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The Home Accessory Store San Antonio Tx

let me show one of the most comfortable roomsi’ve ever designed. well, it’s that time of year when, well, it’s time to get this roomreally comfortable and ready to use. this is the sleeping porch, which is a very oldfashioned idea. and you see this idea in certain parts of the country where, well, the summer’swere hot. so, it’s pretty much a southern idea. you also see it on the east coast andthe west coast where you have real mild temperatures in the summer. and on the west coast, youhave mild temperatures in southern california all the time. but the sleeping porch was usedas a place to get away from the heat of the inside of the house, to be able to take advantageof the breezes during the spring and the summer. and, this room is really not quite as largeas it might look. you see, it’s only 12 feet

wide and it’s about 36 feet long. and so,it really feels generous. and the idea about this room is for it to feel really comfy.and what i want to do is just describe first is some of the architectural details. thefloor is made of tongue and groove pine that’s been painted sort of a soft green. from thefloor, if you look straight up, it’s a beadboard ceiling that’s been painted a bird egg blue.and that’s to keep insects from building nests on it, like wasps and dirt daubers. and ifyou look at the north wall across here, you actually see the exterior finish of the house,which is an old brick that’s been lime washed. and then i have dark green shutters flankingthe windows and the door down here on the west end. now, on both ends of this porch,since the prevailing winds come down the river

in this direction, this entire wall, westwall, and the east wall are shuttered. and those are louver shutters, so you can closethem up if there’s too much wind coming this way. or you can open if the breeze is justthe way you want it. speaking of breeze, looking back at the ceiling, you can see, i have 3ceiling fans that can really stir it up, which makes it, again, a very comfortable space.of course, the best view from the house is right up here. it’s like a crow’s nest. youcan see the world. you can see all the way down the river. and you can see it throughthis screen wire. and this is copper wire. and what i like about it is that it doesn’thave an iridescence or a sheen and you can see right through it. it feels much more translucentto the eye. so, it doesn’t distort what you

see beyond. and i love being able to sit uphere and watch barges go down the river and also be to look at the garden and listen tothe fountain below. you know, this room really reflects, i think, the whole garden home ideawhere you blur the lines between inside and out. take, for instance, color, which is soimportant. there’s some color echoes going on here. if we go back through the colorsof the architecture of this outdoor room–you have the pale green floor, the white trim,you have the dark green of the shutters, and then you have the pale blue of the ceilingand the soft yellow walls. well, i’ve echoed that in the furnishings that are out here.the side tables are dark green, some of the rockers that are in wicker are done in palegreen. and even the beds are done white, with

coverlets that are blue. and the pillows arewhite, blue and green. and hey, this stuff really lasts. this is a sunbrella indoor/outdoorfabric. looks like it could be something that you would use inside the home. this has beenout here for 3 years and it’s held up beautifully. and the rugs as well. they’re indoor/outdoorrugs. and i have all of the little comfort creatures around–a lamp, a lantern herewith candles, house plants and even magazines. as well as a try of refreshments for my friendsto drink. so, even though it’s called a sleeping porch it doesn’t mean that you have to comeout here and sleep. this little corner, or nook, is a perfect place to just sort of kickback and relax. and i cannot tell you how important house plants are, particularly inthe summer. they make a place feel really

cozy and wonderful. plus, it does your houseplants a lot of good to get them outside for what i call, summer camp. now, come down hereto the other end because i want to show you the aspect of this room that always grabseveryone’s attention. this tub really is one of the most comforting aspects of this entirehouse, particularly this room. you can fill it up with warm water, bubble bath, a littlerubber ducky, have a glass of wine and just kick back and watch the world go by. whati do is keep a bath mat out here. this old step ladder serves as a great place to putextra towels and soap and shampoo and so forth. and, on a practical note, the plumbing isactually run under the floor and there’s a shut off valve right behind this shutter wherewe can turn the water off in the winter, so

we don’t get problems with freezing pipesbreaking and so forth. so, if you do this and you have freezing temperatures in yourpart of the world you want to make sure you have that little safety valve in place. hey,if you’re enjoying these ideas on style, check-in regularly. tell your friends about them, andsubscribe to ehow home.

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