshave also increased. isn’t it? patel does not like anythinggoing out of budget. and you are going over budget. that is why control otherwiseyour account is closed. is that so?

leave all this but still if you feel.. ..like fighting withme then note my number. 9703322555 why did you do like this? it is demand of the situation. people have fan followingbut patel has phone following. brother, why did you leave him alive? it is important to give him a chance.. ..so that he feels he has won.

i will surely defeat vedeppa one day. and after that my missionwill be accomplished. brother-in-law, when those hooligans.. ..were kidnappingher couldn’t she shout? she is not at fault in this. if the girl speaks somethingthen husband and wife gets separated. okay brother-in-law,you go home carefully.. ..and i shall settle an old account. are these your men?

am i draupadi thati will have so many men? i have a request. can i keeptoday’s fight scene in my movie? even i have a request.don’t tell at home what happened here. by giving me lift at theright time you really helped me. go straight from here and thenturn left. you will get the highway. i will leave. hey, are you doing acting? yes, i have just startedand my fans like it. our boss had givenyou money as dowry..

..when you were toget married to his sister. and you made someone else your wife. i have done a fake marriage for money. by that money i willrepay the loan of govind. this is called business, business. durga has still not got married. what are you talking?has she still not got married? you had run away thenwho would she marry. i ran away so that i couldnot get married to durga.

what are you talking? do you know what happened that day? stop it. i am feeling dizzy. i cannot narratesuch a sad flashback.. ..but will do itas it is public demand. why are you becoming so eager?it is not right before marriage. who said that i will marry you? i love someone else. sit down, sit down.

then why didn’t you tellall this to your brother? he will kill him andthen i will have to marry you. what is your plan now? he has just started hisbusiness and if within one year.. ..that business prospersthen i will run with him. otherwise you are there. listen, this shouldremain as a secret. i was so eager to get marriedbut all my desires were shattered. and i became a villainso that durga remains happy.

i kept on hearing taunts in america. look at that man whoran away from his marriage. more than the loan i gathered curses. now it is your wish. if you wantyou can go and tell this to govind. okay. tell this to brotherface to face by going to hyderabad. i will surely come buthave to get one marriage done. after that is over i will surely come. why are you asking him? let’sbundle him up and take him to brother. patel is talkinglovingly does not mean..

..that you will takeadvantage of that. one thing i haveunderstood that those.. ..who understand by thrashingdo not understand lovingly. i think i will have to show therepeat telecast of fight to you all. leave it, brother. we are not interested.just tell us what we should do. come with me for the wedding.- what do you mean? it is clear that once the marriageis over you can take me to govind. brother, i think heis making a fool of us.

since last so many days you are aftermy life by spending so much money. so enjoy care done by gujaratis. you will not get this chance again. what will you tell the family members? they are my cousins. you mean relatives butthey are tagged as hooligans. this is true that wehave come to beat him..no.. ..to attend patu brother’s wedding. even i have come to kill him..sorryi am brother patu’s relative.

i am a great priest andhave come from the temple. i run a part timengo to help the poor. but where are all the ladies. they did not find.they did not get one. all are bachelors till now. it is written in their horoscope.. ..that if they serve peoplein marriage for 10 years then they will get a good wife. that is why i invited thesehooligans..i mean my relatives.

good. now we do notneed extra servants. they will work for free. from setting up thecanopy to washing utensils.. ..we will get all work done from them. speak less otherwise theywill not spare you as well. i mean if all relatives worktogether then it will be enjoyable. everyone has given theirintro so let’s go and get fresh. my intro still remains. i am back and front

now who is he?- uncle. you mean to say uncle.- yes. i am uncle but notthat bad uncle like kans. your patu patel works with me. you suddenly vanishedand settled here. that hotel will become useless. but he works in a software company. okay, so you have told this. okay. if there can be a mobilecompany by the name apple..

