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Miniature Dollhouse Accessories Hobby Lobby

>>> i was in a friend’s house. i can remember very clearly. his father was a cabinet maker. and in the corner of his workshop he had a house that he was building. and, don’t think he was going to even finish. it was just sitting there and i

thought of the greatest thing that i ever saw. so, the other day i just found glue, scrap wood, and i went home. and, then i built my first house. \m\m and you can see my house.

i use sandpaper as the groove material. i do hardwood floor. i use those sticks that you just use for coffee. sometimes i use tongue depressors too. this one right, here you can see the main ornament there is

christmas, christmas ornament. and, i saw it, i say "good." i mean, look at this. does it look like a chandelier? and that’s how that one started, with just one christmas ornament. for example, you look at the floor that we have here.

i was putting in the floor. it’s the sticky tiles. i said this would make a perfect block for a house. and, that’s how the house in the back was created. also, the frame for the main entrance is a picture frame. i went with my sister one year

to athens, greece. and, there was all these statues. so, i created just one of them, you know that you use the piece. what happened is i chose the wrong major in school. i’m in science.

i got my degree in science, but i always wanted to be an architect. you think about it, some people can sing, some people can write, some people can play football. i cannot do any of that. but, i can do this.

and, even though i might not sell them– i might not. they no go anywhere. but, they just make me complete. i love to stand back and look at them because it’s like something from–

there was nothing there before. everything was an idea. now, it’s there. i can see it. i can touch it. i created. mine. i love them. [^laughter^]

what else can i say? they’re my babies, i guess.

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