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Playhouse Accessories For Sale Philippines

what’s up everybody welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority guess what guys i think we haven’t done, gadgets test in a while so for todays video i got cell phone gadgets and we are going to put them to the test lets check this out for the first gadget, we got here fly-grip actually i was at vidcom and i met the owners of this company and i thought they were really really awesome guys

and they actually hook me up with one of this for free so i think this is going to be a really really nice gadget, lets check this out you know what i hate the most about taking selfies because you got to hold your cell phone like this very awkwardly and not having a thumb to actually grip it and when i do this upside down look it just falls off so easily its really annoying so fly-grip is supposed to fix the problem alright lets check this out let’s open it up and lets see, whats it all about alright, i just gotta peel it off and stick it down here

i hope it sticks to the case. because my case has this rubber pieces. i just peel it off and it supposes to be super sticky ok i think i wanted somewhere over hereyeah that’s good and then just stick it up falls down andholds together than you and collected so what you supposed to do it just sticktwo fingers in just like this and look i can hold my cell phone i don’t have toworry about hold my cell phone i can take shots from the top from the bottom no big deal so when i’m like lifestatement no problem i have a free time

so if i want to like typed it insomething that can use my time this is awesome look at it and when i’mdone using it it just closed off like this boom and it’s only adds a fewmillimeters of yourself on thickness look at this my cell phone is not goinganywhere awesome also sticking us really well yousee it’s not falling off so it’s over with a well-made to stick that we havethem up for me you got links in descriptionfor this company a lot of people been asking me why do you sweat well in thisroom i do not have air conditioner and the summertime it gets to like 85-90degrees

it just feels like a son especially withthose slides get so hot in here which is about to change i’m bout to havecompletely different and you set up i cannot wait to show you it’s underconstruction but while it’s so hot here i got you another cell phone gadgets yes this is little use beef and for yourcell phone let’s test it out see if it’s actuallygoing to help me to pull off let’s open up a simple simple directions once againand i got 14 undo it because that’s what i like i’m just going to put it togetherlike that boom ward spins easily now just need to stick it into the cellphone like this boom boom that you’re

not by itself fly grape step away wow look at that who this is awesome ohmy gosh i’m so hot right now you don’t even realize how much it calls me offand if you like in the theme park on floor that you know how humid it is andthey sell those cycle of plans for like twenty five dollars with it miss the water spring guess what thisthing is like under ten dollars take this one with you instead who this is actually helps a lot oh mygod this is feel so good definitely a thumbs-up from you look atthis and it doesn’t take up a lot of

space at all i don’t know how to turn itoff just pull it out like this boom stopstake it apart put it in your pocket look two things very very small thingsawesome put it together easily just stick it together like that boom orwhile feel so good i’m just going to use it to add the whole video man i need airconditioned on this song you know what maybe i don’t anymore just going to use the slayer in for the next god you comemany of you drop your cell phone and break your screen you know iphone 7 justcame on and about a lot of you have dropped it all the way and broke thescreen that just have cell phones are

they don’t make them store anymore sofor this gadget i got this cell phone se see what superpower but let’s see what’sthis let’s see what’s all about ok let’s openthis up very very light mycogen just so let’s stay by here boom awesome what is this again this is thelast sticky tape i’m just gonna tape it right here causei’m running out of space just gonna take off this tape and this supposed to bereally sticking and that we’re going to stick it down right here i’m goingmyself on his blog because it’s much as they need to be sticked up really wellbecause you don’t want it to get unstick

and following and book your cell phoneand they’re supposed to be just clipped on your pants or whatever let’s go put it to the test kit first ofall i just got a clip it on my pants just like this boom hopefully can seethat so now i’m texting text i’m like whoops oh man let’s take this to smallit just get totally hit the floor oh my gosh okay i’m gonna take out thecell phone dropped us one more time it totally hit the floor man look wheni’m just standing it almost touching the floor i don’t know guys what do you think ithink they made the steinway 21 it

should be much much shorter but at thesame time i understand why they have to make it longer because if i need to thechild like this much it needs to stay chart at least this lon so one more drop test a totally hit thefloor on my gosh i’m so disappointed you know what i’m going to try to fix thisgadget what i’m going to do is just make a knot and make the wire shorter i don’tknow who went on this mass production before just in and out the wire you seethat’s kinda long enough gala start to drop it now boom and you see it’s not hitting thefloor and you

so if you’re gonna buy this kind ofgadget make sure you’re gonna get the smaller wire so it does not hit thefloor when you drop it like now you see the next cell from gadget you know yougo to the pool you go to the beach and a lot of times somebody push you in thepool and just throw yourself on well with this case you’re not going todestroy your cell phone anymore because this is a waterproof case and guess whatthey advertise that you can still taking pictures while this cell phone in thekeys so let’s open it up and see what it’s all about easy to open it i likethat take it out boom look at it a big big stop

i guess it’s goes over here easily youknow what you can actually use this for lots of different things not justcellphone war that it even has a compost that’s pretty awesome time opening whichis good you don’t want it to open by itself boom and twist it pull it out he called there’s some more commercialsso that away let’s see if it can fit with all my godchicks there i guess second clip this gadget awesome so for this situationthis little wire actually unclear now let’s close it back up there’s alittle like it’s making news

boom let’s see if i can still use it thecommunist why can still use the khania this is awesome you see i’m actually taking picturesthis is awesome one definitely using this and then i canjust hold it over my neck boom this is amazing look at the secondcheers taking pictures taking pictures of your guys i’m done just put it all turn it off this isawesome let’s drop it in the water and see ifit’s actually build stop it from getting wet but the way my cell phone is notwaterproof

i hope i do not destroy myself now let’ssink it in get it doesn’t work not all the way i’m not worried aboutgetting with this part i’m worried about this part is you can sew man that doesn’t fit youknow what about this this is what word about the top is going to get licked so let’s take it out guess what it’sstill die out say it’s not the best water tears but it works but this gadgetwe got here toggle lamp let’s see what’s so about tothe south a bitch ok here is a cell phone this is myflashlight over here so i’m just going

to put it over right where theflashlight seats this is amazing look at this this is sofunny i guess it’s made for my bus so i can just stick it in a pocket and notworry about how much space it takes up this is like the funniest gadget diversein so that makes it into the left out so you can see the 360 all around you um you know what i’ll give it two thumbsup it looks funny it looks cool at the same time and itdoes the job i can see a lot don’t you think for this cellphone godric we gotherself on hold them guess what this is the cheaper cell phone gadgets that igot today it’s only like two dollars

look at this it just why pretty much andso what it is supposed to be this is like a cellphone standard yes and noheart works so i think couple except to go down since it’s a cell phone stand let’s see if it’s actually going to holdthe cell phone you know what it holding you know what just because it’s twodollars and that’s the cheapest gadget that i have today i’ll give it a thumbsup it’s fun to play with that’s for surebut the next gadget we’ve got her cell phone holder it’s useful for your carand for your bed you know sometimes when you’re texting or watching the more view/ you can when you’re laying down i .

this cell phone right on my face so theydid not feel good it doesn’t feel good at all so how do we fix it with big with this gotcha oh clip there’s a wire wow look up do about this wire is thisis early can be doing while that’s for sure that’s insane look how long this to warlook at that clip look up bigger opens so i can befall the big big cell phonelook can probably hold up a bigger self-fund in this now look i have aselfie stick at the same time maybe what

you supposed to do just clamped on apiece of wood and look at that so now you got your cell phone you canhang it over your bed on the side of your back board of your bed and that wayyou don’t have to hold your cell phone and drop it on your face but you canstill watch youtube pretty awesome

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