..then why not a softwarecompany by the name hotel. it is software. awakai software. sita. make patu understand somehow. if he does not return then.. ..the entire staff of awakaiwill have to sell vegetables. if you were so worriedabout your staff.. ..then you should have stayed there. why did you come here? actually sita’s sister uploadedphotos of both of them on facebook.

i came to know thatthere is marriage here. how can it happen withoutthe blessing of uncle? listen.. – quite long journey.i want to relax. where is kitchen? it is jet lag.this does happen in jet lag. where is bedroom and bathroom? because of geeta’s marriagewe had to come to india suddenly. and for humanitysake i agreed to help. really.

you are such a rascal and iknow you cannot help anyone for free. -don’t make me a fool. i feel sick. what are you saying?- madam, what is his per day fees? i am doing it for free.- one lakh per day. you have been trapped very badly and.. ..if you don’t want to gettrapped further then give me 50% this is not fair. if everything is fair in love and warthen why not in blackmailing business. money is important.tell me about money, money..

you both are in dangernow when i will show you this. look. has the expiry date of terror arrived? or is the pot of sin overflowing? maybe. who knows? a smart girl who has planned aconspiracy against her family members. she broke the trust of her family. not once but cheated them twice. do values have no value in family?

who is actually responsible for that? in today’s episode we will show you.. ..such a couple whocheated their family. look at them carefully.look carefully. i am feeling scaredthinking that if by chance.. ..our secret is revealed thenwill they take prize money back. hey, if you think negativethen negative will happen. if you think positivethen positive will happen. whatever we are doing is wrong.

so how can positive thoughtscome in such situation? now tell me what you want to say.- this is cheating. i am working so hard to hide a secret. even i am working hardto keep this hide this secret. my share. get up. get up quickly. rajshekhar uncle is aboutto reach with his family. get up quickly. it is not lucky to get up early.- get up.

i will get up at 9. i very well know how to wake you up. get up. hey, stop. hey stop.. i will not spare you.hey stop.. you cannot catch me. no, no..- come here quickly and apologize. hurry up and apologize.- sorry..

by holding your ears..come on.hurry up and hold your ears..hurry up. sorry, sorry.. you.. sorry..please no. now say patel sir, patel sir..i am sorry. go to hell. say patel sir, i am sorry. she is very proud. don’t leave her.

aunty..- don’t leave her. free entertainment.- keep going. only you can manage her. why did he suddenlygo to home minister today? karnool is not ourarea so with the help.. ..of home minister thework will become easier. so you want mr. patel. youhad said that he is from middle class. you will get a boy ofyour status for your sister. i had sworn to getmy sister married to him.

this was the last wish of my father. why did you call meso early in the morning?.. ..this is my time to go to washroom. but now that you have calledme then tell me. hurry up and tell me. hey dasu, you want to be like us. only dasu can do this work.who are you? i will kill him now. calmly do the work. dasu, the enmity withus would be dangerous.

hey, whom are you threatening? i kill each of my enemy.who are you? shall i kill you here? i am the only don here. understood. now i will not spare him. i asked you to be patient. dasu, we should now divide the area. who are you to divide the area? all income from outsideis mine and you will get little. cinema hall is mineand cycle parking is yours.

all important things willbe mine and petty will be yours. what are you saying?- hey, wait and see. govind killed his father. today father has diedand tomorrow the son will. now only i will rule. i had asked you towork patiently and coolly. sorry, father. i made a big mistake. what work have youdone correctly in life? father, father..

any person who has earnedmoney in an illegal way.. ..has ended up with a bullet. son, get your sistermarried to an honest man. tell me, father.your wish will be fulfilled father. find an honest.. ..software engineer. father, father..what has happened? i have got this respectand power because of your father. forget him. forget that boy.

what are you saying?how can we forget? from today it is my job to find him. hey, call up dm immediately. that boy is not inhyderabad but in kurnool. that is why we need your help. it will be done. have i ever refused? but what about my work?’- i will do it. first talk here. greetings buchi,my name is govind gaud.

i know everything. just send me thephoto of that boy. i will kill him. you don’t kill himbut i want him alive. okay, i will keep him alive.there is no problem in that. thank you.- there is no need for formalities. i will do your work butwill you do my work or not. sure. of course i will do. as it all my men arein kurnool at present. they will come and giveyou a photograph of patel. what? you need my photograph.

this is what he said.the situation is critical. exactly. has this buchi seen your boss? i don’t know.they have just talked on phone. then send the photographof your boss to buchi. of course.buchi does not recognize your boss. they recognize youbecause you beat them up. for him i am sita’s husband and.. ..he does not know thati am the patel he is finding.

you are great. i wish ihad the intelligence as yours. hey, he is the rascalwhom we have to catch. it is minister’s order.he is roaming in our village. he cannot escape from buchi. uncle, even on a dry day. it is important to drinkto keep the tension away. let me drink. what is the need to do bowling here?.. ..you have alreadyclean bowled everyone here.

enough of cricket.give me my today’s payment. i am excited.is that so? i have many plans.- which payment? don’t you know which payment?- no. you will just come to know. after seeing the laptopyou will remember everything. which laptop? which payment?are you out of your mind? great. you act wellof forgetting things. thank you, thank you.

hey, maybe the punishment of timeis not as powerful as my punishment. shall i tell thetruth to rajshekhar sir? rajshekhar sir, rajshekhar sir.. rajshekhar sir.where is rajshekhar sir? vedappa sir. all family members. everybody welcome. fast. a special show is about to begin. who knows? maybe.. ‘i am feeling very bad thatwithout presence of family members..’

