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Miniature Dollhouse Accessories On Ebay

hi, i’m caroline from certainlycaroline.com.i’m doing little things in a big way by painting & sculpting a miniature fairy tale world. this week i’m painting the doll head thati sculpted in polymer clay last week. in case you missed the sculpting video, i’ll put thelink to that in the description below. i’ll be using genesis heat set paints, hobbistscotton swabs, and very small paintbrushes. here i’m blushing the dolls face which justmeans i’m brushing in some flesh tone on some key areas likethe upper part of the forehead, around the eyes, on the interior of the eyes, the cheeksof course, the nose, the chin, and the ears. anywhere you might find more color on theface.

i go over the wet paint with a dry brush tofeather that color off into the areas without paint. i like using genesis heat set paintsbecause they don’t dry until i decide. you actually have to bake the paint to get itto set, which is really nice for feathering i’m adding blue to the lips, and around theeyes, which provides dimension and a natural transparent look to the doll’s skin. i’m feathering the blue color with a dry brushfor a more natural look. once ive painted in the whites of the eyesi bake the head in the oven for about five minutes at 250 degrees. make sure you buy an oven thermometer beforeattempting this because often ovens are inaccurate

and its easy to burn polymer clay creationswithout an oven thermometer. i bought mine from morezmore on ebay for about 10 dollars.an oven thermometer is absolutely essential for working with polymer clay and/or genesisheat set paints. i chose blue for the iris color. though iknow the iris is always a perfect circle, i don’t want to make a perfect circle on mydoll’s eyes because the lids are covering up the very top part of the iris. and i want the top part of the iris to bedarker than the lower part because there is a shadow on the iris from the eyelid. its also common for the rim of the iris tobe darker, so i’m painting that here.

here i’m pronouncing some areas more thanothers by adding black paint, then subduing it by rubbing some off, being careful notto put too much on. the genesis paints are nice because i can just take off the paintif i make a mistake. i often have to hold my breath as i paintso i dont jiggle my piece. i usually work in a 1 to 12 scale, so end up holding my breatha lot. genesis paint thinner medium is great forachieving a smooth consistency for fine detail work like the lashes. just to let you know at a later stage, afteri’ve dried the paint, i super glue lashes on the lids for a more realistic look. illgo over how to do that in a future video.

genesis paints are somewhat pricey so youmay want to try them first before investing in them. i bought a trial set at jerry’s artoramafor a great price, and a little goes a long way so a trial pack makes a lot of sense. painting the pupil here. the pupil is actuallya hole in the iris, which i think is just fabulous. it’s always black, it’s always acircle (unless you’re looking at it from the side), and its always in the center of theiris. im adding striations in the iris here witha cotton swab. the paint, of course, is still wet because i haven’t baked it, so i am ableto remove the blue paint with my pointy cotton swab, leaving perfect lines in a lighter bluecolor.

here i’m adding the reflection of the lightsource right onto the pupil, which is always a fun way to end painting the eyes. the cotton swabs that i’m talking about arenot the kind that you put in your ears. they’re nice and pointy so they’re great for detailwork and you can get them at a hobby store. i had already painted the lips blue, and nowi’m adding another layer in a warmer hue. you’ll want to avoid pure red, unless that’sthe look you’re going for. i am using the same color that i used for blushing the face,mixed with a just a tad of red. so here she is all painted and with hair.hey, thanks for watching, next week i’ll be going over some sculpting tips and tricks,so if you subscribe now you won’t miss that.

if you hit the like button that really helpsme out too. i’m doing little things in a big way by painting & sculpting a miniature fairytale world so join me every monday for a new miniature art video, and check out my websiteat certainlycaroline.com

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