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Miniature Dollhouse Accessories Pinterest

hey everyone welcome back to my channel today i will be showing you how to make a miniature halloween cake let’s get started using brown clay to be the mud cake sandwich two layers of the cake between a layer of orange cash it will do this for every tier then cover the cake in a thin sheet of orange clay for

the fundin smooth off the edges and cut off any excess next stop adding the web using snakes of polymer clay this would probably be piped on using a chocolate icing for a real cake only complete the web for a small section at the front as the second layer will cover ninety-five percent of the

top surface i started my layers however if you want a traditional 3-tier cake put the next layer in the centre instead of off to one side then continue on adding the cob web design you will want the lines to match up as i have shown in the video then at the final last i could just like the second tier

now you can go ahead and complete the web as you can see i put the center of my web between the third and second layer once your copy is complete it’s time to add some pipe ganache between the layers using thicker snakes of polymer to get the pipe look i used a dotting tool to make dense where i wanted the

pipes to finish and use the needle tool for texture of course a spider cake wouldn’t be complete without real spiders roll out some small balls of black fondant clay and at tiny strips for lakes add ahead and repeat these steps for all your spiders then you can add the tiny spiders to your cake

once you’re happy with the design go ahead and bake for the full duration as per package instructions i hope you enjoyed my tutorial don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe ok

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