‘..we have to get marriedin america like this.’ ‘will the family accept us or not?’ ‘don’t worry sita. we willfall at their feet and apologize.’ ‘because of me my family membersmust have gone through so much pain.’ ‘my uncle and auntymust be really worried.’ ‘i am feeling very worried.’ ‘i feel like going to them now.i am really missing them.’ ‘don’t worry sita. we will goto india for your sister’s marriage.’ ‘we will surely take blessingsof your uncles and aunts.’

‘this is my promise to you.’- this is it. how did you like my show? i felt happy knowing thateven being away from country.. ..you did not forget your values. what do you say?- you are right. son, maybe we were angrywith you in the beginning. but we had the same love for you. mr. chintamani, till todayour son-in-law was in our house. but from today he willreside in our hearts.

credit, my foot.everything went wrong. i have to agree that youtaught acting to sita as well. till now you are acting. tell me on thing. whom should i give creditto changing the audio in my video? in technology india isgiving tough fight to hollywood. it is making 50 years old men young. so you did all this. you enjoyed listeningto new dialogues..

..but weren’t you shockedlistening to old dialogues. why will i get shocked?but in fact i got thrilled. i showed creativity on a silent video. this work is enjoyable. you erased the videoand gave him a silent video. smart boy.- what did you say? in your punishmentthere is a loud sound. yes i had said but what of that. if you blackmail patelthen i shall erase you as well.

i’ll be back. durga, durga.. yes brother. give me the cash thati gave you the other day. brother, i spent that money. in three months you spent 25lakhs.superb. what did you buy? diamond necklace? before telling about moneyi want to say something else. what happened, durga?is there any problem?

i used to get very bored inthis house. there was no one to talk. except for these four walls. you loved me a lot but to pass my timei had nothing except tv and books. i used to feel very lonely. you used to understand my problem.. ..but never understoodwhat i wanted from life. the truth is that youdid not have time for me. and then asgar came in my life. where is your ac?

inside. what a beauty? she is so beautiful. madam, i have repaired the ac.just check once. how are you feeling?- very nice. i mean the repairing was done well. since that day my ac startedgetting defected every day. and i started calling him every day. he is my father. same to same.- thank you.

ac mechanic for love. this is what i told asgar as well. what are you saying?i have side business also. get lost! come and buy kites..kites.. by selling kites it will takeall your life to become millionaire. anything else other than this. i want to open a shop in dubai. but i do not have money.

how much? from last three monthshe has not called. he cheated me, brother. he loved my money and not me. forgive me, brother.- don’t cry. have you told anyoneelse regarding this? no brother. more than me you understandwhat is good or bad for me. i loved asgar somuch and he cheated me.

patu knew everything. but on my insistence he tookall the allegation on himself. now i want to spendmy entire life with patu. forget the past. now whether hyderabadbecomes secundrabad.. ..or secundrabad becomes hyderabadyou will get married to him only. hello, venkat..- yes brother. are you still in karnool?- yes, brother. i am coming in three hours.- okay, brother.

chandru, you handle things here. i will go to karnool alone. to hell with them. if they believe laptops and mobiles.. ..more than me thenthis is bound to happen. give me coconut whichhas water and cream. shatru, go and ask parvati madamif patel has reached home or not. is he our patel? there mustbe thousand people by this name. since long he hascome back from america..

