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The Home And Decor Shop Newport Shropshire

rosemary inn was all along known asrosemary hall before we arrived and it was completed in 1902by james u. jackson he’s the founder of north augusta what rosemary really exemplifies is the historic heritage of north augusta i think the idea that you havehistorical value in the home is just that much betterand everyone loves a story i think people when they come herethey’re not quite sure what to expect

and i think to come in the house there’salways the wow factor all this beautiful wood the highceilings all the hand work that’s done the craftsmanship that’s in this house it’s definitely gilded age and it’sdefinitely a bygone era that we don’t have today each room is uniquely decorated we’ve tried to incorporate some of the personalities or the traits that we’vebeen told of the different children in each roomor at least um…

going back to that gilded age time the people don’t really want to go they really like staying here and thereis a i don’t know if it’s an expectationor not but what they experience here among other things is a peacefulness north augusta is this quiet town that sits on a river in a beautiful location people pass through us a lot of times onthe way somewhere else and are very

pleasantly surprised and i think really love staying here

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