..but why hasn’t he reached home yet. hurry up.- america. what do you mean you have other work? nowadays one man fromevery family goes to america. and tell them we are ready to givemoney. he can do anything for money. he can do anything for money. he is definitely the same patel. sir i know a patel. he has a real father, stepmother and a sister. is he the one?

yes, i am finding him. you are lucky fellow. here, take this. come with me. ‘it is minister’s order.’ ‘you cannot escape from us.’ hey, say whatever you wantto say in front of brother, govind. hey, telephone..call up govind andtell him that we have caught patel. and just like buy 1 get 1 offerwe have brought a joker as well. brother,he is not picking up the phone.

the moment he comesto know that we have.. ..caught that photographboy he will jump in happiness. just as you are jumping now. what did you say?you want me to pick up your phone. fine, if one of your girlfriendsis calling i don’t mind. brother.. brother, he picked up the phone. i will talk to govind andyou talk to his girl friend. enjoy. enjoy.

hello..- brother.. work is done? hello..- hello.. hello..- hello. hey, i am govind gaud andi had asked you to kidnap patel. what? that means the otherday you were with the minister. that day i talked toyou through minister’s phone. do one thing. give the phone to him. take this.- you talk and i will check.

hello, i am govind gaud speaking. hey, this was not the voice.it was something different. hello, greetings buchi.- now it seems same. my name is govind gaud. actually i want youto kidnap a person. don’t kill him but i want him alive. hey, same voice, same dialogue. you are the same. – that is whati am saying for last one hour. this joker knows where patel is.open his hands.

one thinks himself to be karnool’sking and another don of hyderabad. both of you are absolutely useless. you both are totally a failure. yes venkat. we have caught patel.now tell us what to do? what is the name of this place? karnool mines.- bring him to karnool mines. my men have caught himand they are bringing him here. are you talking aboutthat gangster venkat?

what do you mean?- stupid fellow. he has not caught patelbut patel has caught his gang. today our secret will be revealed. he has asked me tobring you to karnool. and has also me to get a photograph.- do one thing. tie me with a ropeand send the photo to him. you are genius, brother. brother, i have sent youthe photograph on what’s app. what is that?

you are so old fashioned.don’t you know what’s app. okay that.. what should i do? check what’s app, brother. you can’t even..- okay fine. okay, i will. durga..- yes, tell me brother. is there anything likewhat’s app on my phone? yes. how can i see photo on that?

just touch the green icon. okay, i will see. stupid, if they weregetting him here.. ..then they would haveclicked the photograph in car.. ..and not in the canopy wheremarriage is going to take place. are they welcomingthe marriage procession? hey, what is he doing in the canopy?send me the photo in the car. are you joking with me? okay, i will send theone in the car as well.

look, this time thephotograph has come in car. are you a stupid or fool?he is making you fool on what’s app. in so much time the marriagewould have taken place there. now he will not wait for you. he will escape. and then i will get a chance to takerevenge from vedappa and his family. now his pack up fromthis world is sure. the groom is so handsome. yes, yes he is. okay i will call him.

thank you so much. i am very happy. but i am in tension. after knowing the truthrajshekhar might shoot us. nothing of this sort will happen. wewill not remain here after marriage. we will run. even i have such plan. what will we do after escaping? don’t you know? i want to know from you. i am coming, aunty.

after so many years the dignityof your family is in my hands. hey, how dare you come here? it is not about courage. i shall tell you such things whichwill make your heart beat faster. the auspicious time for givingbad news may not pass away.. ..that is why i shallcome direct to the point. your niece and thisboy were never married. where is that jokerand brother govind? brother govind, come forward.

even you tell them that this is true. that boy did a deal of50lakhs to marry govind’s sister. and after taking those 50lakhshe ran straight to america. if you think i amsaying lies then ask him. brother govind,i shall tell the entire truth to you.. ..but please let thismarriage take place. i know everything.my sister made a mistake. she has realized thisand now she wants to marry you. but i..

patu, till my sisterdoes not get married.. ..i will not letyour sister get married. and do not try to escape this time. otherwise i can do anything. so, are you scared now? now the hero will become zero. vedappa, tell me that wheni got married for the second time.. ..you had ordered meto get out of the city. do you remember thisor have forgotten?

now will you throw your daughterand fake husband out of the village? villagers,i request that he should the same.. ..with them what he did with me. son, what is this nonsense? they are speaking andyou are quietly listening. son, just say once that thisis lies and then i will not spare him. keep quiet. look son, i do notknow whether you have cheated or not. a person who has somany allegations on him.. ..i will never getmy daughter married to him.

please, tell me the truth. i will tell you the truth. everything happened because of me. that is why i shouldbe allowed to speak first. he is not the boy becauseof whom i ran to america. whenever i used to missyou all i could not stop crying. i use to feel like coming back. and tell my aunty the conditionof my heart and cry a lot. many times i thoughtof telling the truth.

but i could not gather courage. that time he supported me. he helpedme in every difficult situation. i do not what i wouldhave done if he was not there. as soon as we got the newsthat geeta’s marriage is fixed.. ..then he asked me totell the truth to everyone. actually we had cometo tell the truth. but after seeingyou we felt that geeta.. ..could not find a betterrelationship than this. i am your culprit.

don’t punish my sister forthe mistakes that i have made. please let this marriage take place. rajshekhar sir, whatever punishmentyou want to give, give it to us. brother govind, i will doanything you say after this marriage. but please don’t stopthis marriage. please. can i ask your name?- 5th fail, buchi. have you ever seen such a family? what is there to see in this? nowadays, when brothers becomeeach other’s enemy for property.

there someone considershis younger brother’s.. ..daughter as his own daughter. nowadays, women usually fightin homes for saris and jewellery. but here women work forthe happiness of children. what should i say about him? he has a golden heart. the lies that you saidwill turn into truth. you are a part of this familyand i don’t want to miss you. that is why even wedon’t want to miss him, sir.

the qualities that my fatherwanted in his son-in-law.. ..and my sister wanted inher husband are present in him. listen sister forgetthis friend of yours. we will find the same kindof groom for you. what do you say? i am not that lucky. the college is going tobegin so i will have to leave. everyone played a nice role here.so what is left for buchi. only one role remains for you. blessthe children and go home respectfully. yes buchi, maybe your intention waswrong but it ended in benefit for all.

from today you are mostwelcome in this house and village. i do not like this.keep these rings with you. no sir, if we keep it with usthen the memories will remain fresh. please keep them back. we shall meet again.okay, i am leaving. we are going towards the canopy.you come soon. the auspicious momentsare about to begin. patu..- yes, father. come here, son.

rajshekhar from americahas sent you this marriage gift. he told me everythingabout sita and you. hey, why are you marryingthe girl whom you do not love? for mother and sister. son.. from childhood i neverreceived mother’s love. i was never pamperedby her nor scolded. that is why i want motherto accept me as her son. if she lovingly keepsher hand on my head..

..then other than thati don’t want anything in life. i just want mother’s love. i know it that fora middle class family.. ..nothing is more important fora father than his daughter’s wedding. i could not do anything for you. father.. patu, i always consideredyou as money earning machine. never behaved well with you. and today because of mydaughter you are doing so much.

she is not only your daughterbut my younger sister as well. at least she hassomeone to call mother. but i have no one, mother. i could never accept you.i separated you from me. forgive me. there is blessingin mother’s scolding.. ..and only motherhas a right to forgive. if you say then i will ask govind tostop this marriage from taking place. if i wanted i would have stoppedthis marriage from taking place.

but i know my sister willnot get such a proposal again. i am not scared of govind. but now if i refuse to get married.. ..then there can be hindrancein my sister’s marriage. you were not at home soi thought you would be here. i will have to leavethe flat for some reason. but have got the room in the hostel. where is your wife?she is not to be seen. she came to know about everything.

what you say? don’t ever mess with sita. was there any problem because of me? you were not needed.your name is enough. i forgot to introduce my friends. she is hatakshi and she is joana- hi. kalpesh- hi. mantesh.- hi. gulraaj.- hello.

sita..- durga.. my name is durga. in next half an hour weboth are going to get married. and even on such an importanttime you did not take my name. but of someone else. you should get marriedto a person whom you love. but you are thinkingof me as a burden. that is not the case. i do not have anycomplaints against you.

till she is in your heart.. ..it would be like a punishmentfor you to stay with me. you will be just like myservant but will never love me. after falling in love oncei have gathered new courage. i will talk to my brother. you go back to your sita. durga, listen to me..- you need not say anything. good luck and good bye. so, what are youthinking of doing now?

i don’t have any programof finding a girl back in india. it is better that we get married. it is cheaper out here. don’t be stingy.we will call everyone from india. what nonsense? we will uploadpictures of marriage on facebook. everyone should be presentin pictures of marriage. i will do photoshop. we will invite uncle for weddingso that catering becomes free. we will not invite him.

enough of talks about marriage.let’s talk about family now. this is america. if we savemoney only then we can survive. there is freedom here butwe do not get anything for free. don’t worry. i will alsotake up some job after marriage. one minute, child.listen, where are you? listen.- what is the matter? my son is calling me to america. i will be going.- i will also be coming along. keep quiet. if you go thenwho will take care of the house.

you take care but i will go. son, book the ticket.- mother.. what has happened to her?tell your mother to take us along. okay father.mother, even i want to talk to father. you want to see america.do you have visa? we have passport, brother. hey, visa is also arriving. not only visa is requiredbut you need to know english. no issues. i can handle.

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